You Don’t Want it That Much, Do You?!

Let’s just be honest with me. Do you really want that thing you say you want? Really? That business online, making money on your terms, be out there and share your message to millions of people.

You can’t, you say.

Then you don’t want it that much.

If you really wanted to make money this week you will figure out how to.

If you want to loose weight, then you can.

If you want to write that book you have been putting off for years, then you better start writing.

The thing that is going on in your head is not that you can’t do it, because you can. It’s more like that you need to be totally honest with yourself if you really want that thing you say you want, or just drop it like it’s hot. Kill it. Bring those dreams dead.

You don’t need to do something because of what others say. This is your life, your business. Make it fun. Easy. From flow.

Who says you can’t have that? I don’t listen to them, so I do what I they tell me.

I’m done listen to the wrong people. The only one that has the answer to what I want is me. It’s all inside.

The same goes for you. No more following someone else dream. Make your life worth living and bring your dreams to life.

So ask yourself, do you really want it that much? And if the answer is no, then move on. Next dream. And this time make it your own.

If you really want to be successful, then you will get there, if you do the work. It’s a hustle and you got to love it.

I know I do and I’m in it for life. I really want what I say I want.

Time to hustle your ass off and get to work, because if you say you want it, then you better prove it. Not to others, but to yourself.



😱OMG. Can’t believe I do this!!!😱




Don’t Offend My Art!

That thing you feel inside you that needs to be expressed DAILY is art. It can be your writing, your music, your Facebook live, your healing, tarot reading, singing, acting, performing, painting etc. It is your art. No matter what they say, this is what you are born to do.

So why is it so hard to let you express it then? Be like Madonna and just express yourself? She says it clearly in a song form the 90s and still people have a hard time doing that.

I know how hard it is.

In the beginning they question you. Are you good enough?

Then they ask if you can make a living doing this.


They ask again the next time “how are things going?”.

They mess with your art!

They try to put a finger on if you are good enough and if this is real, your art.

How dare they offend your art?

This is what you are born to do. This is your calling. How can they mess with the one thing that you feel make you a human that actually enjoys life. Did they think that Picasso and Einstein were crazy? Yes, they offended their art too. Did it stop them from performing, doing it, believing in themselves? Hell no.

Neither should you.

This is what you are meant to do. If you feel it deep in your heart, your soul, then it’s there for a reason.

Be crazy like Madonna, Picasso, Einstein and believe in yourself when no one else does.

Who are they to offend your art? The one thing that brings you alive. It’s rude. It’s like they should not be allowed in your environment, and actually kick them out.

Don’t offend my art, mess with it, talk like it doesn’t matter. It matters big time. For me and those who are waiting for it DAILY.

Be bold. Brave. Be different and just fall in love with your art and express it DAILY. You know that your money is in your art? Right? So it’s time to act like you actually enjoys it. Because you do? Don’t cha?


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There is Competition!

This is my message for you today. I think you need to hear it. It just came to me and I feel an obligation to let it out.

There is no competition.

You have no one to compete with, but yourself.

That battle you feel inside, being yourself, is the worst one. The one where you know that you need to listen more to yourself and stop trying to tell that because of all the others you can’t make it.

There’s no one to compete with when you are being true to you. When you are making progress in your business because you listen within, then no one can compete with that. Can they?

That message you have now, that calling that you need to tell it all. Tell it like it is. It’s burning inside, but who are you to say it when there are so many others out there telling exactly those same things?

You are not competing with them! Actually, when you start to close your eye and just open the computer in the morning and start to let the art out of you, stop looking what they are doing, you will find that there is no one that can beat you in being you.

You want to make an impact, you want to start that business, you want to make money doing what you love. You feel afraid that you are not good enough. That you can’t make it. Only 1% makes it. Right? Well, then you need to go all in with this calling, this being you, tapping into who you are on the inside, because most people don’t do that.

Most people stay in the safe lane.

Most people look at other people for the answer.

Most people trust more in something outside of themselves than looking inside for the answers.

Most people will never make it in the entrepreneurial world.

Most people will give up even before they have ever tried.

You are not most people. You have woken up from your sleep and you will take action. There is no competition really.

The only person you need to compete with is yourself. Take a look in the mirror and tell that bitch to shut up.

Tell her to go and screw with someone else.

You are a winner. A superwoman. A wonderwoman.

Who are they really to think that you can’t make it?

No one can compete with you when you are playing the leading role in your own life. You will win an Oscar for it if you start to play it right. Unleash it all, tell the truth and nothing but the truth and start to live life like you mean it.

Can you do that? Of course you can. Get to work. Now!

