Look in the mirror and open the door to success!



Play along with me for a moment. There you are in front of the mirror. You can see yourself, you look at you face, body and wonder why you re not where you want to be. In the mirror you can see a bed behind you. On the bed is a key. That key opens the door to success. All you ever wanted can be on the other side of that door.

The mirror you are looking into is on a closet. The closet is closed and you know now how to open it. With the key right in front of you. What’s on the other side you ask? You already know what you want, but you feel scared to open that door.

What will it mean for you if you open that Pandoras box? Success, fame, people will look at you, you will feel scared, will you be alone, will there be people that dosen’t want you to have success?

You look it the mirror and see yourself. Can you dare to open that door? Can you step into the unknown? Are you ready?

You are safe where you are today with that door closed. With the key laying on that bed. It’s safer to stay where you are. Right?


You pick up that key, you open the door. You see a magical new world where you can manifest anything. Where people are like you, they have big dreams, they can make anything happen for them in an instant. There is a Lion there and she walks you to your castle. You walk up the stairs and you enter into a big room.

There are people there that has been waiting for you to go out on that balcony and talk to the masses. You do that now.

When you look out into the crown you see that there are not that many out there. You wonder why and ask someone behind you. Then it hit you. The other ones are still behind that closet, still looking into the mirror and questioning if they dare to open the door, dare to pick up that key.

You know that you have to be the frist one that does this, the others will follow when they are ready.

You message to the crowd is this:

“We have been slaves to the people, we have been taught all our lives how to be, think, act. Now we are finally free. Free to think what we want, free to manifest what we need and free to make a world worth living in. You are here for a reason. Time to play by your own rules”.

You wonder why you were so scared to look into that mirror, take that key and just open up for success. It was worth it. It was not that hard. It was all you needed to do to get to freedom. To unleash yourself.

You smile and you are happy. Finally you are happy and free to be you. To be who you were born to be. Who you always we’re supposed to be.

You. Only you. And that is enough. Period.


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Accept what is and then move on!



You look in the mirror and don’t accept yourself for who you are. You always need a new year to be better. A new year to improve those things that you hate about yourself. This year you will do something about it. This is the year. Right?

I have heard it before. I’m tired of you. I have been telling you over and over to just love yourself for the way you are now. Accept yourself for all your flaws, the body you have and your wonderful mind.

I don’t need you to be anything else but you. And there we have it. The real cause why I’m not proud of you. You are not being yourself, not at all. You show up like a puppet on a string. You tell me to shut up when I’m just here to call you on your bullshit. Those thing you feel inside is me calling you.

I would not have dialed your number if I thought no one was home. And sometimes I begin to wonder if there is a person in there. Are you there? Really, because you seem to never pick up.

Sometime I show it to your face CLEARLY what you need to do. Maybe it’s a sign on the sky, a song that you like or you meet people that you need to be around.

Other times it’s in a dream. I try to tell you all day long and you just ignore me. Why do you do that? I almost give up on you.

Then I see how much you hurt sometimes. You feel that you don’t belong here, feel like you have a gift but no one seems to like it or buy from you. So what? It’s a sign. Me telling you that you are on the wrong path or that you just need to adjust it a bit.

Can’t you just accept me? Accept what is and move on?

It’s almost like you don’t understand that I’m here for you. It’s me. When you breath, when you laugh, when you have fun. It is me bringing you joy.

Why don’t you listen to me all the time and stop ignoring me like a stubborn teenager?

Still don’t recognize me?

Close your eyes. Be still. Breath. Listen. It’s me. Your soul speaking to you.

I’m here for you.

Accept what is and move on.


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January issue of Spotlight Magazine is out!!


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Best moments of 2017!


It’s that time of the year again. Look back at what you have accomplished in the year that passes us by. I think it’s good to make a blogpost like this so I can look back at and really see that I have made shit happen in my life.

One thing I will go back to in next year is to write more books. I’m a writer so I need to write. It fuels my soul. Also Spotlight Magazine will be even better and I will make it into the best digital magazine for female entrepreneurs.

Take a look back at your 2017 and see what your best moments has been for you, then post it on your blog or on Facebook. Then you can look back at your life and that you have actually made it. Keep going and never give up. shit happens in life, get used to it. If you focus on the good stuff then more good will come your way. Take a look at my best moments from 2017 here.


