Find the right foundation for you!



If its one question I get a lot its is “how do I find the right foundation for my skin?”. It can be tricky to match the foundation to your skin tone but if you follow some rules go mine you also can go out and buy the perfect foundation that suits you.

So why do we wanna use foundation? We want to use foundation to set a clear skin tone, look younger and healthier. What the foundation do is that it takes away redness, pimples and sunspots so you can look younger and have a more even skin tone.

We women are all different and what looks like a good match for your girlfriend is perhaps not the right color for you.

3 things you can do to find the perfect foundation for you!


* The first thing you must do is to look at your skin type and find out what type of skin you have. Is it dry, combination skin or oily skin. If you have a oily or combinations skin type you should try foundations without oil in it. If you buy a foundation with oil in it will not stay long on your skin and it can crease and come of. But if your skin is dry or normal skin you should use a foundation with oil in so your skin looks more moisturized.

* Find the right color. Its not supposed that your foundations should make you more tanner. Thats for the bronzer to do. The foundation is to make your skin looks more evener, take away redness and make your skin looks flawless. Its supposed to even out your skin and match your skin tone in the color you have on your skin. If you want to test it before you buy you can take a small amount and try it on your cheeks.

* It can be hard to find a foundations that matches perfect. What you can do then is to buy two different foundations. One in a light color and one in a darker color and mix them together to find your perfect tone for your skin.


Loreal has come up with a great tool to find your skin tone. You can go here and answer a few questions to find out what skin tone you have.

Good luck and remember. Its your style. Your life. Live it now!

10 things stylish women do different!

b o a t  c r u i s e sYou have seen them on the street. The woman who always dress nice, has the prefect clothes and ooze of self-confidence. I can confess that I have not always loved my style and did not know how to dress to feel stylish. But after my first daughter came along I felt a need to put it together and dress the way i would like people to see me.

The first thing I did to find my style was to think about who I would like to be. Who was my fashion icons and what did they have that I was missing?! Money doesn’t have so much saying in this, you can find good stylish clothes in the cheep apartment like H&M and Mango and still look like a million bucks.

But sometimes I like to reward myself a little and then I buy some designer pieces that I love and know represent my style. If you want to become a stylish woman you can follow some advice from the french women. They always look classy and elegant and have a style to die for. Well, don’t worry here comes my advice on how you can become a stylish women.

10 things stylish women do different!

1. They know their body shape and what taste they have in style. They refuse to buy something that does not fit their body and they never shop something they know they not gonna wear.
2. They buy sexy lingerie – even if its for their eyes only. They know the importance to feel good from the inside out and this is a must for them.
3. They always wear pumps or shoes with high heels to feel more confident and reach up to the mens level.
4. They buy quality instead of quantity. They know its important to look at the shape of the garment and spend money in a good quality coat they know they will get to use a lot instead of buying 3 from H&M thats not gonna last for many times.
5. They put on a small amount of makeup on in the morning. Their routine is simple and fast. A little foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara and a gloss or lipstick.
6. They don’t put a lot of time into doing their hair. They let it look natural with a hint of saltwater spray or they curl it in a light way fast.
7. They save up to buy a designer bag or designer shoes that they know will get the look they want so they can wear casual clothes and get away with it.
8. Eat what they want and still stay slim. Everything in moderations. They don’t work out too hard, just a quick walk in the park or some jogging 3 times a week. Thats it!
9. They enjoy life with a cup of coffee, tea and a good book. Stylish women knows to appreciate the good things in life and likes to relax with some yoga, meditations and spa treatments.
10. They feel it in their heart that they must have that thing when they go shopping. But they wait until the day after and if the feeling is still there – they buy it!


Its your style. Your life. Live it now!


Lookbook autum 2014

Hi guys! In Norway it is autumn now and much colder weather. I have put together a look book for fall. This is what I gonna wear this fall. Big trends this season is leather, knits and cosy jackets. Remember to alway wear what you like, not what other people tell you. Its your life. Your life. Live it now!


