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Want to quit your business and go back to a job? Do this before you give up!

I know it can be hard to keep going with your business and your dream if you barely make any money, maybe you don’t make any money at all. But before you give up, take a look at this and give yourself permission to go all in with your dream and let yourself be successful.


5 steps to make your business profitable 

  • The first thing to understand is that running a business is not that much of a difference having a job. You need to show up, make an effort and do what’s expected of you. Let me ask you. If you don’t do the work that you are supposed to in a 9-5 job, do you get payed then? NO. Same goes with your business. You need to have something to sell, then you need to get in front of the right people and then you need to actually sell it. Get it? No rocket science so far?!


  • The next step is to be visible to your ideal clients. This is something I know many find boring and think that is not that important, but it is needed for you to figure out who you are selling to. Be crystal clear and niche it down as much as possible. Be cause if you are talking to everybody, you are talking to nobody. Get it? Sit down, write down what kind of problem you solve, then be clear around who you are there for and then find your clients.


  • It can be lonely to do this business on your own. Actually, women who partner up with each other are more likely to be in business for longer and get success faster. So get your ass in a tribe that has your back, Goddess Success Tribe, online and also offline. If you don’t have any local group in your city, then start your own. I have mine and we are now 15 successful ladies that have each others back.


  • Burn the boat. This is actually crucial to really make it. You need to stop thinking about going back to a job. This is something that I have been struggling with myself, but only when I went all in and said that this is for life, I will never give up, then it took off for me. And you need to believe in yourself 100% and say that this is what you are born to do, this is your destiny and then you go out there and claim it. Tell it to your husband, partner, friends, etc. This is what you are called to do and no one can ever stop you. You maybe think in your head right now that it will not make any difference, but I promise you it will. So go all in and never look back.


  • If you don’t have any clients right now, the fastest way to get them is locally. What can you offer right now? today? Are you out there on videos, Facebook live, Instagram? Can you have an ad in your local newspaper? Be on the local radio station? Can you do some free sessions and then have them on board for your coaching package? These are things I have done and you can do them too. Nothing to worry about anymore. Just jump right in and be visibel, be all over the place and before you know it you have your business off the ground and you make consistent money in your business.


I hope that this help you and that you don’t go back to a job. You must believe in yourself 100% and do the work. Just show up. Put one foot in front of the other and that is how you build anything. Rome was not built in a day, neither is a solid business that wants to be in business for decades.


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Discover Your “Money DNA” With This Brand-New (Free) Quiz


Let’s talk money for a minute.

It seems like something almost everyone struggles with, doesn’t it?

Except those “lucky” few who seem to just have it all figured out…

Well, I want to share with you one of those “lucky” people — who went from UN-lucky to creating a multi-million dollar business and a no-stress lifestyle, with plenty of ease and time for herself and her family.

More importantly, I’ll tell you how she can help YOU create your very own luck with money (absolutely free).

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Now, if you don’t know Denise Duffield-Thomas, you’ve been missing out!

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Denise is the best in the biz when it comes to learning how to attract, earn, and grow wealth.

When she started her business several years ago, though, things didn’t go so well at first. In fact, she spent her days driving around town in a run-down old car, giving goal-setting workshops to half-empty rooms.

She KNEW she was destined to do great things, though, so in addition to learning all she could about business, she took on her money education like her life depended on it (which, let’s be honest, it did since money touches every aspect of life).

That’s when she discovered her Sacred Money Archetypes® and from there began to profit exclusively from her unique skills and talents, and learn to outsource or compensate for her money weaknesses.

Denise’s life now, as I’ve said, is VERY different. She runs a hugely successful business teaching thousands of women across the globe how to master their money mindset, travels the world in style, and even retired her husband, who now co-runs the company (while they raise two young children!).

The Sacred Money Archetype® work was so profound for Denise that she became a certified coach in the method and, for years, has been teaching it only on private retreats and with her one-to-one clients.

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Find Your Tribe!

Something that is crucial when it comes to having your own business, is that you need to find your tribe. You can’t go on an be part of the same tribe you had when you were in a 9-5 job. This time you dream bigger, you do things your way and you want to surround yourself with people that are like-minded and know what it takes to create success from within.

This was something that I felt was missing in my early year in business. Then I actually started my own local entrepreneur group in my hometown. That group grew to over 200 in only a year. It is important to be around women that supports you, that want you to have success and want the best for you. That was not the case in my first group I created. Be very careful on who you let in and be crystal clear around the rules.

I think you should start your own local women’s group where you live. Remember that everything starts with 1 person wanting to join. Then the next one will come around and the next one. The most important thing is that you find your tribe and surround yourself with people that want the best for you.

Together we can stand stronger, taller and be bolder. Together we can make a movement. Together we can support each other to become the next level person we know deep inside we are born to be. That fake polite mask you put on in public is not you.

