Ready to step into the spotlight and become a VIP CELEBRITY?

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Or do you already have a business but don’t know how to get yourself out there in the spotlight?


I’m taking my business abroad again and would love to meet you in amazing cities like: Paris, Florence, Sydney and Stockholm. Where do you want to go?


Celebrity VIP Day!!!

Are you ready for your VIP Celebrity Day?

A full on Celebrity Day to unleash your Inner Goddess and step into The spotlight where you belong!!

I’m super excited to give you a full on day with me so you can create The business and brand you dream about.

This is what you will get:

– Full on actionplan and mentoring from me so you can reach success faster in your life and biz
-Personal shopping with me to get you ready for the spotlight
– Access to a selfie online course by Hollywood Goddess Lily Lucia so you can learn how to look sexy, glam and confident in your photos to promote your new Brand
– Featured with an interview of you 4-5 pages in my Magazine – Spotlight Magazine
– A VIP champagne lunch
– A Brand new kick-ass logo that goes with that woman you see yourself as

BONUS 1: 1 year FREE access to my membership program Spiritual Hustlers

BONUS 2: 1 year FREE access to my membership program Goddess Success Tribe

Bonus 3: A goodiebag!!!!! YEAH

Bonus 4: Follow up call with me on skype to keep you on track

Bonus 5: Shhhhhh can’t tell yet:-) Surprise!!

Are you ready to meet me in Paris, Florence, Sydney or Stockholm and let yourself step into becoming the woman you dream about? Then PM me ASAP.

Only 1 spot open for each city.

Payment plan available.

Camilla xxx



Brand new FREE entrepreneurial confidence resource for you

Today I’m really excited to share something special with you! I am being featured as an industry thought leader within an upcoming 3-day virtual event called The Rewire Summit: Next Level Strategies for Entrepreneurial Confidence!

This is a FREE resource for both the seasoned entrepreneur and for those of you yearning to finally get your business started.

If you want to be successful in life and in business, nurturing your MINDSET is an absolutely essential part of the equation!

In fact, I’ve found that without a strong mindset, you will never fully overcome self-sabotage, feeling unworthy, nagging guilt or low confidence.

Being stuck in that place is emotionally draining, and let’s be honest, it’s not good for your bank account either!

If you are ready to remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having an exceptional life and business, then be sure to sign up for this free resource right away.

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Do you consistently make yourself wrong, and worry about what others think of you? Is this stopping you from creating the life and business you really desire?

How many opportunities have you missed because of your lack of confidence?

NOW is the time to take your confidence to the next level, and this summit will give you exact strategies to step into your power and gain unbreakable confidence.

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What I like about this summit is that you will gain leading edge strategies to build your confidence so you can authentically share your gifts with the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get past those pesky limiting beliefs that have stopped you from creating your life and business in a way that really works for YOU?

My new friend Ashley Stamatinos is offering something really incredible, and I’d love to invite you to join me within The Rewire Summit.

You’ll gain full access to my in-depth video interview along with 11 other entrepreneurs who are considered thought leaders. I share some deep insights within the interview and I know you’ll enjoy hearing some of my best pieces of advices on growing your confidence and creating an exceptional life and business.

The 3-day virtual training will take place from August 25-27, and it’s ALL about rewiring your mindset to remove limiting beliefs and live an exceptional life.

Wondering if this event is for you? Let me ask you these questions…

Would you like to experience deep lasting confidence?
Would you like to step beyond self-sabotage and procrastination?
Would you like to learn how to feel worthy of receiving abundance?
Would you like to bypass stress with grace?
Would you like to experience steady momentum and no longer get “stuck”?
Would you like to live an exceptional life AND have financial freedom?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, then be sure to check this out! You’re going to feel like the content was made for you.

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P.S. Do you have friends who would benefit from this free resource? You can invite them to join you by sharing this email or sending them to this URL. 


The not so glam life being an entrepreneur!


Something that has crossed my mind lately is that so few entrepreneurs are willing to the work. Meaning, show the fuck up, create content, sell their stuff, hustle and get their message out there. I love how Gary Vee talks about that you got to eat shit for a living. The not so glam side about being an entrepreneur is that there are more days with hustling, feeling that nothing is working and wondering when your next money will come from, than drinking wine and feeling on top of the world.

You got to be in this for the long haul if you really want to become an entrepreneur.

The fewest will actually make it.

1% maybe.

So are you one of them? Will you eat shit for a living? Do the work that goes with working for yourself?

You need to be bold. You need to be strong. You need to overlook all those obstacles that will come along.