Do you feel like a clown sometimes?

Do you feel-2


Are you a entrepreneur who wants to make it in this world? Do you feel like you have a calling and a soul who want to come out and tell people that its possible to be and do whatever you want to do? I know I am. But sometimes it does not feel right. Sometimes I feel like a clown in a circus and people are enjoying my ride and laughing at me. They rather see me fall on my knees than see me have success.


Life is sometimes tough. When you have created another course, or written a new book or launched a new program. Then nobody wants to buy it from you. You can’t figure out why that is?! Because deep in your heart you have put all your soul and gifts in to this and all you want to do is help people become the best they can be. So why is it that they don’t buy from you? Why don’t you have success in your life and business?

The answer is that its on is way and you are not in this for the short run. You are in this for the long turn. It will come. People who has struggles in their life and artist that is trying to make it will also have a long and bumpy road. But in the end its gonna come to you. You must not give up. Soon its your turn.
In the meantime you will feel like a clown, people will talk behind your back and laugh at you for trying. Remember then that I also feel this way and I know that you are gonna make it in the end.
Watch this video of Emile Sande. She felt like a clown trying to make it in the music industry. This is what she says about the lyrics:


“It’s about trying to get into the industry, keeping faith in myself when I felt that many of the labels didn’t have faith in me. It’s about being called a Clown or an idiot for wanting to chase after what you want, because people will always say you’re rubbish and all the rest of it, but if you don’t follow what you want to do then you won’t achieve anything fulfilling.”




Love from Camilla:-)

Stop being afraid!




To look good and dress trendy all the time is not easy. Nobody manage to do it constant, not even the celebrities. Just look at pictures of them where the paparazzi has caught them on a bad day. Well, thats the fact for us normal people also. We are only humans and we are allowed to make mistakes. But even so you criticizes yourself all day and compare yourself to the model on the cover of Elle magazine who has been in the makeup chair for 2-3 hours getting her makeup, hair and clothes perfect. No matter how many feel good campaigns that has been in the media regarding how your should love your body, be happy with yourself and how your must try to find the balance in life you just can’t seem to follow up on that and you end up feeling more miserable and depressed that nothings working for you.

The magazines and bloggers push out new info ever week on things you MUST do to look perfect. You gotta have this thing, you can’t live without that lipgloss and you have to act a special way to be a perfect mother, partner and you must try to find the F.cking balance in life. If you know where it is dint tell me I don’t want to know. I will never go there. I like chaos in my life because its when i am working my best. Adrenalin is actually good if you want to make your best!

Stop looking for perfect. Look for your own impression and what you wanna say with your style. Clothes, style and the way you act tells a lot about you as a person. I know what it can do to a woman if she gets a new confidence about herself. The best thing I know when a have clients on my “Makeover days” is when they look into the mirror and sees themselves as beautiful for the first time in their life. I admit I get a little touch by that. In my eyes they was already beautiful, they just needed a little push to shine the extra mile.

I am sick and tired of the twisted fashion world out there where women have to dress a certain way to look thin. I hate it that we got to find the balance in life and i don’t like that we all should dress the same. Stop being so afraid! Its super easy when you put it together. You choose to buy that dress you like, if somebody has a problem with that its actually THEIR problems and not yours. The world needs more colorful people like you. So what if its not not he runway on Parsi fashion week? We don’t live on a catwalk. Let everyday be a catwalk where you dress the way you like and you got to do the things in life you are called to do.
Don’t chase after balance, be egoistic and throw out your to-do list this week. When was the last time you did something du looked forward to and liked as a child? Find that happiness in your life, make everyday a happy day and dress the way you want to.
Now I am glad that I have found my style, confidence and that I buy the things I like and not what the fashion industry tells me to.
Its your style. Your life. Live it now!


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