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Don’t be just “another coach”



You are a leader. You are not another coach. Who needs just another coach? I am sick and tired of people in the industry trying to tell me about their dream life. How they work from home, have all the freedom in the world and time to do everything they want to do. Yes but do you have clients? Do you have a REAL business that puts food on the table? If you just max out your credit card every month and don’t bring in the money you are just another coach. A coach who is telling the world how they should live their life but in reality you are talking about your self. Aren’t you?

Who are you really? You tell your clients to quit their corporate job if they don’t like it. Like it? If it’s brings food on the table you don’t have to like or love it. You have to suck it up and work on your business on the side. Take the leap when you are ready. Don’t be stupid and risk your families economy.

I want you to roll up your sleeves and go to work. You have to work your ass off and make that business as a coach you say you have, bring in some profit NOW. When you stop procrastination over things to be perfect you gonna succeed. Do some coaching on yourself. Journal around who you want to be, get your grip together first and then you gonna have clients, then you can tell about the freedom you have. When you actually have it.

You must take action everyday to be seen, dress up as the woman you say you are, live the life now you say you have. Or else who will believe in you? Who will buy from you? Don’t just be “another coach” trying to make it and trying to be like Tony Robbins. You have it in you but your are not showing us the real you. The woman who is a leader, the woman who is a role model for young women. I want to see that woman on stage in a fabulous dress, louboutin shoes and a makeup and hair that is put smashing together.

You deserve it. You deserve to have it all and you know you can have it. But you have to do the work, the things that makes you nerveous and you have to take action everyday.

Become that women today, that woman you tells your client to be. The woman you want to see on stage with a fabulous wardrobe and a style that is to die for. Be her now. We only have on life. Live it to the fullest.

Camilla XX

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The One Thing We All Want!

The one thingHi guys! Happy New Year.

I have been celebrating Christmas and New Years Eve with my family here in Norway but now I am back in business. After some turkey, champagne and a lot of candy I am back on track with my healthy and balanced living.

Lately I have been asking myself a lot of questions if I was on the right path in my business.

I teach women to dress nice, be seen as the woman they want to be and help them get more confidence. But lately I have received some comments from men that think women should be happy with themselves no matter what. That they don’t need my advice and that its all in the person you are not the looks that matters.

All fine by me but I know, you know and every woman out there know that if you feel pretty in your clothes, have a nice haircut that sits you and put on some makeup that suits you, then you get more confidence.

Why don’t start with the easiest thing first? Your appearance?!

My biggest goal in life is to help woman to get more confidence in themselves. I have met so many women form all over the world this past year and the one thing we all want is to look our best. No matter what its always in the first impressions. I want you to be a confident woman that dress to express who you are. I want you to like yourself the way you are as a person. and I want you to love that you are a woman who can dress nice, put on some makeup and walk your talk.

I believe in you that you can be confident both on the inside and the outside. No matter what others tell you. Be the best you can be for your kids, your business, and for yourself.


Have a nice week. Talk to you soon.

Love from Camilla:-)

Do you play the leading role in your life?

Do you


Do you play the leading role in your life? I think this is a good questions to think about. I first noticed it in the movie “The Holiday” (witch I have seen perhaps 20 times over and over) when one of the ladies, Iris, was all hung up one a engaged man in her office who docent want to let her go. He was calling her and did not let her get over him because he wanted her to be there for him even he was engaged to be married. It is in a scene in the movie that Iris get to know a older man in his 80 who used to be a movie director in Hollywood. He asks her “Iris do you play the leading role in your life or is it other that has taken over your control?”

How about you? Is it you who has the control over your life and actions? Do you do whatever you wants to with your style, the work you do, in your family and your business? We have all commitments that has to be done. A mortgage, kids that wants things from us, friends who wants to meet us. But even though it sis possible for you to live your life on your terms and live the leading role in your life. You just have to find it and get used to take control over it. What if you get a real role in a movie and this is your dream role to play. Who would you be in this role? Describe her in the way you wanted her to act, be, look like, things she would say, do etc. So what is this is a role that you can have in your own life. the question then is how far away are you from that role today?

To find out if you have the role in your life you like to ask yourself do you have the capacity to get more glamour in your everyday life, take more control go say no to things you don’t like. Lets say you now was a 90 years old lady sitting in here kitchen looking back on the things she has done in her life. Are you happy with the life you have lived? Did you play the leading role in your life? Did you regret thing that you did not do? What would you do more of?

After I took back my role in life I now decided to follow my dreams,dress the way I like, I have become a author, started a business, wrote another book, I say no to things I don’t like and I do the things that is best for myself and my family.

It is the leading role in a movie that makes the good feeling and the best story but without the supporting role (family, friends, colleagues, customers) its will never become a blockbuster. thats why you must take action today. Decide to find your look, style, take action on your life and your dreams and don’t whine about things you can’t do something about. Just move your ass in the right directions of your dreams. It will don’t happen something before your start. You must start now!

Remember its your style. Your life. Live it now!


Do you feel like a clown sometimes?

Do you feel-2


Are you a entrepreneur who wants to make it in this world? Do you feel like you have a calling and a soul who want to come out and tell people that its possible to be and do whatever you want to do? I know I am. But sometimes it does not feel right. Sometimes I feel like a clown in a circus and people are enjoying my ride and laughing at me. They rather see me fall on my knees than see me have success.


Life is sometimes tough. When you have created another course, or written a new book or launched a new program. Then nobody wants to buy it from you. You can’t figure out why that is?! Because deep in your heart you have put all your soul and gifts in to this and all you want to do is help people become the best they can be. So why is it that they don’t buy from you? Why don’t you have success in your life and business?

The answer is that its on is way and you are not in this for the short run. You are in this for the long turn. It will come. People who has struggles in their life and artist that is trying to make it will also have a long and bumpy road. But in the end its gonna come to you. You must not give up. Soon its your turn.
In the meantime you will feel like a clown, people will talk behind your back and laugh at you for trying. Remember then that I also feel this way and I know that you are gonna make it in the end.
Watch this video of Emile Sande. She felt like a clown trying to make it in the music industry. This is what she says about the lyrics:


“It’s about trying to get into the industry, keeping faith in myself when I felt that many of the labels didn’t have faith in me. It’s about being called a Clown or an idiot for wanting to chase after what you want, because people will always say you’re rubbish and all the rest of it, but if you don’t follow what you want to do then you won’t achieve anything fulfilling.”




Love from Camilla:-)