I happen to know the answer to that. It’s not easy to become and entrepreneur on the side of your corporate job. First you have an obligation at work, that I suggest you stick to. Don’t quit now. Start out and see how things goes before you burn all the bridges. Not everyone are born to work for themselves. But I believe if you are in a corporate job right now, you work very hard and do all your chores that needs to be done, so I think you will be fine working for yourself.

You see, when you are first starting out there are only two things you need to focus on. Marketing and getting clients/customers. To build a biz you need to bring in money. Many women, when they start out, they focus on all the small things that doesn’t make their biz grow.

In the beginning when I started out I was focusing on building an audience, growing my list and making money. It did not take off that fast because I needed to make the courses before I sold them. Now I first sell, then make. Get it?

So how to do it all? Well, if you have kids like I have and you have a family to take care of there are not so many hours you can set a side to work on your biz. I did it in the evening for 3 hours Monday-Thursday and then on Sunday. It worked.

If you say it will take 3 hours and thats it, then it will work. So set aside as much time you can and focus on getting the most important tasks done. Marketing and getting clients.

If you have a dream about working from cafes, libraries etc working one-on-one with clients, then it’s more than possible. It’s super easy too. Just be sure that you do this for the right reasons. It will be work, you need to love it.

It gives me so much pleasure working with my mentoring clients and know that I have created this business from scratch. I believe that you can make it happen faster than me. I was actually very slow. It will be ups and downs, but it’s so worth it.

Freedom is on the other side of your desk. Get out of that corporate job and plan for your escape.

If I can do it, so can you.


PS. If you feel called to start you biz on the side of your 9-5 job or just need the biz you have to take off, then sign up for a FREE 30 minutes Strategy Session with me here. 

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