You look in the mirror and don’t accept yourself for who you are. You always need a new year to be better. A new year to improve those things that you hate about yourself. This year you will do something about it. This is the year. Right?

I have heard it before. I’m tired of you. I have been telling you over and over to just love yourself for the way you are now. Accept yourself for all your flaws, the body you have and your wonderful mind.

I don’t need you to be anything else but you. And there we have it. The real cause why I’m not proud of you. You are not being yourself, not at all. You show up like a puppet on a string. You tell me to shut up when I’m just here to call you on your bullshit. Those thing you feel inside is me calling you.

I would not have dialed your number if I thought no one was home. And sometimes I begin to wonder if there is a person in there. Are you there? Really, because you seem to never pick up.

Sometime I show it to your face CLEARLY what you need to do. Maybe it’s a sign on the sky, a song that you like or you meet people that you need to be around.

Other times it’s in a dream. I try to tell you all day long and you just ignore me. Why do you do that? I almost give up on you.

Then I see how much you hurt sometimes. You feel that you don’t belong here, feel like you have a gift but no one seems to like it or buy from you. So what? It’s a sign. Me telling you that you are on the wrong path or that you just need to adjust it a bit.

Can’t you just accept me? Accept what is and move on?

It’s almost like you don’t understand that I’m here for you. It’s me. When you breath, when you laugh, when you have fun. It is me bringing you joy.

Why don’t you listen to me all the time and stop ignoring me like a stubborn teenager?

Still don’t recognize me?

Close your eyes. Be still. Breath. Listen. It’s me. Your soul speaking to you.

I’m here for you.

Accept what is and move on.


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