My Search for Passion!



Hi Beautiful!

I have been searching all my life for my passion and purpose. I could not find it in my job as an account, consultant or a controller. It took me a lot of years, crying at night and reading tons of self-help books. I always knew that I wasn’t meant to sit in an office and play around with numbers everyday, but I took the safe route.

This is what most people do and then they end up unhappy, depressed and a feeling that there is no point in living a life where they are trapped in the box and working for the man. But my lifelong searching has made me realized that there is a meaning with all we go through in life. Everything will fall in place if you just set your mind up for success. I have to tell you a story. I don’t know if you have heard about Lilou Mace. She is a French-American author, webTV host and international Internet video blogger since 2005 with over 30-million video views on youtube and the co-founder of an global Internet community, The 100-Day Reality Challenge

I wrote to her in 2009 about how I knew that fashion was my passion and how I could get into that business. Guess what? In 2009 in august I started working as a stylist and I stepped it up in 2010 with my own business. Lilou told me to remember to “ask and it is given”. 

And this is so true. If you have a passion deep down inside of you, it is more than possible for you to go after it and start you own business. If you want to read more about what advice Lilou gave me you can buy here book “I lost my job and I liked it” on amazon. On page 202 you can read my email to her.

I know that there is a reason for everything in life and if you want something you have to go after it. First ask and then it will be given to you. Have faith in yourself and remember to always believe in yourself.


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p.p.s. If you want my help in finding your passion and purpose in life and start a business where you are the boss, let’s connect and talk vis Skype. Book a call with me here. 

Three Life Changing Audios




Do you ever feel like something is stopping you from receiving the money you deserve? You put your best work out there but nothing is happening. Nobody buys from you. No one is signing up for your coaching sessions and programs.

Could it be that you’re not clear enough about your passion and purpose? Money comes with purpose and if you’re not clear about that the money will never come to you.

In this 3 part audios series you’ll get clear on what your passion and purpose is and how you can unlock what is stopping your from receiving money in your life and business. I have used this in my business and this is the real deal.

This is what you’ll learn:

  1. 10 steps to finding your purpose and passion that will get you clearer on your offers and who you serve
  2. Find you what is holding you back and blocking you from the money and success you deserve.
  3. Daily practice on creativity and how to make money from passion and purpose.


I’m here for you. I know that you have been struggling to make your passion and purpose aligned with your money story. You deserve the best and you can have the best now. The only thing you have to do is open up for money and success. We women are over-thinkers. Everything has to be perfect before we put something out there. But your best gift into this world is to just put it out there in no time and adjust it with time.

Hope you invest in yourself $7 to get your head and heart on board.

Investment: $7

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After you have purchased you will receive your audio sent to your email everyday in three days. If you have some questions please contact me at


Could this be why you don’t make any money?



Hi Beautiful!

Yes it’s monday again and maybe you’re not feeling it today. Maybe the clients and money don’t show up so often in your business. Why is that? Are you not CLEAR enough about your offers and WHO you offers your service to? Or is it this. You don’t love your business.

Do you feel deep down that this is what you are called to do in this lifetime? Is this the best you’ve got? Will people remember you and thank you for being a part of their life? If not then maybe that’s why you don’t make any money in your business.

You business must be aligned with your heart and your purpose. Or else the money will never come. Why? Because you block it from coming. You can ask yourself deep down if this is what you are meant to do and if you don’t feel it then perhaps you can follow another path. It doesn’t have to be a total different business but you must change course to a place where you feel happy, aligned and where money shows up. When I first started my styling business I was aligned. That was what I was meant to do in this life – for a while.

I can see now that it was just a start for me to get myself out there and take the first step to make my own business and be my own boss. My heart is not in the styling business anymore. My heart is for other women to help them find their true passion and calling in life. We are all here for a reason and that reason can be hard to find by ourselves. I didn’t catch it before I invested in coaching and took time to meditate and ask myself what I am here to do.

