Follow your butterflies!

Next up in my inspiring interview series of women who has created their dream job is beautiful and talented Sherina Mayani. She is a life and business coach who travels all around the world and living her dream life. She has also written a book where she talk about following your butterflies.


Tell me first a little bit about your business and what you do?

I am a Life and Business Coach and Have a Coaching Business. Basically I support new and starting coaches to build their coaching business

What is your big why for doing this?

I LOVE seeing women be FREE emotionally and financially. I have found my freedom through creating and building a coaching business and love to support women achieving this as well

How did you feel when you had a reguarly 9-5 job?

I felt stuck really..

What was the tipping point for taking the leap and quit your job?

I couldnt take it anymore.. I knew I was meant for something more.

How does a working day look like for you now?

Amazing really. Everyday is different. Usually I wake up around 7-8am. Do some Reading, journaling, Bfast yoga! I usually start work at 10-11am. And go on will like 6pm. I have a lunch break and at evenings I do anything I desire 😀 I do try to have a schedule as it keeps me disciplined.

Where do you find your inspiration to create and sell your stuff?

My life really and my clients. I get inspired by what I see and always feel pulled to create awesome offers.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years from now?

Great question. I see myself doing more group programs and having signature programs. I see myself living in Europe somewhere with my fiancee/husband!

Why do you think so many women out there want to start their own business?

Because they are desiring their freedom and have something amazing to share with the world.

What’s your best advice for someone who is brand new to their business?

My advice is to just get started. Take one step.

What’s the most important thing to take care of?

The most important thing to take care of is your mind and thoughts…

How can women come to you for help starting their dream life and business?

They can come to me via my website or FB or directly to my email:


Thank you so much Sherina for taking time off to do this interview with me.


Don’t give up!

Don't give up!

I know it can be hard sometimes to pick yourself up and keep going. Nothing’s working in your business and no money is coming in. But you have to keep your positive attitude and remember to never give up.

Your time will come and you can do so much more than you think you’re capable off doing.

Have you tried everything? I don’t think so.

Have you pushed so hard that you feel exhausted? No way baby.

Have you done the actual work that you know deep down will change your business? Let’s shout out a big no together.

So why are you not there yet? The place where you’ll always be happy. Where your business is skyrocket and that place where all you problems are gone?

It’s because you’re not willing to change. 

If you want your surrounding to change YOU have to change first.

Yes, of course you must be yourself but the person you say you are today is it that person you want to be? That scared little one who doesn’t want to be seen into this world. The person who never says what she wants to say, who is never actually honest in here opinions?

Ok so it’s that person who’s gonna make you business a million dollar success.

Honey, I think we both now that it’s not gonna happen. 

If you want to have success, first you have to change the things inside that holds you back. That little voice who says you’re not good enough. That feeling of being a fraud. The things you say to yourself about your work, how the worlds want you to behave.

Don’t give up!

See yourself as that person in your mind. That person who is you. Confident, happy, successful, kind to everybody and a person who actually do the work she loves everyday. She don’t care about money because she knows that if she want to have money, first she’s got to have success. Then the money will come.

If you give up you’ll never make it. But if you just change yourself inside and do the work that you know you’re put here to do, everything will work out in the end.

Don’t give up!

Camilla XX

I can help you in my one hour Skype session to find your true calling in life and help you get started. If you want my help you can book a session here. 

Amanda tells you how to create your own reality!


Next up in my interview series of women who has quit their 9-5 and now living in freedom is Amanda C. Watts. She is an International Marketing Coach, and she coach and mentor high performing entrepreneurs who want to take action and own their niche.

Over the past 3 years she has coached over 1000 entrepreneurs across the globe, written two books and have won awards. Many of those whom she has coached have gone on to run successful six figure businesses, doing what they love and making a positive difference to the world.

Her mission is to empower and inspire 1 Million people to live their dream day everyday, aligned with their passion and their purpose.

Tell me first a little bit about your business and what you do?

I am an international marketing coach and I take entrepreneurs who are struggling to have the success, or those who wish to leave corporate and set up their own business, and I coach and mentor them to own their niche and have the untold success they desire.

What is your big why for doing this?