In January I launched one of my best selling online courses Goddess Success Routines. I saw that not many women had routines around following their dreams and really make it happen. Action from a place of alignment must be in place to make shit happen. In January I also planned out my VIP days for the whole year. It was a cold month in Norway but I kept going and planed for my success.



In February I had an amazing Winter Holiday in my hometown Reine in Lofoten. The sun was shining, we had snow on the mountains and the full moon was up in the evening. Wonderful time in lovely location for my soul.



In March I went to London for a VIP day with a lovely clients and then met up with two of my soul sisters in UK, Karen and Natalie. We went to the Best You expo. It was a wonderful time. Miss you ladies. XX


In April my little ballerina performed as a little rabbit in her ballet group. The show was amazing. The story was about Rapunzel. I also launched my local women group in April (Success Ladies Bodø). So much fun with these ladies.





17th of May is a big celebration day in Norway.It’s our Constitution Day. No country celebrate like we do (maybe US the 4th of July) because this is a day for the kids where they can eat as much ice creme, hot dogs and drink soda all day long and celebrate freedom. I’m so lucky to live in such a peaceful country that Norway is.



June was my best mont ever. We went to Spain, Mallorca and had our wonderful Holiday. The kids went swimming, I wrote blogposts from the balcony and drank tons of Sangria and Cava. The energy in Mallorca is magic. And best of all we are going back there next year!!! Yeah!!!



July did not start out so well. My oldest daughter broker her arm on the trampoline. After she got her arm fixed we went off to Lofoten and then to Arendal in South of Norway for more Holiday time. It’s so nice in Lofoten in the summer and same goes for Arendal. Norway is beautiful. I also got my first article published in a Norwegian alternative magazine called Harmoni.


Finally in August I launched my brand new magazine Spotlight Magazine – For women who dream big! I had been working on this magazine since May and there were times that I wanted to give up. People that tried to force me to don’t make this happen. I kept going and the magazine was a success. In August I also went to Oslo for Fashion Week, wrote for my magazine, met up with one of my soul sister client Tone and my lovely friend Christina and Beate. We drank Prosecco and danced the night away at Hard Rock Cafe. Oslo I love you! XXX



In September I went to Paris for a VIP day with an amazing soul mate clients. Also my little girl turned 5 years old!!!



In October I went back to London for a VIP day with a soul mate client. We had an amazing day and also did a photoshoot. My oldest daughter turned 11 years old. It was a good month with Northern Light here in Norway and tons of green tea to keep me warm and cosy. My new book came out. Yeah!



In November I started to us more of my new photos in my blogposts. The wonderful Megan Conception took them in London.

Also we had an amazing skyline to look at in November. The snow was back again and life was good.


In December we did som baking with the kids, the snow was magical and I went to a Christmas Party with my local womens group. I’m also celebrating 6 issues of Spotlight Magazine.

So this was my year. Now I want to see what you have been up to.

Remember to dream big in 2018 also.

You can do this!

Happy New Year!




What if all you need is inside yourself?


Think about this for a moment. All you really need here in life is inside YOU, not out there. What then? Will you understand that you have access to it? Will you believe and trust yourself enough to follow your intuition and what you feel is the right thing to do?

What if all you really need to do to get to your goals is right there inside you. It’s the blueprint you have been waiting for. You have been longing to have a map that can take you to your destination.

You have been following everyone else online to get to success. You have tried to follow the map others used to get to their kind of success. But that is the trap.

It’s theirs map. Not yours.

Your map is inside you. It has always been there. Whatever you want from life is inside you.

That’s why so few people will actually do the work. When I say work I mean the work that is needed to listen inside and follow what you feel called to. Not what the others are doing.

You want a success map for your biz? Ask yourself what your next step is and do that.

Want love? Love yourself first.

Want to loose weight after the Holidays? Ask your body what is the best way to do this and follow your own plan.

We all know how to follow a plan, a map, a blueprint. We’re not stupid. But the thing is that we want to do it our way, your souls way.

Start to journal every single day about what you feel, what you want and then ask yourself what you need to do. Plan for you own success the way that feel good for you.

No push, no punishment will ever take you to success. Aligned action always win. Listen to your self always win.

Trust that you always know what your next step is, and then take it.


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