If you feel the same then you can change your course in life, change your business, be another women. You have the choice to choose and you can do everything you set your mind up to. Here is 3 things that has helped me find my passion and purpose:

  • I read wealth consciousness books everyday. It’s not enough to go to the gym once a week and think you’ll get thin. It’s a muscle that you have to work out every day. Same thing comes with reading.
  •  I have looked back on my journey and asked myself. What has always been in my heart and the message I knew deep down? I have always loved the woo woo stuff and I now show people that they can become whoever they set their mind up to. I’m an example of that.
  •  I ask myself everyday “what do you want” “is this thing made with passion or purpose or just to make money”. I don’t think about what people want to buy. I create the things that I feel deep down in my heart and then try to make a nice offer that the right people will get attracted to.

So maybe you are broke because you don’t have you heart on the right place. That doesn’t mean that you are a selfish person. It means that you easily get distracted by other people and their way on doing things. But if you hustle and try to make 5k month and clarity call after clarity call,  it will always be about the money.

Make it about your passion and purpose first and then the money will come.

And if it takes a  lot of time. So what? You are more likely to find your true message and stick around longer than the other 6 fig coaches will manage to do.

This is what you can do today: Get clearer on your offerings and send it to your list. Make a pdf guide, audio or 3 part video series about your new offering and sell it at a low price. You can make money everyday, if your don’t compete but create from your heart.

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P.S: If you want to find your passion and purpose let’s have a talk together on Skype. Book a call with me here. No strings attached. I even tell you about the weather in Norway and maybe show you my living room. Let’s connect. I am here to help you. Book here. 

How I found my passion and became a stylist!

Hi Beuatiful!

It started for many years ago that I knew in my heart that I was not happy with myself and my life. I said to myself “Camilla this was not what you where dreaming about as a kid” “you where supposed to be a fashion designer, an author or work with people helping them get a better life”. This was the things I said to myself after working 3 years as an accountant.

I was happy when I graduated with my degree in Business Studies, Business Administration, Commerce e.l in 2002. I landed a job as an accountant right after my graduation. I was happy when my first salary came in and I didn’t spend it all on clothes and fancy things. I actually started a saving account right away. IMG_7754

After working 3 years I felt that something was wrong. I was meant for so much more and I knew in my heart that this was not it for me. I had to get out of the routine job. I then took a leap and quit my job and tried it on my own. I was gonna start a business. What I had in mind? I didn’t know. Just quit and find it on my way.

I didn’t have a plan so I had to go back to another job where I starter working as a consultant. After 4 month working in  my new job I got pregnant. It was not planned but I was 27 years so it was time for a kid in our life. My dreams got on hold since I was very sick in my pregnancy. After giving birth to my first daughter I was filled up with love for her and I loved staying home taking care of her.

IMG_5767After a while my creativity came back and I started my own fashion blog. I took pictures of myself and poster inspiring blogpost everyday. People seems to like it and my blog grew pretty fast. After a year I went back to my job and my heart dropped again. I knew then that my passion was fashion. I wanted to work as a stylist. But I also wanted the safe income a 9-5 job gives you.

I didn’t follow my passion and I closed down my blog. I took another job, climbed the latter to become a controller and worked there until march this year. But in 2010 I started my business on the side of my regular 9-5 job and today I work full-time on my own.

So as you can se my road has been long and bumpy. I got another daughter in 2011 so I have had time off from my business. But I knew in my heart that I was meant to help people find their confidence, live a life they dreamed of and tell them that they can too follow their dreams. If I can do it so can you. Believe in yourself. You have it in you.

If you feel stuck and unhappy in a 9-5 job and know that you are meant for so much more, then don’t give up. I have been there. I have been crying many nights asking the universe, god, is this it. Am I only going to go to work, pay bills and die? Now I am working from my home and location like Paris, Milan and soon a new editing one!!!!! (can’t tell yet). I run out of bed when my alarm clock rings. I love my life, and so can you.

If this is something you’d really love some support with, that’s what I’m here for so book your complimentary session today!

Talk to you soon!

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Glam Makeup Course for Busy Entrepreneurs!