In 2009 I came out of a highly toxic relationship and made myself and my children homeless. I was also jobless and penniless and I had to create a life we loved, I felt this was my last chance to sort my life out. I had two options, work for someone else or work for myself. I chose the latter. After struggling for many years as a copywriter and social media expert I got a coach who mentored me to have the success I desired, and I aligned my passion and my purpose in life, which was helping others with marketing and business development. I am now on a mission to coach over 1 million entrepreneurs personally, and have launched a campaign called Million Lives Legacy #millionliveslegacy, where any entrepreneur can have a free 15 minutes call (no pitching or sales) of pure coaching, to help them get unstuck! I have a gift and it is my mission to share and help the world with it. Even those who cannot afford to do my paid coaching and mentoring.

How did you feel when you had a regularly 9-5 job?

Under so much pressure. It was so hard and the competition was far greater than the competition as an entrepreneur. In the workforce you are just a number, and had people on your back all the time. It was more about putting in the hours rather than the success, and there was always a ceiling on the money you could earn. I was just a woman in a very male dominated industry, so didn’t get the breaks like some of the men. But that is ok, because my path was different, and my mission to change the world was far greater than organizing exhibitions for a living.

What was the tipping point for taking the leap and quit your job?

My circumstances changed, and when you hit rock bottom I truly believe you are being given a gift. Because the only way is up. So I decided to create my own life, on my terms.

How does a working day look like for you now?

My alarm goes off at 6.30am and the kids jump into bed with me whilst I have a cup of tea. About 7am I check emails, sometimes write a blog, and spend 20 mins on social media. About 8am I take the children to school, and am back at 9am and start my coaching calls. I always finish work at 3pm and get the children from school, and have family time. We all eat together and often cook together. At 7pm my daughter goes to bed and I go back to work and do my marketing, and anything else I need to catch up on. Sometimes I work and sometimes I have an evening off. As my clients are all over the world I may also have a coaching call or two. My son sometimes puts himself to bed, he knows I am on a mission to change the world so I say goodnight to him after i have put my daughter to bed. He is 13 so doesn’t really need my help!

Where do you find your inspiration to create and sell your stuff?

Ahhh this is one of the things I teach when I have coaching clients. If you are truly aligned with your passions and purpose in life then finding inspiration is easy. My clients give me all the guidance I need when creating, and also you can see people struggling online, in Facebook groups etc… they post how they are stuck, so I write a blog or create a program to help them overcome it. I must admit when I first started I was watching all the well known Guru’s and emulating what they did, but of course this doesn’t work. The industry doesn’t need more of the same, it needs someone who is original who helps in a different way. So I just looked inside for the inspiration and decided to take huge action on realising my dream of helping people. Also I am not wishy washy in my approach. I only work 1:1 with entrepreneurs who are willing to take massive action and not let life get in the way. If I can do it anyone can do it. I take a no excuses approach, and help my clients realise massive success. So my clients inspire me, they delve deep and i am super proud of how they do.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years from now?

I am growing everyday, personally and professionally. As my children grow up my life changes and they become more independent. I see me working more hours, but not from home as much. I am planning on getting a villa in Ibiza which we will hold retreats at, and I plan to have a lot more offerings for my clients. Marketing is changing at a massive rate, so it’s my responsibility to stay one step ahead of the curve to ensure that my clients have the success they need. In two years time I wish to be giving back a lot more than I do now too, as I will have an even more fabulous income and therefore are able to hep more people in the world with it.

Why do you think so many women out there want to start their own business?

Because they think it is easier than getting a job, just like I thought. In hindsight it’s not, and I would warn people against setting up their own business. Only 3% succeed properly, so you have to have an unwavering desire for success, take massive action, be clear on what you want, how you help people and whom you help, and then a step by step plan to get known as the goto person in your niche. If you have the unwaering desire and are willing to step out of your comfort zone I would say go for it. If not then I would say stay in the 9-5. I think many women believe that they can sit by a pool and run a business, but this only comes after ALOT of work in the beginning. I am lucky I have amazing children; if your children need a lot of attention I would question if it is a path for you. It can be done, but being at work in a 9-5 can be an easier option – but who wants easy eh?

 What’s the most important thing to take care of?

The most important thing to take care of is your mindset. If you are the kind of person who suffers from depression, and needs support, then make sure you have that in place. You are the sum of the 5 people you hand around with most, so take that into consideration when you set up your business.

How can women come to you for help starting their dream life and business?

