What’s your style?

Hi Beautiful!

Do you know what kind of style you have? Or are you struggling to find it? In this video you can look at 4 style options and find what suits you. Maybe you go for the classic style or you are more of a bohemian women. The sporty girl likes to keep it simple and the rock chic likes to stand out. Find your style and get 3 options to how you can combine and match the looks. It’s important that you stand out and be yourself if you want to look professional and as a business women who actually means business.

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That’s why you can’t just focus on one thing!

People in the online entrepreneurial world say that you should just focus on one thing in life and then everything will change. I don’t think so. I think that you should focus on ALL area in your life at the same time if you want to have success. If you lay all your energy on one thing what will then happen to all the other area in life? IMG_5798

I know that you are a caring mother, partner, daughter etc. but you have to think about yourself also. When was the last time you nourished your body with good food? Do you take time to exercise your body? Walk in nature? Appreciate how lucky you are to be living on this planet right now.

We women can become everything we set our mind up to. We can have it all. We can be the perfect mother, romantic partner, healthy and fit, earn lots of money helping other people chance their lives. We can communicate with people all around the world and make new friends everyday.

If you just focus on one thing in life at the time you will never get there. You must live it now. Plan your 10X life and do something everyday for yourself, your family, your community, spirit, health, grow your income and plan that gorgeous trip that you long for.

So yes it will take time, money, effort but are you not in it for the long haul? Isn’t this your dream? Your life you actually are living right now?

Today I want you to focus on all area in your life:

– Business

– Money

– Family

– Healt and food

– Sprituality

– Community

– Recreation

– Time for yourself, style, makeup, shoes

Every goal you have in these areas you can have. If you only take time for it everyday, every week you will get there. What do you have to give up to make it? You have to stop complaining, watching crappy tv shows, stop eating unhealthy, say no to people that are negative etc.

I’m 10x my life now. It’s my way or the highway. I want to take more time with my kids, be romantic with my husband, make more money in my business, get mor friends online, help more people find their true calling, style and get out of their 9-5 job. I wan to travel to Venice, Italy, Bali and NYC. I want to be in great shape, eat healthy and take time to meditate and read inspiring thing everyday.

The truth is I’m almost there. I write down my goals every single day. I read inspiring books, eat healthy most of the time, work out 3 times a week and I’m planning a trip this fall. I put myself out there everyday to get more clients, more likes, more followers and so I can help more people living their dream life.

It’s easy to dream but it’s not so easy to do the work. That’s why you don’t think about it. Just do it!


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Stuck? Have your tried this?

I know sometimes life sucks and nothing is working. Life is not fair and no matter how much you feel gratitude and write down your goals it seems that you’re stucked no matter what you try to do. You know the feeling when you want to quit your 9-5 job but can’t seem to find a reason how you could leave. Or when you start that business of your dreams but you never get the clients you want and the money doesn’t show up. IMG_7720

Yes that was me just a year ago. One year ago I was planning a trip to London and my goal was to meet new people and learn how I could live the laptop lifestyle and living a life on my own terms. That was my best investment ever and my fabulous coach Kat Loterzo told us everything we had to do, become and how we must take action everyday.

I remember that I felt insecure in a room of strangers who seemed to had their business all put together. But after getting to know them I loved the energy in the room and everything fall in place for me. In that room my dreams was not BIG enough. I dreamt about making my norwegian business a big success but that was never my ultimate goal!

Actually I have wasted time and money on things that I don’t like and love. It took me a year and here I am now. Fully committed to my international business and growing my audience online.

Last week I felt stucked. I was so happy when I was traveling to Milan last month and I remember how much fun I had in Paris in may. I love to travel so I have to make that a bigger part of my business.

10580108_811487375548504_6229918946691323176_nIf you feel stuck in your life and business try to dream bigger. Ask yourself what is it that you want in life and your business. Are you playing small? Why are you not everywhere? I want to see you an periscope, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you tube, newsletter etc. every freaking day. You say you want it all? Then go out and take it. It’s yours. You can have it. I can’t stop you. 

There is a reason you’re stuck. That reason is you. You have the key to your own plan and you must work on that plan everyday. 5-10 min you must work on
your own goal in life. You say you want it? Then suck it up and do the work. Don’t care about if people don’t like you, hate you, can’t stand you. They can just block you, unfollow you or opt out of your newsletter.

Your REAL followers will feel your sparkle, your energy and they will stick around enough to fall in love with you, your message and your gifts.7578_827946183902623_5566622861525101501_n

Don’t feel stuck anymore. Just get over yourself and do your work anyway. Just 5-10 min everyday. You can do it!


