Everything is just as it should be!

The more you try to force things to happen, the harder it will be to have it. This is a concept that I myself have been struggling to understand. The universe, God or whatever you believe in, are trying to give it all to you. All that you want. There is actually nothing you need to do, you only need to tune in and ask for guidance and just let it go. Let it flow, let it be easy.

I feel that my life has never been easy. New things show up all the time, difficult things that I need to handle. Every week it happens. I have asked myself why that is and I know why now.

Everything is just as it should be!

You can fuel on the pain. Purposeful pain is something that can take you one step closer to your dreams and really set your mind up for success. As an entrepreneur, you need to love the hustle, love to work and love to feel the purposeful pain.

It’s not called growing pains for a reason. You grow stronger.

All those shitty moments you feel you have in your life are actually there to serve you, bring you to a higher level in your life and business. And you must go through it to grow stronger. All the feelings you have inside are there for a reason, let it out. Just deal with it and don’t hold it back anymore.

You are born with this gift.

You are stronger than most people.

You can handle it all.

Everything is always perfect.

Nothing more to fight against, only yourself.

Just let yourself be that crazy bitch who tells the truth, the one that don’t take no for an answer and that go all in and know that the universe or God or whoever watching over, will give it to her.

Nothing more to wait for. Be friends with your own feelings. They are there for a reason. Find out what purpose they serve and then take action.

Nothing beats action. Remember that!


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Catch me if you can!

There I am building my empire. Day by day. Every single day I show up and do the work. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m in it for the long haul. I do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. I don’t complain that I don’t have enough time. I have kids to take care of, I’m a mother. I have 99 problems and I deal with them. Still I build my empire. Day by day.

Shit happens in my life. People I have trusted turn by back on me, are jealous of my success. Some talk behind my back and say “who does she think she is?”. I still keep going.

I have had pain in my shoulder for months now and can’t seem to get rid of it. Still, I write my blog, I show up, I don’t complain. I do my shit. I’m in it for life. This is my passion, my purpose, what I’m born to do. I want to shake the world and tell people that they need to wake up. Need to smell the coffee and start to live their dream life now.

I feel that the normal people are so slow, too busy living their life on the sofa and complain. I hate those nagging bitches that talk behind other people back. Get a life!! Really!

No one can beat me in my game. Catch me if you can!

I’m here build my empire day by day. Those small thing matters when you want to make money, build your following, grow stronger in yourself. Where are you? I’m looking to my left and my right, but I can’t see you.

Catch me if you can! Show me that you want it. Show me that there are more to life than paying bills and die. Don’t die with the music in you. Let it out of you. Big, bold and do it DAILY.

No one can ever beat me in being ME. Get it? So why run and hide when we both know where you belong.

On the stage, in the spotlight.

People are waiting for you so what are you waiting for then?

Come run with me on my side and let’s build our empire together.


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If You Honestly Know That You Got it, What Are you Waiting For?

If you honestly know that you got it, what are you waiting for? Really? Come on?

You say you want to impact thousands of people. You say that you have a message. You know deep inside that you are more than capable to do it, so why the fuck are you so boring then? You are not showing the fuck up. What’s up with that? Really?

I mean, come on. You say you want to make money doing what you love, you know that people sit up and listen when you speak, when you write, when you perform. They are magnetized by you. You can see it in their eyes, they want more of you.

More of your speaking. More of you performing More of your writing. They want more of you. So where are you then? Hiding behind the computer and telling yourself that you are not ready. Not ready yet. Need another course, need to be slimmer, need to be more comfortable on camera. You need to have all your duck lined in order to really show up.

What you need is to be shaken not stirred, like 007. What to be a superhero? Then act like one. You know you are doing more in  a day than others are doing in a lifetime. So why so shy then?

oh, I see. You have a vacation. Yes, I see. A vacation from a life you don’t like then? And in the Autumn then you will go all in, just in time to take a few weeks to really smash your success goals. Then they will see you. Then they will buy from you and then you are ready.

