How I started on my dream life journey!

Live your


In 2002 I graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce/Business Studies and started my first job in a broadband company working as an account. After 3 years there I knew something was wrong. This was not how my life should look like. I had bigger plans for myself and my future. I new that I had a calling and that I wanted to make an impact in this world. I always dreamt about having my own business, freedom and working for my self. In my first podcast you can listen in on how my journey has been so far and how you can start you dream life. Understand that this can be you. You can break free form 9-5 in no matter of time. You first has to have a plan. Hope you like it and please comment below if you have any opinion.


Camilla XX

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How you can add more sparkles to your videos!



Hi there! Are you a female entrepreneur who makes videos on youtube or vimeo? If not you should. Let your clients see who you are before they buy from you. They are actually more likely to buy from you if they trust you. I have made videos on my norwegian channel for over 1 year now and I know that it can be hard to put yourself out there. But no matter what you just have to do it. The world needs you and your message. 

Things like this will turn up in your head.

What would people think about me?

I don’t speak so good english.

Nobody is gonna watch this.

I’m too fat.

I’m too shy.

I’m not successful enough.

And the list goes on and on.

Fuck the list and just be yourself. The list will never end and the excuses either. Don’t trust your head, trust your message. My challenge for you today is to make a video, put it up on Facebook and link it in the comments.

I have made a video for you on how you can add more sparkles in your videos. Hope it will be helpful and that you take action today.

Camilla XX



How hard can it actually be?



I know you have been struggling with your time, your “why” and you don’t know what you are meant to be. How hard can it actually be? Well, it can actually be very hard and not so nice to follow your dream. But deep inside you know what you are here on this planet to do. You are in it to win it. So why do you make it so damn hard then?

Life is easy if you follow the rules. Go to school, stay under the radar and get a job so you can climb the latter. Get a mortgage, 2.4 kids and a husband that you love and adore. Then you plan for a holiday twice a year and then repeat until you die. Of course it’s easy but are you not dying inside?

I know I was. I never look back on my corporate job. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it either but it made me feel that there was no point. I always had that feeling that I was meant for so much more in life. Don’t you have that same feeling? That you are here on earth for some reason. That you’re gonna fix people in some way. You are meant to wake people up and tell them that living outside the box is amazing. It’s hard at times but it’s fantastic!

So why do you make it so hard then. You are a clever, beautiful and lovely women that needs to be seen out in the world. Don’t hide yourself. It’s your time now and you must be ready to take on the world. How can you do that?

1. Write down on a piece of paper who you are? What you are meant to do?

2. Everyday you must speak the truth to people, wake them up and tell them what your true message is

3. Live your life according to the message you have. You are a light worker in this world. You will bring peace to the people that need it the most

4. Act as the woman you see yourself as on stage talking to hundreds of women. Dress like here, speak as her and have the self-confidence as she has

Your life is now on this day. Be yourself in any way you can be. The world needs your gifts and there will never be someone like you. You will alway be unique.

It’s actually not that hard at all. If you want money, a life on your terms, more time with your family,  you have to go out and claim it, take it back and live your life now. Start today and make plans for your week. All it takes is you, a fresh mind and a BIG message that you have to tell. Tell it all. Tell the truth. Tell it today.

Camilla XX

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3 things you need to become Parisian chic!



I’m back from Paris and have been so inspired by the Parisian style. It’s something about the french women. They just get it. The get the style, the food, wine, they keep themselves fit etc. But there is actually only 3 things you need to get the Parisian style. Wan’t to know what that is? Keep reading.

3 things you need to become Parisian chic


1. In Paris I could see women with a leather jacket everywhere. It’s so easy to wear over a dress, with jeans or with a statement skirt in a red color. Invest in a real leather jacket and you have a statement garment in your wardrobe you can use year after year.



I wear my black leather jacket from Zara with white jeans, top and some sparkling earrings. 

2. Another thing that you can see a lot of in Paris is women with red lipstick. If they only wear black from top to toe they always put on the red lipstick. This is easy to do and gives you the perfect Parisian look.



Here I am with red lipstick and the Eiffel Tower behind me. 

3. The last thing you need to become Parisian chic is that you invest in nice shoes or a designer bag. In the streets of Paris every women had a designer bag on their wrist or a nice pair of shoes matching their unique look. If you save up on money and don’t buy a new bag every two month you can invest in a statement bag that is yours forever.



Me in front of Bluemarine in the streets of Paris with my black Rebecca Minkoff bag.

So there you go. Just add these three things to your style and you will have that Parisian touch to your style. If you want more help on get a new style and look that matches your brand I can help you here. 

Camilla XX

Don’t you just hate that bitch?!



Here I am in beautiful Paris taking pictures, living my dream life and having fun in the sun. Yes I know you hate that bitch. The one who is always bragging about how much money she earns, how many clients she has and how she can afford buying a new Prada bag. Don’t you just hate that bitch?! I know I hated her before. She made me feel like my life was a disaster, that I shouldn’t be happy with what I got in my life.

In march 2015 I become that bitch. I quit my safe corporate job, started my journey as a full time stylist. Friends and family can’t stop asking me “how can you live like this”, “Do you earn any money”, “can you afford your life”. “Are you happy”. Well, I have one thing to say to them. I have my freedom now, I live my life on my terms and I set my own hours. 

Back to the bitch again. I am now in Paris and I am going for Milan next time. I’m not stopping my journey for anybody else. This is me. Do you think it’s easy? It’s not. Tomorrow I go back to Norway, to my 2 kids, my husband who is a supportive and adoring man, an I go back in my jeans and leather jacket. I am me and that’s fine. I can stroll around Paris in my fancy dress, shop at Les Marais and spend money on wine and cheese but my heart is always where it belongs.

You must take that stand. Become the woman you want to be and know that you can have both worlds, family time with kids and travel around the world and buy beautiful clothes. You are enough and you can be that bitch also. That bitch has it all and she’s deep down a kind woman who just goes after her dreams.

Don’t be afraid to dress as a queen and also as a laid-back mum. We women can have our cake and eat it to. Go after it now!


Camilla XX

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