Should You Let Your Fear Stop You?

I get it. I know how it is to ask yourself if you can do this. Follow your passion and your dreams. Is it possible? As we all know being a dreamer, a spiritual seeker and an entrepreneur are scary. You will have tons of fear around:

Am I good enough?

Can I do this?

I don’t know how to?

Will I make money?

Will it hurt?

Will other people talk behind my back?

Am I that special?

Yes, I have asked myself all of those questions many, many times before I started to follow my dreams back in 2010. And still to this day I have fear around if I can do this, if people will actually hear what I have to say and if people will buy my stuff.

But the thing is can you let your fear stop you?

My answer to that is no. A big fucking NO.

You can choose fear or you can chose love. I choose love. Love for myself, speaking my truth, living a life in freedom and I choose to let life be magical.

The best thing with being an entrepreneur, following your passion and dreams, is that you finally can be creative. You can work from anywhere in the world and you can connect with people from all the continents. And if you chose to see life as magical it will be so.

Fear is only excitement. If you breath and trust that you can make anything happen, it will.

And if you are a corporate gal now and want to have that security that comes with a job, then start on the side. Like Marie Forleo says, if you have the stamina you can never ever go wrong. You will succeed.

So the answer is this. Never let your fear stop you. Let your life and dreams lead you.

Chose to look for magic in your life and dance with your fear.

Camilla xxx

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When You Hate Mondays!


When you hate Mondays and just want to stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself.
When you feel creative and know that you can’t use your gifts at work.
When you know that you can make it happen, but just need someone that believes in you.
When you want to open a bottle of Prosecco and celebrate that you made it through the week.
When you have no one to talk to about this longing.
A longing to be free, creative, to help people, to make money doing what you love, to dress up like a VIP, to travel to world, to buy nice designer bags. Yes, it is possible to have it all.
They tell you that you can’t.
I tell you that you have been hanging around the WRONG people.
You can start to make some changes today lovely. Life is not over until it’s over. Get it?
You are meant to be that powerful kick-ass woman you know deep down you are. Make plan for your escape and just start.
Nothing more to think about. Live life now!
Camilla xxx
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Bring Your Inner Carrie Out!


Did you like Sex & The City and loved The Carrie Bradshaw’s style? I know I did. It all started back then. I wanted to be more creative, be stylish and have fun. Do you feel that you are lost in your work and full-time job and want more out of life. I know I did. I wanted to have a nice wardrobe, fancy shoes, have a nice style put together and drink Prosecco and travel the world. Well, I have it now.

I work with amazing clients from all around the world.

I travel to nice cities like London, Milan, Rome and Paris.

I have my own VIP luxury days and I love my life.

So can you.

Don’t feel trapped anymore in your full-time job.

Let your inner Carrie out, break free from the 9-5 and create your successful service-based business FAST!

You often feel lost. That no one understands you. You are spiritual and know that you create your own reality, because look at where you are today. You are already successful. Building your own business and being your own boss is more than possible. I have done it. So can you!

I know that you like fashion, style, Sex & The City and you don’t want to lose all of that if you have to become a struggling entrepreneur.

You don’t have to. You can do both. Make money and be your own boss. Get it?

I always wanted to help people, I could not do that by working as a Financial Controller with numbers, budgets and reports. I loved my co-workers, but that was it.

I think you feel the same.

I was very creative, but felt trapped in a  full-time job. I wanted freedom and travel the world in style. So I created that. So can you.

The time is perfect for you to go after your dreams, to invest in your dreams and don’t let another year go by where you say you will wait until you are ready.

You will never be ready.

Why, I know you will have FAST success? You will not make my mistakes if you work with me. I will guide you as my mentor and help you build your 5K or 10K monthly business fast.

And there will be style, Prosecco, travels and VIP luxury along the way.

Too good to be true? Not for you. You are already successful so now is the time to make it on your own. Be your own boss.

And bring out your inner Carrie.


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