Camilla xxx

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Are You Going All In?

It’s time honey. It’s time to admit to yourself, in the mirror that you are not exactly going ALL IN with your life and your business. Yes, you do more than the others you hang around with. You blog, make a video or two, do a live stream, make an effort an actually makes some money in your business, but could you be doing more? Are you going all in?

Meaning, are you productive to take big, bold action steps towards your big dreams and your goals. Those thing you see yourself have in 2-3 years from now?

The truth is that if you just have a big vision and think that everything will be ok if only you:

  • Learn how to
  • Be more confident
  • Slim down a bit
  • Look at what the others are doing
  • Wait for for the right timing
  • Get that special sign from up above

Then it will happen. Right?

Well, with that attitude I can tell you what will happen. NOTHING. And how I know? That was how I operated for many years before I told myself to just fucking act on that dream. Write that book, publish it, travel the world, quit your 9-5 job, launch your own magazine, become a stylist and a makeup artist, set up your own women’s group local.

All in my mind and I was just waiting. Waiting for it to be perfect. Waiting to be slimmer. Waiting to learn how to. Waiting for a book contract. Waiting for someone to knock on my door and tell me that I was good enough!

No one did ever knock. No one has ever told me how to. I just said to myself “If you want to have those dreams come true, you are the one Camilla that needs to go all in”.


And the truth is that I still feel that way. That I don’t know how to, don’t feel good enough, that no one will ever buy my stuff, that I don’t have a real job or whatever bullshit I tell myself.

Still, I do the work. I show up. Blog. Make a video. Launch. Do some snapchat. Instagram. Get my message out there. Sell some. Work out. Sleep. Get up. And I fucking love my life.

You need to fall in love with the hustle, and you will when you know that you are doing the work you are called to do. This is what you’re born for. This is your destiny.

You are so lucky to have a dream. A mission in life. Think about all those zombies that just work for the sake of making money!?

Time for you to go all in now. With your life. Your business.

Do the work you are called to do and let it flow out of you.

No need to think about the others. Close your eyes and just let your art out of you. Your Way.

It’s the only way to go big. Decide now and take action.






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The One Thing That Will Change it All!

We need to get one thing straight. You have been dreaming too small. And so have I. I have been off on Holiday now to Majorca, Spain for 2 weeks and in that time shit has happened. Behind the scene life is not that pretty and easy. People are trying to bring my business down, which is impossible since my business is ME, and the dark force thinks that you can just get away with anything if you only block and lock away your true gifts.

The only thing that will change it all is you and me going all in! (my next program coming soon).

I have known for a while now that I have been a pussy. Too afraid to play on my strengths. Tell it all. Be me and just get the hell over with playing business in the box.

How stupid have I been. Felt like I needed to take time off, meditate more, wait for it.

I’m done waiting and so are you. What are we waiting for? No one can fix me because nothing is broken. Right?

The only thing that is broken is that I have felt a need to hold back, wait for divine timing (that someone told me to) and that I needed to slow down. omg. I’m upping my game now.

I have so much creativity going on and that is my strengths. No one can ever beat me in my game being me. Get it?

Why are you hiding back? Playing like the other fancy online entrepreneurs out there?

Pretty website – check

Blog 3 times a week – check

Waiting for everything to be perfect before you launch – check

Trying to be liked by everyone, including people you don’t know – check

Waiting 6 months before you launch something – check

Reading and taking new online courses and looking to everyone else for the answer, when you know, yes you do, deep inside that the answer to YOUR business is inside YOU. No one, including me, can tell you how to be you. Get it?

That job is already taken, I hope…but are you playing your part?

The one thing that will change it all is if you focus on the one thing. The one and only thing that you are born to do. You know it. For me, it’s my writing. I have known it for so long. I’m a writer. I do everything to not write. To tell me myself that I’m done. No more. But that is what I’m born to do. To motivate, inspire, educate other women to stick together and be themselves full on. And that thing – be you. You can start doing it today. Life will be so much easier and you will feel more in flow and more aligned with your life. Fuck it all! The only thing I want to do is write. I’m a writer, author, speaker, mentor, entrepreneur, blogger, stylist, makeup artist, mother, wife, friend, daughter, coach…

Most of all I write. That’s what I do.

I did not ask to get this gift. I did not ask for it, but I cannot not do it.

That’s my one thing that will make my life easier. As long as I can write I will be happy, and the easiest step to make my big dream come true is then to…..wait for it……yes, you guessed it: WRITE.

What’s your one thing that will change it all for you? Ask, journal around it and then you do it. Act on it. Don’t wait any longer. The art must come out of you, be bold, brave just fucking do it. NOW!




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