If you have an idea to start a business, or have been struggling for a while already, and have an unwavering desire for success then I would say definitely get in touch. If you are prepared to take massive action, and push yourself out of your comfort zone then I am the girl for you. First step would be to book a call with me which you can do by going to my website and click on ‘book a breakthrough call on the home page’. I stand for having a meaningful business and a fabulous income. Live is great if you Awaken Your Magic and align your passion with your purpose. It is outstanding when you have this magic and take massive action to own your niche.


Thank you so much Amanda for letting us know how your path has been an giving us good advice for starting out.

Camilla XX

That’s why you’re gonna succeed!



This blogpost is for you who don’t know how to start living your dream life. You don’t know how you can succeed in this crowded business world. Well, it’s actually pretty easy and I know the answer to that.

When I started my business as a stylist in 2010 I had nothing, knew nothing and no credibility, but I did it anyway. I knew that I was meant for so much more and at that time I loved fashion and fashionblogs. I had a message and that was to tell women that they are beautiful just the way they are. My underlying message has always been that you can live your dream life and create anything you want. 

Back in 2010 I was stuck in a job that I didn’t love and I knew that I had to take control over my own life and destiny. I was willing to put myself out there no matter what.My life was meant for so much more. I started with a fashion blog, got into writing for the local newspaper and got styling editorials where I got to choose the clothes, makeup and style them the way I wanted.

Things started rolling and I got lots of makeover days with clients, personal shopping jobs and I held my own Styleseminar where a lot of women attended. I thought to myself why was I the only stylist in town? This is so easy to do. I can actually become whatever I want to be. Funny how easy it is.

You see that my success was because of others fears. Others in my town didn’t want the pain, do the work and the possible failure that comes with starting a business. They wanted the easy way out where the money flows but no passions in life. 

I said to myself this is easy Camilla. You can become that author you always wanted to be, the speaker on stage, the fab business coach and you can live life on your terms. I did. I now have written 4 books, held seminars all over town and talked to hundreds of women on how they could start their own business.

So I know that if you really. I mean REALLY REALLY want your dream to come true, it will. You’re gonna succeed because nobody else will stick to their dreams. they talk about it, try it out for some years but that’s not the way to go.

You’re gonna succeed because you will make it a must. This is your only life you have been given and you have no time to waste. You must start today and don’t look at what others do. Don’t listen to your friends, family, other gurus in the online business. Make it a must in your heart and the steps is then pretty easy. Everybody can, if they will, take the steps but nobody seems to have it in their heart.

As a woman who has a business degree in economies I always am good at planning, setting up a budget and stick to the plan but it wasn’t before I put my heart into it that my business took off.

I have made it a must now that I’m NOT EVER IN MY LIFE TIME going back to a corporate job that I hate. They don’t value us women enough, pay us lower than men and never thank us for the fabulous job we do. I’m so over the fucking government and SOOO into my dream life. How about you?

I’m angry at myself for wasting 13 years in jobs that never made nye happy. The one thing I can take with me is the people I get to know. The people I have met has always been kind, inspiring and actually the one who has pushed me out of there. They wasn’t happy in life and thats when it hit me. I’m not gonna end up like them.

This is your life. Live it with passion and start living it now.

Camilla XX

p.s. If you want my help on finding your true passion and starting your own business I would love to welcome you to my hometown Bodø, Norway. I have a fabulous one day intensive and I would love to help you in creating your dream life and getting out of your 9-5 job. We can also have this day via Skype if you would like that. I’m here for you.






Learn how Natalie escaped her 9-5 job!

Next up in my inspiring series of women who has escaped their 9-5 job and living life on their own terms is Freedom Expert Natalie Edwards. She lives in London and  is a Women’s Personal Development Coach, writer, speaker and a certified Forrest Yoga & iRest Meditation teacher, with over 700 hours of training and experience in yoga, bodywork & meditation. Get inspired by this lovely lady and know that you can also escape out of your 9-5.



  1. Tell me first a little bit about your business and what you do?

I’m a transformational coach for budding female entrepreneurs and women who are ready to make exciting changes with their lives and their careers. I work with women who have big visions for their future and a life of freedom but are wrestling with self-doubt and fear. Through mindfulness coaching I move them to a place of confidence and limitless possibility with what they are building and creating for themselves. Because I’m also a Forrest yoga teacher, my coaching stance is rooted in healing and self-love and I help a lot of women who are struggling with the same negative body-image issues that and self-limiting beliefs that held me back in my work for many years.