Let me whisper something in your ear. Listen very carefully I only say it once….

You don’t have  the balls to take it. To be that leader full on. To step it up and work and play and do WHATEVER it takes for as LONG as it takes. Do you?

Prove me wrong. Show up even if you have the house full with family members, even when you don’t feel like it, even when you have broken your arms and just want to cry and go to bed.

This is your life. Every single day you have a choice. To be that fucking leader or play amongst the other wannaprenuers.

Tired is a choice. Success is a choice. Believing in yourself is a choice. Doing the work is a choice.

All in or all out? What’s it gonna be love?


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Why You Don’t Have What You Want!


There’s only one reason that you don’t have what you want. It’s a confronting one so I don’t think you will like it. I know I don’t.

You have a dream. A purpose. You want so bad to see it happening and you feel that you are so close to getting it. That dream.

You want to be super hot, sexy, healthy, thin with a bikini body. Why can’t you have it NOW!

You want to make money from your gifts, make an impact and just explode in your business, but where is the money? Why are not people seeing you? Why are they not buying your service, your products?

When will you be happy about life? Why is it so hard to just believe in yourself and just do those things you dream about?

It’s one thing that has been killing your dreams, your passion, your whole life that you want to see change.

It’s this thing that you will kill me when I tell you.

How I know? I was making the same mistake!!!

That’s why I will tell it to you so you can go out there and finally make your dreams come true, make it happen once and for all.

Want to hear it? I guess you will….


I know. Kill me. Throw rotten egg at me.

But it’s the truth.

You don’t have that killer sexy body because you did not do the work that comes with it.

You don’t have a successful business because you did not do the work.

You don’t have your big dreams come true because you did not do the work.

You don’t have a great relationship with your partner or kids because you did not do the work.

It’s so simple and easy, but most people will not face it. Look in the mirror and just admit to themselves that the only reason they don’t have what they say they want is because they did not do the work.

Hot body = work out, eat healthy food

Successful business = do your sales activities

Great relationships = focus on it

Get it? Easy, but still hard to do.

Those things you say to yourself and to others that is important for you, you need to set aside time to focus on them.

If you only do one thing each day to focus on it, I promise you that you suddenly will have what you say you want.

This is how I got to write my first book.

This is how I quit my 9-5 job, now celebrating 2,5 years in freedom.

This is how I can act so fast and just launch new programs all the time.

I focus on what I want and then I set aside time to accomplish them.

This is your life. You are 100% responsible for it.

Get to work.


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Fear is No Excuse to Don’t Act On Your Dream!


That fear you have inside is not real. It’s not something you can actually hold up and look at and tell yourself “Yes, it’s valid, it’s here”.It’s just a feeling that is not real.

So many women hold themselves back because of fear. Maybe you are one of them?

Fear of not making it.

Fear of not being good enough.

Fear of what strangers might say or think about you.

Fear of something bad will happen.

Fear of not being able to live your dream life.

It’s all just a fake thought that you have around something you can’t control. Shit happens, get used to it.

You can still take action, regardless on your fears.

You can still take action if you don’t know how to. Clarity comes through action, any action.

No one has their shit figured out, but the successful ones will act even if they don’t know how to.

The easiest way to accomplish what you want, have your dream come through, is to focus on the OUTCOME, claim it as DONE and then act on a DAILY basis.

Any action works, and the best way to get past those fears is to face it. Look the beast in the eye, don’t let the monster hide anymore under your bed. To get it out is to call on it and you will see that is was not real at all.

The monster under your bed is YOU. Face yourself once and of all and stop acting like a victim. You’re not that weak.

You are stronger that you think and those you feel will judge, they have their own fears. So get on with your life and don’t let your fear stop you from taking action. It’s your life. Right? Then live it now.


PS. 😱OMG. Can’t believe I do this!!!😱





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