The real you want to be YOU 100%. No filter. No thinking if you can say that or be that. You can be yourself and create a wonderful business around who you are.

Find your tribe and get support. Never give up.

Yes, it will be hard.

Yes, you will doubt yourself.

Yes, you will want to quit, many times over and over.

Yes, you will think that no one supports you.

But then there will be YOU, proving your EGO wrong.

You will never give up, that is why you can’t fail.

You are not here to prove THEM wrong. You are here to prove to yourself that you can do it. Be powerful. Be brave.

You can do this and you don’t have to be alone.

Find your tribe.

Camilla xxx



Before you give up and say that it’s to difficult to reach your goals, then join this amazing tribe.

I know how hard it can be to stay on track with things when nothing is working. That is why I have created this Goddess Success Tribe so you can get your daily motivation and tak action DAILY and ask for help when you need it.

This is what you will get:

– A closed membership group on Facebook where you can interact with me and other women
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– An accountability parter so you reach your goals faster
– Weekly goals setting session to find out where to take action
– Worksheet to be crystal clear about what you want and how you can make it happen
– DAILY video from me to kick you into action

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The perfect Facebook trap!

I know how you feel. you don’t want to be part of that perfect Facebook trap. You know what I’m talking about? It seems like everyone is so perfect on Facebook and then you (that not so perfect one) can’t show up and share your message.

The thing to understand is that you holding yourself back from Facebook will not help you, or those people you are actually trying to reach.

Let me ask you a few questions.

Don’t you have a strong message?

Do you not have a gift that you can help others with?

Are you not passionate about telling others how they can improve their situation with what you can teach them or tell them?

Did you build this business to make money or is it just a hobby?

Well, I think I know the answer to these questions, but it is up to you to DECIDE.

Peoples life on Facebook is perfect. Yes, I can see that. But you holding yourself off that page will not help your soul mate clients. It will not help you build your business and make money doing what you love.

Don’t you see. The more you hide from the truth the faster it will creep up on you.

I have to admit it, I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over. I don’t feel like blogging every single day. I don’t feel pretty enough on my Facebook livestreams. I sometimes think that it doesn’t matter that I show up, that people are sick and tired of me.

But that is my ego telling me to stay safe. Hide. Be comfortable.

You have to dance with fear. Show up on Facebook the way you feel like. You don’t have to be perfect. Be funny then, Silly. Tell them how you feel. Just try to be yourself and focus on your message.

You have it in you. You need to push yourself out of the comfort zone and stop letting others run your life. Who is running your business now?

Your partner that thinks what you do is silly?

Your old friends on Facebook that live the normal 9-5 life?

Your mother that tells you what to do in your business?

Your cat that just wants to be fed?

None of them are entrepreneurs. Right? So why do you take advice from them? Come on. Your cat knows how to run her cat business. she can catch a mouse whenever she wants to and she will not think twice about what the other cats in the block THINKS or SAYS about her.

Don’t fall into that perfect Facebook trap. You can show your life, your business on Facebook the way you want to. No one lives perfect lives. We all have problems, so just get over your victim mode and get to work.

You want to build your business? You want to make an impact? You want to change the world?

Then YOU hiding behind the computer will not solve that.

Get it?

Then show the fuck up in your own life.

Camilla xxx

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I can see you!


I can see you!

I know you so well. I can see you. I know how you think.

You know deep inside that you are born to make millions. But most of all I can see your calling to use your millions and impact millions.

You’re not just in this entrepreneur game to have that nice fancy car. Or have your Prosecco party with The girls.

Yes, of course you want to look good. Take care of your hair and nails and dress like a Goddess. I understand you. You deserve it.

You deserve it all. And you know deep inside that you can have it all.

You can find your soulmate parter, soulmate clients and travel The world to nice locations.

I see you.

I see your Soul.

You long for connection with The right people, your tribe, The ones that get you. The ones that know they create their reality.

You belong up there on stage. You are a leader. You are born to make an impact. You don’t actually care about The money. You could do this for FREE.

You know you have a gift and that you could monetize that gift, message and make it into millions in The bank.

How much longer are you going to hold it inside? When will you ever be ready? Ask yourself if it’s more important to handle your tech stuff than it is to actually show up and share your message?

How many more online courses do you need?

When will you ever be ready?

The time has come lovely for you to unleash your million dollar biz you know are waiting inside. Trust. Believe. Manifest magic now.

Camilla xxx

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If you want to work with me 1:1 and have me as your mentor 24/7 to kick your ass and soul into alignment, then now is The time.
We will dig deep into your soul, heart and connect you with your purpose so you too can make money doing what you love, have soul mate clients and live a life in freedom.

Soul Awakening Biz Explotion! 6 weeks intensive 1:1 mentoring to get you to your success biz FAST!
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You will get unlimited access to me, some of my programs for FREE that will get you into action, a weekly call and I will be there for you DAILY to see that you get to accomplish your goal.

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