  1. What is your big why for doing this?

I just love helping other women step into their true power and I’m passionate about freedom and helping other women create their version of it. It think it’s what we all want more of yet we’re conditioned to believe we have to be tied down to things or by other people. Women are such powerful beings in mind and body and there are so many of us that just don’t often realise the unlimited potential we have when we start falling in love with ourselves and just start being ourselves rather than doing what we think everyone else expects of us.

  1. How did you feel when you had a reguarly 9-5 job?

Oh my goodness there were times when I was completely miserable. I was outwardly ‘successful’ and ‘busy’ and I was always good at my job but I began to get sick of pretending to be someone I wasn’t, and so on the inside I was falling apart and I used the weekends as an excuse to party to excess to escape my every day reality so I was also treating my body very badly.

  1. What was the tipping point for taking the leap and quit your job?

I began to become very tearful at work or travelling into work and I just began to refuse to believe that this was it for me. I was feeling less and less valued at my work place and I knew I was capable of so much more. I think the tipping point came when I got sick not so much of the bullshit at the office but more of my own personal bullshit. I was moaning about hating my job but I was choosing to stay there, and so ultimately I just had to take the leap of faith for my own sanity. I also just really wanted to help and inspire other women and towards the end of my corporate role I was able to help anyone because my role was changed, I think that’s when I knew it was time to go.

  1. How does a working day look like for you now?

A working day for me now is just heavenly because I get to decide what it looks like (AKA as little travelling on busy public transport as possible). I still work as a virtual assistant alongside my business part time but it’s from home so I can choose my own hours or location. Some days I will be on Skype with my clients or running the facebook group I manage and other days I’ll be writing, creating content or programs or teaching yoga or actually with a private client in person.

  1. Where do you find your inspiration to create and sell your stuff?

My yoga and meditation practice, journalling and reading really helps me focus in on what I can create in a way that serves others and is unique because it’s from my own personal perspective, but I’ve always been very creative coming from a design and fashion background and I love bringing people together and inspiring them, so those themes come through quite strongly in my ideas. My fellow entreprenerial friends like yourself and Kat Loterzo inspire me too and my coach Leah Cox has really helped me channel my offering and get clear on how I can keep my inspiration high when it comes to helping other women.

  1. Where do you see yourself in 2 years from now?

Travelling a lot more with my business to places like Bali, Australia, the rest of Europe, so taking it on the road with me on trips to run writing workshops, retreats and doing speaking events.

  1. Why do you think so many women out there want to start their own business?

Because of that innate desire in all of us for more freedom I think. Who wants to be tied to a boss or a 9-5 job that determines how much you get paid or how you live/where you live for the rest of your life? I know I certainly don’t. But ultimately I think the driving force behind so many women is the message they feel that burning desire to share. They know deep down they are made of beautiful amazing talent that at some point or another they can see is beind wasted, once they start believing in themselves and seeing how awesome they are! Then there is no alternative but to start their own revolution!

  1. Whats your best advice for someone who is brand new to their business? What’s the most important thing to take care of?

Yourself. Self care is so important and so often is the first thing to get over-looked when we get sucked in to trying to create or monetise something new. I think when many women start out they put an incredible amount of pressure on themselves (just because they are so used to doing it elsewhere in life), to have every step of their business figured out, and to think that they have to do it all alone and in reality that’s simply not the case. If we removed the pressure and became a lot kinder to ourselves and the way we talk to ourselves, we would see that the only things we really need to know how to do is to have fun, do the things we enjoy and cherish our bodies and look after ourselves so we can be the best most creative version of ourselves every single day in business. So put your self-care and your deep inner work first. That’s the first thing on the to-do list each morning, even if it’s just 15 minutes of yoga or journalling your thoughts before the kids get up and the day gets going.

  1. How can women come to you for help starting their dreamlife and business?

If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to tap into your intuition and really get clearly aligned with what you want from your business and your life, I offer one to three month coaching programs which include yoga, mindfulness and coaching for women at the start of their business/career change journey. But I’m really excited to soon be launching an online membership resource for new female entrepreneurs with some private coaching from me as well. I offer free discovery sessions for anyone wanting to explore any of my programs further with me.

Thank you for inviting me to be part of your interview series Camilla I am truly honoured. x

Thank you Natalie for taking time off to answer these questions. As you can see it’s possible for you also to get out of your 9-5 and into living your dream life. I hope you act on your inspirations and just follow your heart. Your time will come!

Camilla XX