It can be a nice life to be your own boss. Yes, you are the one that calls the shot. You are the one that create stuff you love. But you’re also the one that needs to do the work. Especially if you have a calling, a message, a brand.

Someone told me lately that it’s all a scam that coaching stuff, mentoring people into success. I guess they believe that, and they should be in a job working for the man.  Selling their soul for money.

I don’t care about the money, fame, success. It’s about what I bring to the table with my work.

It’s about changing peoples lives. Not about Prosecco (all though I love a glass or two).

It’s not about those designer bags. (I do love my Gucci bag and my YSL Kate Moss bag).

It’s not about becoming famous for being me. It’s about how I can help. How I can leave a legacy behind me when I’m gone.

The thing is that you can always go back to doing what you are good at and making money just for the sake of it.

But the saddest thing is that if you don’t start to follow your dreams now, it won’t happen.

You only go this one life and it’s passing by day by day. 

Glam life or not. Either you will do the work or you will not.

It’s that easy.


PS. Have you seen my brand issue of Spotlight Magazine???? Wow it’s amazing and with tons of inspiration to get you into the spotlight where you belong. Grab your copy here in English or the Norwegian version here. 

Premiere Issue of Spotlight Magazine is here!!!


Spotlight Magazine premiere issue it’s here!!!

Finally I can share with you my brand new magazine Spotlight Magazine – for women who dream big! And it’s both in English and Norwegian.

This magazine is to help women like you to get in the spotlight where you belong. You will get tons of inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams and make anything happen that you dream about.

In this premiere issue you can read about how Kat Loterzo (Katrina Ruth) built her 7 fig biz from her laptop. Be inspired by Agustina Palacio and build your fashion business from the ground.

There are also tons of fashion advice, lifestyle tricks and so much more inspiration to live life to the fullest.

Thank you to all the contributors, without you this magazine would never have come alive.

Best of all, this magazine is FREE to read, download and share. So share this with your friends and let’s make a movement of women that go BIG in life and in business.

What are you waiting for? Get in the spotlight where you belong!

Camilla Kristiansen

You can read the English version here:…/docs/spotlight_test-2_new

Or the Norwegian version here:…/…/spotlight_test-2_new_no

Please don’t make these mistakes in your business

What if you always felt confident in your ability to make money in your business, to charge what you’re worth, and to freely allow abundance into your life in exchange for doing work you love?

UM – who wouldn’t, right?!

What if you had an almost “ATM-like” ability to create the income you want, when you want it — without working more hours than you already are, or feeling stressed and on the brink of burnout?

What if you knew without a doubt that you were “cut out” to be an entrepreneur, and that your business was going to be one of the ones that “made it?”

For most of us, that isn’t the way it works, unfortunately.

And if making money in your business feels hard, then listen up.

My friend Denise Duffield-Thomas has proven that it doesn’t have to be. In only a few short years, she’s created a multi-million dollar enterprise from scratch (while raising a family!)

She is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author, and money mentor to tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs. And her popular Money Bootcamp has helped nearly 4,000 women clear their money blocks, transform their money mindsets, and collectively earn millions more in income, all while having a lot more joy and ease in their lives.

What Denise has discovered, that’s led her to all this success, is that money follows mindset.

In other words, when you have hidden (or obvious) blocks around money, you can have the best marketing, the fanciest website, and the greatest business idea — and you’ll still have to work really hard to earn money, if you make any at all.

Once you learn to break through your money blocks, though, abundance begins to flow toward you easily and without struggle.

That’s why Denise just released her NEW free Money Mindset Workshop available for a short time, to walk you step by step through the process of transforming YOUR money mindset.

>> Click Here To Access Video 1: 3 Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make That Keep Them Broke And Exhausted — And How You Can Eliminate Them

In it, you’ll learn what it really takes to succeed in the new economy, as well as the 3 key mistakes that SO many women in business make that keep them broke and burned out — or that force them to quit their businesses altogether.

More importantly, you’ll learn how to eliminate these mistakes! And to do it in a fresh way that feels easy (maybe even a little… lazy?) and fun.

I want you to be fully prepared to succeed in the rapidly changing business atmosphere we’re in right now, so I strongly recommend you watch Denise’s new video training to learn about these mistakes and how to fix them.

Denise is the go-to person for money mindset and she’s crammed her absolute best stuff into this new video.

Grab your free access to the Money Mindset Workshop right here.


P.S. The Money Mindset Workshop is only available for a few days, so be sure to go watch it now so you don’t miss out.

Pro tip: For maximum results, download Denise’s hands-on new eBook Reclaim Your Money Power which you’ll find right under the video. 

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