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December issue of Spotlight Magazine is out!!!

New issue of Spotlight Magazine is out!!

Wow!! Can you believe it’s 1st December today? Grab a cup of coffee or tea and snuggle up with some inspiration in this brand new issue of Spotlight Magazine.

On the cover you’ll find the beautiful and super successful Amanda Moxley. Amanda has been in biz for herself now for over 12 years. She is the “healthy wealthy biz mentor” who coaches female entrepreneurs how to create profitable, playful and portable businesses.
Amanda is an award-winning business owner featured in magazines and TV, and a sought-after expert for TV and print media. Amanda built a solid multiple-six figure coaching business in just under 2 years working 18 hours a week by teaching women in the health and healing industry how to JFDI (just f’in do it).
At the same time, Amanda sets the example for her clients by using her business to fund and fuel her own freedom-based lifestyle, Amanda and her husband Johnn and two children Sawyer and Phoebe, live in Kauai, Hawaii some months out of the year and spend the rest of the year skiing and playing in the mountains of Utah.

You will also find an interview with the lovely Sazzu Hope. She will teach you how to become the most successful person you know.

Nancy E. Parson’s New Book, Fresh Insights To End The Glass Ceiling, Reveals How Women Take Themselves Out Of The Running For Leadership — And What To Do About It.

Catherine Worrick is another kick-ass woman that you should look out for. Catherine is an online business manager + designer for overwhelmed business owners who need a hand getting their branding + website up and running. She will make your job easy.

So go and read this month issue of Spotlight Magazine and let yourself dream big and step into the spotlight where you belong!

Make it a December to remember!

Grab the new issue here.


New issue of Spotlight Magazine is out!


New issue of Spotlight Magazine is out!!!

Super excited to give you another issue full of inspiration to follow your dreams and do what you always have felt in your heart.

In this issue you can read about the amazing Norwegian fashion design Siv Elise Selandd. She is the woman behind the Norwegian brand iis Woodling. Learn how she made it in the fashion industry.

Another superwoman is Gill Barham Barham who is now nominated for Stardust Awards in London in November.

Also come an join me behind the scenes on a VIP day in Paris with a lovely client.

I hope that you read this magazine and think that it’s possible for you too to make it. Because if these women can do it, so can you!

I believe in you!


Read the English version here:…/…/spotlight_issue_no_4_2_powerpoint

Read the Norwegian version here:…/…/spotlight_issue_no_4_no

New issue of Spotlight Magazine is out!!

Spotlight Magazine October issue is here!!!

Wow. Finally another month and another issue of Spotlight Magazine.
In this issue you can read an exclusive interview with Regan Hillyer on how she created her location free lifestyle and how you too can do that.
Also you will get tons of inspiration to follow your dreams and go BIG in life and in biz.
Hope you enjoy this issue and share it with friends and women that think should get in the spotlight where they belong!

It’s here! Glam Squad Patrol!


It’s here!!!!

Glam Squad Patrol!

Become your own stylist

Do you want to look AMAZING on a DAILY basis, but feel that you have no time to set aside for that?

Bullshit! I’m a stylist, and a mother, and a biz owner and I take time to do my makeup, look hot in photos and only have 10 minutes to spare.

I’f a busy mum like me can do it, so can you!

As a busy mum I know how much we have to stretch time, especially when it comes to time we take out for ourselves to look good, feel good and run our biz like a SUPERSTAR.

You have a message, a calling that you feel is the most important thing in the world, and it is, but if you want to be famous, be seen and heard you also need to take time to look amazing DAILY when you show up in the world with all the other kick-ass online entrepreneurs.

Want to stand out? You can! You should!

You have always felt it that you are special. That you have superpowers and that you will make millions and impact millions.

You are a badass.

A kick-ass woman.

You don’t take no for an answer.

You want to look good.

Look hot.

You want them to see you.

You want to be famous.

Sign up here:

Camilla xxx

Ready to step into the spotlight and become a VIP CELEBRITY?

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Or do you already have a business but don’t know how to get yourself out there in the spotlight?


I’m taking my business abroad again and would love to meet you in amazing cities like: Paris, Florence, Sydney and Stockholm. Where do you want to go?


Celebrity VIP Day!!!

Are you ready for your VIP Celebrity Day?

A full on Celebrity Day to unleash your Inner Goddess and step into The spotlight where you belong!!

I’m super excited to give you a full on day with me so you can create The business and brand you dream about.

This is what you will get:

– Full on actionplan and mentoring from me so you can reach success faster in your life and biz
-Personal shopping with me to get you ready for the spotlight
– Access to a selfie online course by Hollywood Goddess Lily Lucia so you can learn how to look sexy, glam and confident in your photos to promote your new Brand
– Featured with an interview of you 4-5 pages in my Magazine – Spotlight Magazine
– A VIP champagne lunch
– A Brand new kick-ass logo that goes with that woman you see yourself as

BONUS 1: 1 year FREE access to my membership program Spiritual Hustlers

BONUS 2: 1 year FREE access to my membership program Goddess Success Tribe

Bonus 3: A goodiebag!!!!! YEAH

Bonus 4: Follow up call with me on skype to keep you on track

Bonus 5: Shhhhhh can’t tell yet:-) Surprise!!

Are you ready to meet me in Paris, Florence, Sydney or Stockholm and let yourself step into becoming the woman you dream about? Then PM me ASAP.

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