One questions you may ask yourself when you go in the office each morning. You think all the else have their shit together. They don’t have this calling you feel inside. They don’t have a big dream. They don’t feel those things you feel.

They are so lucky you think. So did I.

I thought that everyone else was happy in their job. That this was what their true calling. Sitting in meetings hours after hours, looking at numbers, calling up people and telling them what to do. They must love it I thought.

I was wrong. So are you.

You are not the only unhappy bastards in there.

There are hundreds of you. They want out. They also crave freedom, they have it inside but they choose to play it safe. Get the paycheck rolling in month by month.They are selling their soul and telling you that it’s fine, ok. I’m not THAT unhappy. Right!

And then there is you. Wanting to get out. Craving freedom. Out from that horribel cubicle, office smell, boring never ending meetings that seems like they last a lifetime. What do they ever solve? War problems, crisis in Africa?!

When did you give up on your dreams? When did you end up being the only one that wanted more? That wanted freedom!

It’s not over until the fat lady singes. And boy let her sing. You go and talk to people in your office and ask them if they are happy and if this is what they always dreamt about. You will be surprised.

You are not the only unhappy bastards in there. Find someone that also want out and stick together until you break out.

There’s more in life than going to a 9-5 job you hate. You have a passion, a purpose, a message.

You can create freedom for yourself. Start today.


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