Bring Your Inner Carrie Out!


Did you like Sex & The City and loved The Carrie Bradshaw’s style? I know I did. It all started back then. I wanted to be more creative, be stylish and have fun. Do you feel that you are lost in your work and full-time job and want more out of life. I know I did. I wanted to have a nice wardrobe, fancy shoes, have a nice style put together and drink Prosecco and travel the world. Well, I have it now.

I work with amazing clients from all around the world.

I travel to nice cities like London, Milan, Rome and Paris.

I have my own VIP luxury days and I love my life.

So can you.

Don’t feel trapped anymore in your full-time job.

Let your inner Carrie out, break free from the 9-5 and create your successful service-based business FAST!

You often feel lost. That no one understands you. You are spiritual and know that you create your own reality, because look at where you are today. You are already successful. Building your own business and being your own boss is more than possible. I have done it. So can you!

I know that you like fashion, style, Sex & The City and you don’t want to lose all of that if you have to become a struggling entrepreneur.

You don’t have to. You can do both. Make money and be your own boss. Get it?

I always wanted to help people, I could not do that by working as a Financial Controller with numbers, budgets and reports. I loved my co-workers, but that was it.

I think you feel the same.

I was very creative, but felt trapped in a  full-time job. I wanted freedom and travel the world in style. So I created that. So can you.

The time is perfect for you to go after your dreams, to invest in your dreams and don’t let another year go by where you say you will wait until you are ready.

You will never be ready.

Why, I know you will have FAST success? You will not make my mistakes if you work with me. I will guide you as my mentor and help you build your 5K or 10K monthly business fast.

And there will be style, Prosecco, travels and VIP luxury along the way.

Too good to be true? Not for you. You are already successful so now is the time to make it on your own. Be your own boss.

And bring out your inner Carrie.


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Camilla xxx

One sentence can change your life!

Back in 2014 I was attending an event in London, UK where I meet up with other women from all around the world to take my business to another level. I came there very shy, did not dare to speak that much because I felt that I was not good in English. I was there because I wanted to up level in my business as a stylist in Norway.

Then when we got an exercise about what we really wanted to do regardless of where we were that day, I felt a little bit scared. First of all I was not good in English and second I really did not just be a stylist.

I wanted to empower other women to go after their dreams.

I wanted to write books.

I wanted to work internationally.

I wanted to have my own VIP days, events.

I wanted to travel to nice location like Paris, Milan, Venice.

I wanted to impact thousands of people.

But could I say that? What would they think of me?

I told my coach and the rest of the group all of this, then I ended with “But I don’t know because I’m not that good in English”.

Then she looked at me and said “I can understand you perfectly”. And the rest of the group nodded their head and said the same.


Here I have been dreaming too small. They can understand me. I can do this.

I was shocked, but at the same time felt that anything was possible.

That sentence “I can understand you perfectly” changed my life forever.

After that event, I started my English business, quit my 9-5 job, started to write book after book, online courses,spoke in London at a stage, been interviewed on tons of podcast and worked with clients all over the world.

One sentence can change your life.

Never give up on investing in yourself. Sometimes we need to hear it from someone else.

Every time I buy an online course from someone or a book or a VIP day or invest in a coach or mentor, I learn something.

You have to never give up on yourself. Often it’s the small things that matters.

If I had not invested in that event in London I would not be here today. You would not be reading this.

We all can make it happen if we only can believe in ourselves.

I believe in you.

Camilla xxx

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