Your Soul is Calling You!



The first time you felt your soul was when you were born. You came into this world like an innocent child. You had hopes, dreams and knew that you were perfect. Along the way, to fit into the society, you lost it.

That connection to your soul, to your purpose here on earth. You had to fit in with all the others or else they would not love you, like you and you could not get approval from them.

So you had to do what they told you. Loose your soul. That what you felt deep inside was not true. That connect to the deepest truth on earth. You had dreams about yourself, all this things you wanted to do. Paint, dance, act, be up on stage, help others see the light too.

That little girl got shut off from her soul connection. You think you have lost all connection to who you are, but you are wrong.

Your soul is calling you all day long. You choose to not listen to it. Not that you can’t hear it. You know exactly what your next step it. You have always know it. You have that deep intuition that tells you what’s next for you.

The hard cold truth is that deep inside you are afraid to be left all alone. If you really went all in with your dreams what would that mean to you? It comes down to that you are afraid that you will be left to the wolves and no one will love you. How is it so?

Let me break it down to you:

If you really did what you wanted to do your mother, father, co-workers, friends etc would not like it. Why is that so bad?

Because then they will not understand you and you will feel like a fool. The only fool in town. right? Why is that so bad?

The only fool in town don’t have friends. He is a looser, no one wants to be around him. You will be left alone.

There you go.

Of course you could not go all in with your dreams if what you feel deep deep down on an emotional level is that you will be left alone, then of course you will do whatever it takes to sabotage for yourself.

No one is afraid of success and how powerful they are. It’s what success and power do to you, your beliefs around it that you need to address.

Your souls is calling you all day long. You can choose to listen or not.

All the online courses, self-help book and positive affirmations in the world can’t help you with that.

Deep inside you need to pick up that call and look the beast in the eye. Face your fears and then you can move on step closer to your big dream.


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Live your passion—make epic money—LOVE your life.


It’s no secret: so many people go through life doing work they hate. Experts estimate that half of the American population fits into this category.

Are you one of them?

If so, you might dream of becoming an entrepreneur—or maybe you already are an entrepreneur—so you can do what you really want in life: live your purpose, do work on your own terms, and profit from your passion, as you experience unprecedented happiness and freedom!

My friend and colleague, transformational business coach Beth Weinstein, has been where you are, and she’s on a mission to help you follow your heart to grow your business like she did (and without all the struggle!).

Beth has created a complimentary virtual training series, “The True Path Entrepreneur:  Learn the Specific Steps to Live Your Purpose, Grow Your Business, and Attract Epic Abundance…on Your Terms!” It kicks off December 4, and brings together 34 experts (including me!) to share actual concrete steps you can begin taking immediately to live your purpose—and make epic money—through your own dream business.

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    And more!

Beth is the perfect person to host this summit. A natural entrepreneur at heart, she too was stuck for a long time doing work that made her miserable. She suffered through work that killed her mentally, physically, and spiritually. Out of alignment with her dreams, desires, true purpose, and highest self, she played it safe for fifteen long years, before finally deciding the “safety net” was no longer worth the pain of giving up on her dream; that’s when she took the leap to follow her heart and start her own business. It wasn’t easy, and she learned the hard way, through lots of trial and error.

This interview-style training is her way of guiding as many people as she can through struggles common to business owners—so they know exactly what to do and when to do it—thereby bypassing all the trial and error she went through … and all the fears, doubts, chaos, questioning, and mindsets that keep people stuck doing things that don’t fulfill them, for far too long.

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Step into your power!

I’m calling women who dream big to step into their power. 

Spiritual teachers
6 figure entrepreneurs

Ask yourself how can you dream bigger? How can you step into your power? How can you connect with your higher self and get guidiance on your next step?

I’m sick and tired of seeing women play small, hold back because they don’t know The how.

The how is not important!

What’s important is you tapping into your bigger vision and holding that vision. For yourself. For your clients.

You already know that you will never give up.
You already know that you are born to make a big impact on The world.

