It’s Easter time and it is a new beginning for you. If you want it to be. Now is the time to release anything that you feel are holding you back from following your dreams and really go all in with what you are born to do. I feel that you have been holding yourself back a little bit. You think that you need to rest, take time out and that people will not understand your way of living life.

It doesn’t matter what they think, say or even believe about life. You can make anything happen by changing your thoughts about yourself, your life and how you THINK about success.

Success is actually easy. You just need to see it in your mind and hold on to that vision until it appear right in front of you. You deserve it just like anyone else out there. For some of you I feel a calling to tell you that everything will be ok. You will be ok. You will get there.

Just keep going. Just show up. Just give it your all.

No one can really stop you. Only you can.

The time has come for a new beginning for you. It’s time to release all of the blocks that have been holding you back from going all in with your power.

You can feel it too. You know it.

You are called to lead, called to have success. Called to change the world.

What the so called “normal” people tell you is irrelevant.

When you are on your own pathway and know in your mind that there are no other option, you will close your eyes at what doesn’t matter.

The world can be a scary place if you think about it. All those terror attacks going on. But the real truth is that this has been been going on for ages. You can’t hold yourself back anymore because of that. Now is the perfect time to really follow your dream, get out of that boring soul sucking job and get your business off the ground.

It is a new beginning for you if you only let it be so.

Can you?

DECIDE. Then go out and release those things that doesn’t serve you anymore.

I believe in you!

Camilla xxx

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