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Ready to step into the spotlight and become a VIP CELEBRITY?

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Or do you already have a business but don’t know how to get yourself out there in the spotlight?


I’m taking my business abroad again and would love to meet you in amazing cities like: Paris, Florence, Sydney and Stockholm. Where do you want to go?


Celebrity VIP Day!!!

Are you ready for your VIP Celebrity Day?

A full on Celebrity Day to unleash your Inner Goddess and step into The spotlight where you belong!!

I’m super excited to give you a full on day with me so you can create The business and brand you dream about.

This is what you will get:

– Full on actionplan and mentoring from me so you can reach success faster in your life and biz
-Personal shopping with me to get you ready for the spotlight
– Access to a selfie online course by Hollywood Goddess Lily Lucia so you can learn how to look sexy, glam and confident in your photos to promote your new Brand
– Featured with an interview of you 4-5 pages in my Magazine – Spotlight Magazine
– A VIP champagne lunch
– A Brand new kick-ass logo that goes with that woman you see yourself as

BONUS 1: 1 year FREE access to my membership program Spiritual Hustlers

BONUS 2: 1 year FREE access to my membership program Goddess Success Tribe

Bonus 3: A goodiebag!!!!! YEAH

Bonus 4: Follow up call with me on skype to keep you on track

Bonus 5: Shhhhhh can’t tell yet:-) Surprise!!

Are you ready to meet me in Paris, Florence, Sydney or Stockholm and let yourself step into becoming the woman you dream about? Then PM me ASAP.

Only 1 spot open for each city.

Payment plan available.

Camilla xxx



Premiere Issue of Spotlight Magazine is here!!!


Spotlight Magazine premiere issue it’s here!!!

Finally I can share with you my brand new magazine Spotlight Magazine – for women who dream big! And it’s both in English and Norwegian.

This magazine is to help women like you to get in the spotlight where you belong. You will get tons of inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams and make anything happen that you dream about.

In this premiere issue you can read about how Kat Loterzo (Katrina Ruth) built her 7 fig biz from her laptop. Be inspired by Agustina Palacio and build your fashion business from the ground.

There are also tons of fashion advice, lifestyle tricks and so much more inspiration to live life to the fullest.

Thank you to all the contributors, without you this magazine would never have come alive.

Best of all, this magazine is FREE to read, download and share. So share this with your friends and let’s make a movement of women that go BIG in life and in business.

What are you waiting for? Get in the spotlight where you belong!

Camilla Kristiansen

You can read the English version here:…/docs/spotlight_test-2_new

Or the Norwegian version here:…/…/spotlight_test-2_new_no

When You Hate Mondays!


When you hate Mondays and just want to stay in bed and feel sorry for yourself.
When you feel creative and know that you can’t use your gifts at work.
When you know that you can make it happen, but just need someone that believes in you.
When you want to open a bottle of Prosecco and celebrate that you made it through the week.
When you have no one to talk to about this longing.
A longing to be free, creative, to help people, to make money doing what you love, to dress up like a VIP, to travel to world, to buy nice designer bags. Yes, it is possible to have it all.
They tell you that you can’t.
I tell you that you have been hanging around the WRONG people.
You can start to make some changes today lovely. Life is not over until it’s over. Get it?
You are meant to be that powerful kick-ass woman you know deep down you are. Make plan for your escape and just start.
Nothing more to think about. Live life now!
Camilla xxx
PS. Need support and a success plan to make your VIP escape? Sign up for a FREE 30 min Discovery Session with me here. If I can do it, so can you.

How to become a stylist!

Back in April last year I did an interview with Steffi Black in the Youtube show Life and Career Corner. In this interview I talk about how I started out as a stylist, why I think we all should go cruelty free and much more nuggets on how I run my business. If you want to start out as a stylist you can do that no matter where you live in the world. Grab my book here. 


PS. Are you tired of your bullshit excuses to not go after your dreams? Get on board my mindset online course here. Uncover your bullshit now!

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