Stop being afraid!




To look good and dress trendy all the time is not easy. Nobody manage to do it constant, not even the celebrities. Just look at pictures of them where the paparazzi has caught them on a bad day. Well, thats the fact for us normal people also. We are only humans and we are allowed to make mistakes. But even so you criticizes yourself all day and compare yourself to the model on the cover of Elle magazine who has been in the makeup chair for 2-3 hours getting her makeup, hair and clothes perfect. No matter how many feel good campaigns that has been in the media regarding how your should love your body, be happy with yourself and how your must try to find the balance in life you just can’t seem to follow up on that and you end up feeling more miserable and depressed that nothings working for you.

The magazines and bloggers push out new info ever week on things you MUST do to look perfect. You gotta have this thing, you can’t live without that lipgloss and you have to act a special way to be a perfect mother, partner and you must try to find the F.cking balance in life. If you know where it is dint tell me I don’t want to know. I will never go there. I like chaos in my life because its when i am working my best. Adrenalin is actually good if you want to make your best!

Stop looking for perfect. Look for your own impression and what you wanna say with your style. Clothes, style and the way you act tells a lot about you as a person. I know what it can do to a woman if she gets a new confidence about herself. The best thing I know when a have clients on my “Makeover days” is when they look into the mirror and sees themselves as beautiful for the first time in their life. I admit I get a little touch by that. In my eyes they was already beautiful, they just needed a little push to shine the extra mile.

I am sick and tired of the twisted fashion world out there where women have to dress a certain way to look thin. I hate it that we got to find the balance in life and i don’t like that we all should dress the same. Stop being so afraid! Its super easy when you put it together. You choose to buy that dress you like, if somebody has a problem with that its actually THEIR problems and not yours. The world needs more colorful people like you. So what if its not not he runway on Parsi fashion week? We don’t live on a catwalk. Let everyday be a catwalk where you dress the way you like and you got to do the things in life you are called to do.
Don’t chase after balance, be egoistic and throw out your to-do list this week. When was the last time you did something du looked forward to and liked as a child? Find that happiness in your life, make everyday a happy day and dress the way you want to.
Now I am glad that I have found my style, confidence and that I buy the things I like and not what the fashion industry tells me to.
Its your style. Your life. Live it now!


Hi guys!



So this is my first blogpost in english. I am a norwegian stylist, author and entrepreneur who loves to work with women finding their own and unique style. I think that you should find your own voice in your style. Everything your put on your body, the makeup you wear says something about you. I want to inspire you and help you to make some great choices in your life and live a happy and stylish life on your terms. It´s your style – your life. Live it now!