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How to make selling easy!



Selling can be easy. You know and I know that we sell all day long. If you are working right now in a corporate 9-5 job – you sell.

If you have your own business and have clients and products – you sell.

Even when you try to get your kids on board to do things they way you want to – you sell.

So how to make selling easy? Ho to get what you want?

First you need to understand that rule number one is to DECIDE that you are good at selling.

Then you need to understand that selling is a numbers game. It is about how many people you get in front of, if the right people are seeing you and then it’s about how you bring it to the table.

Be so sold on your own services that you could buy them yourself. Think about one thing that you love to recommend to other people. They buy it? Right? Because you are sold on it.

Same goes with your service. Why are you not proud of how you can help? Why are you not in front of more people to show them what you got?

I guess you are afraid. And we all have that fear.

The best way to beat that fear is to do it anyway. Just go for it. The more you try, test, fail the more you will learn.

And if you did not get that sale today, then ask yourself “what did go wrong, how can I be better the next time?”.

Then you adjust and keep going. One foot in front of the other towards your goal.

Trust that you have something amazing to sell, then the others will see that.

Selling is about energy, what you bring to the table, solving others problem, give them results.

It’s not sleazy at all.

Go out there today and sell with your heart, soul and be proud of yourself.


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Get out of your victim mode!



Let’s make one thing clear. You are not a victim. The life you live right now, you have chosen.

Your job

Your health

Your wealth

You have decided in your head that this is how life is. This is how you run your everyday life. You listen to your stupid mind and think that YOU run the show. You don’t!

The show is on, but there’s no leading role. We only see the victim in the corner.

You know what I’m talking about. Right?

You can’t get a better job.

You can’t start a biz on the side of your job.

You can’t eat healthier.

You can’t make more money.

You can’t get more clients.

I hear nothing but a victim. I’m listen to you but the only thing I’m thinking is that boy you need a reality check.

Here’s my quick fix for you:

Let’s say you are in a job you hate. You got two options. 1. Quit find another job 2. Ask for a raise or apply for another job that pay you more. I guarantee that you will be happier. Be clever and investigate what the others in your industry in position like you have is making. If you have reached the top then start a side biz. If you have not reached the top, find a job that pays you more.

Or let’s say that you don’t make enough money in your biz. You bitch about how hard the market is and that no on will buy in this economy. I still here victim mode. Your problem is that you can’t sell. Get in front of enough people and then sell to them. Be sold on your own stuff first. I’m so sold on my own programs that I could buy them. Give them the fucking price and don’t lower it.

Don’t play the victim anymore. It’s not all the others fault that you don’t make enough money, that you are not happy. It’s your fault. Your life. Take full responsibility. NOW! Get it? Good.


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Ever felt like #notnormal? Then welcome to the club. Did you not know that the crazy ones are the ones that changes the world? The ones that invent things, stand up for human right and speak the truth when no one else does it?

Do you have a big dream, a dream so big that you can’t tell anyone about it?

Do you often feel lost here at earth? Like you belong somewhere else?

Do you feel that smalltalk are so stupid that we rather should talk about what’s possible to make happen?

Then you are one of us. Those who are #notnormal.

And I want to applaud you for admitting it to yourself. That you can be different, that you can follow your dreams even if it’s just inside yourself and no one else knows about it.

But I need to ask you, when will you let it out of you? That craziness you have been holding on to.

Maybe you should just tell them to their face that you are #notnormal, because what is really normal?

Going to a job you hate? Using 3 hours back and forth to get to that job? Pay the rent and die with the music in you? Well if that is normal, I pass.

I pass on the normal stuff.

I rather be me and #notnormal

I rather have a big bold dream, when I have a message then I need to share it with the world.

I rather stand alone and share that message than being fake.

I rather die happy than selling my soul to the devil.

This life we have, you know that the game is on? The spotlight is on you. Where are your big performance then?

OH I see, when you are ready. When you have lined all your ducks in a row.

When you are slimmer, when they know you, when they will not laugh at your message.

I hate to tell this to you, but the clock is ticking. Every minute that goes away you are one minute further away from your dream.

Why don’t you just join us, the ones that are #notnormal and just go for it?

What is really stopping you? If you are looking to die perfect then go ahead. I rather die #notnormal with tons of messages behind me for people to follow.

All I write is to wake you up.

All I do is for you.

All I stand for is what I believe in.

Don’t be so afraid to be YOU. Who are you looking to be really? A copy of someone else?

#notnormal! That’s me. And I’m fucking proud of it too.


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I take no bullshit and neither should you!


When they try to tear you apart, force you to shut off your magazine, try to bring you down and even kill your vibe, then they can go and fuck themselves.

I take no bullshit and neither should you. 

You know who I’m talking about. Jealous bitches.

Those bitches need to calm the fuck down and focus on themselves for once in a lifetime.

You know them so well.

Women that are jealous of your success.

Women that talk behind your back.

Women that can’t stand that you are posting so much on Facebook and have a need to tell it to you.

Women that think they know the answers to it all.

Women that can’t take it that you are beautiful, slim and successful.

Women that needs to just point out that your spelling is not right, you should not use pink links and you should not swear in your copy.

I’m so tired of it. I see it all the time and I even have one bitch that won’t let me be me. Fuck off.

Why are women so evil and jealous? Is there not enough success for everyone?

Even mentors that act like angels turn out to be evil dark force people.

You know what?! I had it. I’m over it. The truth is this. Whatever shit you throw at me I can take it, handle it, get past it and I eat shit for dinner. Give me more if you like. I would rather eat shit and be me than be a bitch like you.

This is for all those women that hold themselves back, down, feel insecure, not ready: go for it! Give those bitches something to talk about. Fuel their fire. Because the real thing that is going on is that their life is shit, the are unhappy and they throw it at you.

So instead of throwing it back. Stay calm, be you and just don’t give a shit about those losers that try to bring you down.

I take no bullshit and neither should you!


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