Don’t be just “another coach”



You are a leader. You are not another coach. Who needs just another coach? I am sick and tired of people in the industry trying to tell me about their dream life. How they work from home, have all the freedom in the world and time to do everything they want to do. Yes but do you have clients? Do you have a REAL business that puts food on the table? If you just max out your credit card every month and don’t bring in the money you are just another coach. A coach who is telling the world how they should live their life but in reality you are talking about your self. Aren’t you?

Who are you really? You tell your clients to quit their corporate job if they don’t like it. Like it? If it’s brings food on the table you don’t have to like or love it. You have to suck it up and work on your business on the side. Take the leap when you are ready. Don’t be stupid and risk your families economy.

I want you to roll up your sleeves and go to work. You have to work your ass off and make that business as a coach you say you have, bring in some profit NOW. When you stop procrastination over things to be perfect you gonna succeed. Do some coaching on yourself. Journal around who you want to be, get your grip together first and then you gonna have clients, then you can tell about the freedom you have. When you actually have it.

You must take action everyday to be seen, dress up as the woman you say you are, live the life now you say you have. Or else who will believe in you? Who will buy from you? Don’t just be “another coach” trying to make it and trying to be like Tony Robbins. You have it in you but your are not showing us the real you. The woman who is a leader, the woman who is a role model for young women. I want to see that woman on stage in a fabulous dress, louboutin shoes and a makeup and hair that is put smashing together.

You deserve it. You deserve to have it all and you know you can have it. But you have to do the work, the things that makes you nerveous and you have to take action everyday.

Become that women today, that woman you tells your client to be. The woman you want to see on stage with a fabulous wardrobe and a style that is to die for. Be her now. We only have on life. Live it to the fullest.

Camilla XX

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How you can build the life and business you want right now!

You actually can build the business and life you want right now! I have done it. So can you! In my last 13 years I have been working in a corporate job with budget, numbers and filling out reports. Doesn’t do much for your souls purpose but as we now we all have to make a living.

In this time I have been working full time in my corporate job I also started my business as a stylist here in Norway. It has been a struggle to juggle with full-time corporate job, stylist work and taking care of my two girl, 2 and 8 years old. So in march 2015 I quit my corporate job as a Controller and starter working on my own. I haven’t looked backs since. I miss my lovely colleagues but I love working on my own in my business.

I can’t believe I now work with clients all over the world building their businesses and style to match the message they have in this world.



I am passionate about female entrepreneurs who wants to build their business with a lifestyle, wardrobe and heart that screams “This is me, like it or leave it!”.

Because in this online entrepreneurial world we must be our selves. The crowd is filled with women trying to be like others and copycats. That not YOU!

You are like me and wants to be yourself. You want to have a style and a business that thrives and you just need a little push from me taking that leap. In my brand NEW 1 month Style and Business action plan I can help you with your style and business so you take fast action and dress as a woman who is confident in her own skin. I only work with 2 women a month because I want YOU to have my FULL intention. Book your month here and we can start right away building your dream life. If I can do it. So can you!

Warmly, Camilla



Do you want to come to Paris with me?



Hi lovely!


I am going to Paris for some work and have 3 spots available for 3 women who wants to get my help as a stylist, makeup artist and business owner. You can choose from 12,13 or 14 th of may.

Do you want to hang out with me in Paris, shop together, get a new look, a makeup course from me, have a lovely champagne lunch together and find out what your dream is and how you can make it come true.

If this is calling you send me a email at Hope to see you in Paris:-)




Find your unique look and stand out from the crowd!

Find your unique look and stand out from


Hi lovely!
I know that you are a struggling entrepreneur that has difficult trying to find your unique look, and I know that it is so hard and frustrating to feel that you want to thrive and show the world what a beautiful businesswoman you are. I know what you struggle with and I can relate because I have been there.

Before I had my first child I hated my look. I didn’t like myself and the way I looked. I dressed in black all the time and felt overweighed and frustrated all the time. Also I worked in a job that was not my ideal job and I just wanted to blossom and start a business and work on my own.
When my first child, Amanda, came along in 2006 I decided that this is my time and I am ready for it.

I started as a blogger and took classes in makeup and began to write fashion articles for my local newspaper. In no matter of time I had starter my new career as a stylist and I helped women find their unique style and get a closet they loved.

My mission in this world is to make female entrepreneur stand out from the crowd with a style they love and that attracts more clients.

In my past year as a stylist here in Norway I have had many more clients thanks to my fashion taste and my action plan. If you also would like to stand out and find your voice and style in the crowd I can help you with my Style session via Skype. Let me help you with your style, looks, clients and money situations.

I have worked in the corporate world in 12 years and I know what to do to take control over your financial situations.
Now I don’t have any more student loans, I earn more money than ever and I am ready to work international with you. Even if you live in Australia, England, USA or other parts of the world I am ready to help you with my scandinavian taste and touch that can help you with more clients, more money and a style that you love.

Love from Camilla


The One Thing We All Want!

The one thingHi guys! Happy New Year.

I have been celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve with my family here in Norway but now I am back in business. After some turkey, champagne and a lot of candy I am back on track with my healthy and balanced living.

Lately I have been asking myself a lot of questions if I was on the right path in my business.

I teach women to dress nice, be seen as the woman they want to be and help them get more confidence. But lately I have received some comments from men that think women should be happy with themselves no matter what. That they don’t need my advice and that its all in the person you are not the looks that matters.

All fine by me but I know, you know and every woman out there know that if you feel pretty in your clothes, have a nice haircut that sits you and put on some makeup that suits you, then you get more confidence.

Why don’t start with the easiest thing first? Your appearance?!

My biggest goal in life is to help woman to get more confidence in themselves. I have met so many women form all over the world this past year and the one thing we all want is to look our best. No matter what its always in the first impressions. I want you to be a confident woman that dress to express who you are. I want you to like yourself the way you are as a person. and I want you to love that you are a woman who can dress nice, put on some makeup and walk your talk.

I believe in you that you can be confident both on the inside and the outside. No matter what others tell you. Be the best you can be for your kids, your business, and for yourself.


Have a nice week. Talk to you soon.

Love from Camilla:-)