Time has come for you to be bold, brave, feel uncomfortable and step into The next version of you.

I’m doing it now. No more clients that are afraid to shine The light. I can hold The vision for them, guide them to where they want to go. I only work with successful women that want to play bigger.

I’m fucking powerful. So are you!

Dream bigger NOW!



You’re a miracle high achiever … do you want to go to the next level?

Are you a miracle high-level achiever? Or maybe you prefer the term, “achievement junkie?” You’re always working hard, going beyond what’s expected. Being goal-oriented is good, right? Just like being results-focused is good. What would it look like to train your mind to be UNSTOPPABLE !?

You wish if you only knew the habits of ELITE high performers, so you can break through the glass ceiling!

Stop and think about how you’re working – what comes to mind? Are you putting in the hours, without really getting much done, and you’re on the verge of burnout lacking results with productivity? Do you use caffeine or sugar to keep your energy levels up, because they’d otherwise plummet? Are you lacking clarity of which direction your career or life should turn to?

Here’s the thing: being a high-level achiever doesn’t have to mean you should work incessantly or stay at the same level.

My friend and colleague Suja Johnkutty, MD, has a passion for helping people like you to thrive and rewire their mindset, so she’s created a brand new, complimentary online event, The Achiever’s Edge: Train Your Mind to Attract and Sustain Massive Success and Reach Your Personal Potential Faster.

It starts December 1, 2017 and brings together over 30 success experts to share our secrets for training your mind to excel beyond the extraordinary while maintaining your and well-being.

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You’ll discover:

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Simple high performer hacks that will provide you with more energy, clarity, productivity, psychology, courage and influence WITHOUT having a negative impact on your health.
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Dr. Suja is a neurologist and Certified High Performance Coach who specializes in helping her clients to adopt a fearless way of living to become the highest version of themselves. Over time, she’s realized that the successful people are often high-level achievers, and they’re accustomed to pushing themselves to the edge of exhaustion.

While maintaining success many of them suffer from high stress levels, lack of clarity, low productivity, and a lack of fulfillment … and that’s why she’s decided to offer The Achiever’s Edge: to reach people like you, for whom learning high performance habits will make a huge positive impact.

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To Your Success and Well Being,


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How to start your biz on the side of your corporate job?

How to start your biz on the side of your corporate job?

Good question. Right? Everyone wants to know the how. Well, the how is not that important. What’s important is that you WANT to. That you have a dream inside yourself that you want to follow. If you are not committed you will never make it. You could quit your jb today. You know that? If you burn all the bridges and go all in I know you will make it.

That fear you have inside yourself will never go away. You need to deal with it and then just jump into the cold water.

Because it will be cold. You need to love the pain. The pain will never go away.

If you want my practical advice then this is it.

  1. Decide that you want to start a biz
  2. Set aside time to build your biz
  3. Plan for when you will leave your corporate job


It’s so super easy, still people need to know the how and feel safe and feel that they are loved blah blah.

Ask yourself if you need to be safe or if you need to follow your dreams? There’s no half way into it. Either you are all in or you are all out. Either you are pregnant or you are not. Get it?

So if you follow my 3 steps to freedom then you will start a biz on the side of your corporate job. Then you will make it, have freedom and follow your passion inside you.

People are too afraid to live. Life is not supposed to be lived in a box. I don’t call the rat race a life. It’s a race. A race to have most money, be liked by everyone, buy nice things to fill a hole in your soul.

Don’t you want to express yourself?

Don’t you want to feel that you can be creative?

Don’t you want to feel freedom?

It’s up to you to decide that you will have it. Your call, and it’s super easy when you go all in.

Most people want to feel safe, cuddle up in the sofa and watch other people lives. If you are that type then I suggest you keep hiding.

Be friends with the hustle, the pain. You need to want FREEDOM more than you want to feel SAFE.

Another last thing I need to tell you is that you don’t give up until you arrive there. On the other side.

Failure is never an option until you quit. So are you a quitter or are you a winner?


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