Want to Become Unstoppable?(FREE EVENT)


Hey lovely!

Have you spent years taking care of everyone else’s needs, leaving your own for last?

Do you remember what lights you up and makes your heart sing with joy or is it buried under expectations and obligations?

It’s time, for you, the woman who has done everything for everyone else, to finally take some time for YOU! So you can reconnect with your passions and your dreams.

I invite you to a very special FREE online event, the Unstoppable Heart Speaker Series 2.0 hosted by my friend, Diane Byron, RN. Diane has reached out to an international panel of experts in the areas of health/wellness, love/relationships, abundance, and mindset. Starting on February 14 you are going to be inspired by their stories and be given strategies to start using right away!

Join me for the Unstoppable Heart Speaker Series 2.0 by clicking HERE.

Diane is passionate about inspiring mid-life women to break through challenges and create lives they love. She has created a FREE online experience where you will learn how to:

-Identify what fears hold you back and how to get them to take a back seat!
-Ignite your Inner Goddess
-Discover how to achieve optimal health
-Release the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from pursuing your dreams
-Cultivate self-love, abundance, self-trust, joy, and fun
-Be the FIERCE, FEARLESS, INCREDIBLE woman you were born to be!

It’s time to step into your power and embark on the next chapter of your life with passion, joy, excitement, vitality, and abundance.
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Can’t wait for you to see this interview where I give ALL of me and tell you how I went through many challenges in life and biz.


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February issue of Spotlight Magazine is out!!!


Happy February!

I’m super excited to give you the latest issue of Spotlight Magazine – For women who dream big. This time with a man on the cover!

Michael Sandler is the man behind the popular Inspired Nation podcast and Youtube show that is one of the top ten self-help and spirituality shows in the world. He has interviewed famous people like Bob Proctor, Dr Joe Dispenza and Mastin Kipp, to name a few. Michael says he has the best job in the world. He helps change people’s lives. He’s been a coach for over 25 years, and a life-coach for nearly 20. He’s had two near-death experiences which have left him on-fire to help others to shine bright.

In this issue you can also read about Fiona Ferris who work full-time as an author living her dream life in New Zealand, and knows how to be chic on a budget.

Also don’t miss out on winning prizes worth $1000. Top coach Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe gives away a fantastic package.
And if you want to come and join Kristine Marichi Øverby on her next retreat in Norway, you can win a place there too.

Regan Hillyer has also given away an exclusive offer for my readers on her Money Mindset 16 weeks video course. Don’t miss out!

So grab your latest issue and get inspired to follow your dreams and make your 2018 your best year ever.

Buy February issue here: https://issuu.com/camillakrist…/…/spotlight_issue_no7_1_new…

Buy 1 year subscription here: https://issuu.com/s…/publishers/CAMILLAKRISTIANSEN/subscribe

Have a fantastic day!


Change your mindset, Change your life!


Do you know that you are the only person that create what you see in your life right now? You are. Take full responsibility today and start to shift your life the way you want it to go. Listen in on my interview I did with the fab Jessica Perez-Beebe and start to work on your own mindset. It’s all in your mind. I need to work on myself on this too. I will never be done, neither will you. We need to keep shifting, unleashing to get closer to our passion in life. Love is what will bring you one step closer, and remember your future is coming closer day by day.

Have a fantastic week.


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New book out! Step Into The Spotlight!


Get ready to shine and make money from your gifts

“It’s time for you to step into the spotlight where you belong. No more hiding. In this book you will get action steps you can take to be seen, share your gifts and make money doing what you love. Are you ready to shine? The world is waiting for YOU”.

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Thank you for supporting me on my journey!





To build a biz is like building a relationship!



When it comes to building a business, make money and thrive, it’s just like building a relationship with someone. You don’t expect to be soul mate friends for life if you met once. Right? You need to nourish that relationship, be nice, friendly and ask “How can I give more of me, how can I do something good for this person?”. You don’t ask them the first time “Can you like me, can you love me”.

It’s the same thing when it comes to building a business. You don’t ask for the sale straight away if they don’t know you. It doesn’t matter how good you are at doing this thing, your gift. It they don’t know you they will not buy it. If you try to sell an event and no one buys it, it’s not because you are not good at what you do, it has everything to do with how good you are at building trust for your customers.

Dating is the same thing. Don’t expect to be partners for life if you fuck on the first date. Get to know that person first and see if this is a good match for you.

So you can choose today to play the victim, no one buys from you, no one likes you, you can’t make money in your biz, or you can go out there and start building relationships, trust, so the right people can see you and buy from you.

It’s actually pretty easy when you think about it.

If you have a problem right now with even building relationships when it comes to partners, love, family, friends then you have to ask yourself “what aspect of me feel that I don’t deserve love?”. Then heal that aspect and go out there and make some new friends.

You can be loved for who you are. You are NOT your business. You are worthy of love just because you breath. Get it?


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