Glam Makeup Course For Busy Entrepreneurs

Are you a business woman who has no time for makeup? Do you feel that you need more confidence in yourself and your business? Do you only have 10 min in the morning?

If you say YES to these questions you should jump in and buy my Glam Makeup Course For Busy Entrepreneurs!

I am a busy mum, an entrepreneur who runs my own business and I like to keep thing simple. I have no time for myself with 2 kids running around my feet when I try to get ready in the morning. I think it is important for every women to feel confident, beautiful and fresh everyday because when you feel like that woman who can take on the world you actually can.

I work as a Style and Business coach for female entrepreneurs who want it all in life and in business. I am also a stylist and makeup artist who has taken makeup course in London with Kandee Johnson. I’ve done tons of makeover days with clients where I made them beautiful and felt like a queen for a day. I love seeing women light up when they think of themselves as beautiful for the first time. Makeup can do that. I don’t want you to be anyone but yourself. But with only 10 min in the morning you can find you good and look like a celebrity in no time.




When you have invested in this Glam Makeup Course you will get results like:

  • Learned to put on makeup like a professional
  • Do my secret blowy makeup look in only 10 min
  • Learn to put on my glowy bridal makeup that I like for parties
  • How you can smoke it up when you’re out on the town
  • My best kept secrets for busy mums on the go
  • Learn what products that’s the best ones
  • Bonus gift from me

+ lots of more juicy things coming your way.

The makeup course will be delivered as a video course and you can watch the videos for as long time as the internet is up and running. FOREVER.




There is no need for you to book a makeup artist after you have invested in this course You can do your own makeup before big events, when you film videos, prepare for your photoshoot etc. You can go back and watch the videos when you like.


Investment: $497 

Glam Makeup Course starts the 31th august. I love fast-action takers so I have an earlybird offer now that last until 30 august.

Get this fabolus Glam Makeup Course now for only $297.

This is a one time investment so if you like this course you should invest now before the price goes up the 30th august.


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Want to know what my amazing clients are saying about my one-on-one coaching?



«Working with Camilla helped me get clear on what my personal style is and where my inspiration comes from. She genuinely cares about what you as person and business owner dreams about and how to communicate that with your style.»

Kristin Alvestad, Health & wellness coach








“My Style Session with Camilla was fun and very informative! We discussed my brand, my website and some simple, yet very powerful changes I can make to communicate the message I want for my ideal clients. Thanks Camilla!”

Bonnie Frank, Founder, The Women in Biz



1441472_10203316580330883_6721613408433138078_n“I recently did a style coach session with Camilla. I knew I had a photo shoot coming up and I needed some advice on how to dress and how to really share my message and personality in my photos. I so enjoyed the preparation for our session. Camilla sent me some questions to answer that really got my juices flowing and really made me think about what I wanted the style of my brand to look like. This is something I hadn’t given much thought before. What I learned is that I didn’t need to change anything about my style to fit my brand. The way I dress and what I was comfortable with is what is authentic to me. On the Skype call she showed me some accessories that would add some umph to my photos and advised me of what colors would be best. What I found the most interesting is that she had already looked at my website and took the time to find out exactly who I was and what my message was to give me the best advice possible. She was so sweetans helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and now I feel like I am all ready for my photo shoot. Thanks so much Camilla!”

Tiffany Vanderhorst, Miracel Mindset Coach



“Before working with Camilla I had an idea of what I wanted my public image to say about me, but I had no clue how to infuse it with my personal style and the style of my brand. One session with her and I had a clear path of how to express myself through my style with simple additions to my wardrobe. Camilla is a style genius and I highly recommend working with her!”

Jessica Sara, Health Coach







“Camilla assisted me in developing my colors and style for my branding and my professional photo shoot, before I worked with Camilla I was frustrated and feeling desperate to get my look and branding together, after working with her I had the confidence I needed to move forward with fun accessories and colors that I Love! Thank you Camilla for the new found confidence!”

Rachel Gilmore, Health and Business Coach