Liar, Liar, Liar



I can’t hold it back anymore. The online space is filled with liars. Liar, liar, liar. Maybe you are one of them? Me, no I’m perfect. Right? haha think again.

We all lie to try to be better than everyone else. “She is this or that”. “If only they could act that way”.

The online space is filled up with liars. From lying to how much the really weight, how perfect their life is to how much money they make in their not so successful biz.

You know this don’t you? Why are you still trying to follow a blueprint that does not work? Can’t you feel the lie coming through? You know that her life is not that perfect? How about yourself? Why do you need to show up looking like that with your perfect hair and makeup on?

We are all just a bunch of liars.

The real honest truth is this:

No one has perfect lives.

No one has perfect business.

We all feel like crap once in a while.

We all want to look like we have all our ducks in a row.

We would rather die than failing in business.

That’s why so few of you are willing to give it a go. Willing to follow your dreams because you think that they have it all figured out. That money will flow your way when you are looking perfect. To fail is so much worse than to just do it for the sake of it.

Liar, Liar, liar.

Can you be really honest to yourself for once in your life and ask “where in my life am I lying to myself?”. “What is so wrong with me that I can’t just go for my big dreams?”.

You don’t need to convince me. I can see it when you are playing a role or not. I can see when you are hiding, I can feel it when you are being YOU.

Stop lying to the internet, to yourself and start being WHO you are on the inside. No one told you it was going to be easy. I’m telling you that you can do it.

Be honest about who you are. Go all in and don’t look back. You will never fail unless you never try.

I’m here for you. Just fucking go for it NOW!


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The wall you see it made up by you!



The wall you have on front of you is there for a reason. You whole life you have been hiding behind it. It has been your safety net to be like the others. To stay in the safe lane, don’t make any scene, speak only when you are 100% sure that it’s clever enough. You have put up the wall to keep people out.

That wall is protection you from being hurt, form being laughed at and it’s there for a reason. You benefit from that wall.

The only thing is that YOU are the person that has put it up there.

Can you break it down? Do you dare?

What will happen if you open up and let people see you. I mean see you for who you really are? The good, the bad and the ugly?

And then you tell me that it’s impossible to break that wall down. That those people on the other side will not work with you, they will not buy from you and there’s no reason for you to be that vulnerable.

To give them the real raw you?

They will not like it. They will feel disgusted when they see who you really are. Ok? I get it.

Then why are you not raising over that wall? Lift your frequency and match to your higher self. Then you can meet other on the same pathway as you.

Those who are willing to go all in. Those who are ready to play big. Those who are called to change to world.

The others behind that wall will never rise. They have a wall themselves to break down.

That wall you see is made up by you.

Break it down or rise above it.

You are 100% in charge of your life. What you see in front of you now is made up by you. Wall or no wall. Your life. Your call.


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Baby steps will take you there!



To climb that mountain you only need to start. One foot in front of the other. Keep going until you are there. And then when you are at the top you will look down and remember how it felt when you did climb that mountain. It was hard. You kept going. You felt sweaty and you felt your heart beat. You wanted to give up, but you focused on taken baby steps.

Then you took a break and wanted to give up. It was so hard. What’s the point you said. There will be more mountains right? Yes, but this one is the one that you have always wanted to conquer. This has been on your mind for a while. The others made it, why not you?

So you keep going put one foot in front of the other. Keep pushing yourself. You can see the top of the mountain now. You can see the beautiful view. You reach the top and you feel on top of the world.

To climb a mountain is the same with following your dreams and starting a business. You can’t take giant steps either way. You need to focus on what’s in front of you. Take baby steps and keep going. You need to push. You want to give up, but you will make it. In the end you will make anything you set your mind for. As long as you don’t give up you can’t fail. Right?

If you dream is to write a book then you need to focus on your writing. That book will not write it selves. One chapter at a time.

If you want to make money online you need to make your first dollars or euros, then you can make more.

If you want to be a speaker up on stage then you need to speak as often as you can.

It surprises me how hard women think it is. Action for me has never been a problem.

I have written 31 books so far (working on my number 32 right now!).

I have launched over 40 online courses.

I have done VIP days in London, Oslo, Paris because that was my dream.

I have been working online mentoring clients for over 2,5 years now.

I have launched an online magazine for women who dream big without knowing the how.

I have never in my life said that it was going to be easy. The truth is that taking action for me and doing the job is easy, because I do what I love.

So if you procrastinate right now over doing what you tell yourself you need to do, then take a closer look if this is what you really really wanna do. Because deep in my heart it tells me that you don’t feel like doing it because it’s not what your soul calls you upon.

Baby steps will take you there. A baby learn to walk by doing it. You did it one time in your life. Do it again.

Keep going until you are there.


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Abundance is inside you!




All you want is inside you right now. You are the only one that are blocking it to come your way.

First you got this see it then you believe it. Right? It feels like you are playing the devils advocate, but this is the real truth. The poor gets poorer and the rich get richer because the state they are in attract what they have. You can’t become rich if you feel poor and you can’t become poor if you feel rich.

You create your own reality right now in this moment by thinking they way you do, feeling the way you do and most of all the way you act around money. It’ on you!

Abundance is inside you!

Can you really believe this? I know it is hard if you have been trying to attract money into your life and see no evidence. But that is a trick too. To look for it, to ask “when is it coming”. If you could just align to what you want and understand that it will come when you see it in your mind, then everything would be perfect.

You deserve abundance just because you breath. Can you believe that? Can you believe that you are worthy of money and success just because you are a human being? You are.

Abundance is inside you and there are steps to unlock it, to have success and have wonderful soul mate clients come your way.

Trust that you are on your way and walk like you are already that woman you see yourself as in your mind.


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Leave me alone and let me do my art!



It comes down to this. All I really want to do is my art. Meaning, I want to blog, write, make videos, online courses, inspire, motivate and kick women ass into action. That’s my art!

Then I love to meditate, come up with 10 things I would like to create in only 30 minutes. All my art comes to me in a flash. That’s a problem too, because it will be gone in a flash also if I don’t act immediately.

For me to take action is no problem at all. I do shit I love and I make it happen. But it’s all this endless things I don’t want to do that kills me. Emails, admin stuff, boring accounting etc.

I just want the world outside there to just leave me alone and let me do my art!

All I want to do an on an everyday basis is to write. It fuels my soul and expands my soul too.

Over to you beautiful. Are you actually doing your art and having fun in your life and biz? If not then stop with all those boring stuff you occupy your day with. Let things be easy by choosing so. Everything in life is a choice, you can believe whatever you want to. You create your own life. Now! In this moment.

The art is what will fuel an artist. It doesn’t matter if you like to write, paint, sing, make videos etc. It’s you special gift that needs to be expressed daily. For some of you it will be to do readings, healing and connect with other realms.

Don’t let other judge you, but first of all don’t judge yourself.

Let it be easy to be you. Let your art be first in line, then deal with the other chaos that fills your life.

We are not supposed to sit at an office desk 8 hours a day and be in endless meetings and find the solution to a problem that could be solved in 5 minutes.

Face your fears.

Who are really holding you back from doing your art?

Let today be the day that you will commit to let your art out and be proud of that.

All you want is to be happy and fuel your souls purpose.

So what are you waiting for? Perform. show me. First of all, show yourself that you have it in you.

I believe in you.


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