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10 things in you wardrobe – Mix and Match!

To become a stylish and confident female entrepreneur you have to think about the way you dress. But most off all you must dress for yourself. I have made a video for you how you can mix and match 10 pieces in your wardrobe. If you have these 10 things in your closet you can go everywhere as a confident women and say goodbye to more fashion crisis.


10 things in your wardrobe – mix and match from Camilla on Vimeo.

How to 10X your life!

It’s something that has been on my mind lately. Why do women in online business set so small goals in life and in business? They think that if their business is blossoming they can’t have a successful family life. And if they put all their intentions on their body and health they can’t go out and be social with friends because they have to stick to the diet!

You can actually have it all. You can have it all now. You choose everything in your life and it’sIMG_5769 2 all up to you and how much YOU want it.
Lately I have been going through my own goals and it hit me in the face that I have been saying yes to other peoples goals. I have been focusing on things that never will get me to my final destination as a world famous Style and Business coach (yes I dream big and so should you).

I have been working for free trying to build other peoples dreams and success.

How could I be so stupid? After all I know my numbers, I have a degree in Business Studies, Business Administration and Commerce. I earn good money in my business and I have my finance in order.
After talking to those people in my life that has been on me for different projects, I knew that I had to set my own intention for life.

I asked myself «Camilla what do you really want in your life?» «What is it that you want to do?».


I started writing my goals on a paper and then I 10x them. If I could have anything in this life how BIG would I dare to dream? When I wrote down my goals on paper I couldn’t care less on how this was possible. I just wrote and wrote, all things I wanted in my life.
After this exercise I realised that my ultimate goal and outcome was not aligned with my everyday action.

I want more international clients, earn more money every month in my business, make a healthy living, play more with my kids, be a romantic wife, take more time out for myself, eat healthier, read more inspiring books, meditate more, travel more, find time to call my mother and my aunt every week. Yes it’s a lot I ask of myself but to have it all you have to give something up.
I can now see clearly that to accomplish this I have to give up on playing small in life. I have been hiding in the online community for too long.
I’m on baby and you’re gonna see me now.
Why have I been hiding?

I have been hiding behind my norwegian business, working local with client, doing small stuff that doesn’t matter to me. My ultimate BIG goal in life is to live a life with freedom where I can make a huge impact in this world and helping other women get more confidence in their life and business and have success in every area they want to.

Yes I could blame myself for everything. It’s my fault after all. I haven’t been clear enough on my goals.
After my exercise with dreaming BIG, I 10X my goals so much that I got scared to tell them to the world. Why you think?

Well, here in Norway there is a law that is called «Janteloven» translated as «you should not think that you are any better that others». This is of course not a real law but something that has been written into papers and passed my generation by generation.
I hate this law. I could flush it down the toilet and hope it never get mention anymore.
But it will. It will always be there.
The only thing we could do here in Norway is to forget about it.
That’s why I want to work with international entreprenuers like you.
You have Big goals in life, you want it all and you think that you are actually better because you are unique.
I think that there is no competition in the online market place.

If you sell YOU, nobody can copy that.

You are your brand. It’s YOU that people will buy from. Not your fancy website, the right hair and makeup and how you put it all together.

My best mentors in the online world has been the people that has spoken openly the real truth about being an entrepreneur. They have been transparent about life, struggels and told the real version of how they got to make it to the top.
That’s inspiring and that’s what people can relate to. And buy into.

How you can 10X your life:

1. Write down the goals you have today in any area in your life
2. 10x them. Dream BIG and don’t let your small voice in your head tell you that you can’t have it. Of course you can!
3. What do you have to give up to reach those new BIG goals? For me I had to say no to projects that wasn’t aligned with my ultimate outcome. I had to focus on my international business insted of my local one.
4. Act as you have reach all your goals now! How would you act different? Speak different? Focus your time? You have to pretend that you are that person NOW. Don’t think that «someday» I become that person. Be that person now. That bold business women who has it all and live life on her own terms.

The world could come to an end soon and you will then still be dreaming about this. Don’t die with your BIG dreams inside of you. Show your community, family, children that they can be exactly the person they want to be. Show them the real you.
Don’t let others tell you how you must be to have a successful life. That’s all up to you.

10X your life and know that you can have it all!


P.S. If you want my help finding the guts to be yourself in a confident and stylish way in your business and make more money doing so, book your 30 min FREE clarity call her.