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Ready for change?

Are you secretly dreaming and longing for this amazing life that’s full of abundance, financial freedom, good health, a loving supportive relationship, and a career you’re passionate about?
But then you wake up to your reality, and it just doesn’t match…

Does this sound like your life?

I have a life changing FREE gift for you so you can start turning your dream life into your REAL life! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I am honored to be part of a FREE online international interview series with over 20 leading experts called:

CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, CHANGE YOUR LIFE: How to Create More Love, Wealth, and Success Now!

Each expert will be sharing their own inspiring story, wisdom, and secrets that will transform your life. The thing I am most excited about is that we will be sharing very practical tools with you that you can instantly begin using to start living a life of fulfillment and joy.

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend this great event. You can register now using this link and gain FREE access to this life changing opportunity.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. This is for you if you are ready to start living the life you truly want to live! I know you are sick of struggling and settling for less – it’s time to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

My friend, Jessica Perez-Beebe, has created this online event because she believes you deserve a fulfilling life, and that it’s never too late to change! I really resonate with her mission because I’ve had my own struggles and limiting beliefs to overcome on my own to creating the life I have today. I know what it’s like to be stuck, overwhelmed, or facing a life changing event.

I have been online in my biz now for 2,5 years and I have never looked back. You can change your life as long as your change what’s inside YOU. You need to believe that you can do it, take action and never ever give up.

I am looking forward to sharing more of my own story and my best practical tips with you in the interview. 


Join me and all the other amazing speakers by grabbing your FREE online seat using this link. 

The great thing is you will be able to watch the interviews from your home, office, or on the go!
Just so you know, the interviews will be inspiring, uplifting, REAL, and to the point conversations.

I’ve said YES to being a part of this CHANGE YOUR MINDSET summit because I know the information you’ll get might be exactly what YOU need right now to create a life changing shift.

Can’t wait to give you this exclusive information I have never shared before.


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Brand new FREE entrepreneurial confidence resource for you

Today I’m really excited to share something special with you! I am being featured as an industry thought leader within an upcoming 3-day virtual event called The Rewire Summit: Next Level Strategies for Entrepreneurial Confidence!

This is a FREE resource for both the seasoned entrepreneur and for those of you yearning to finally get your business started.

If you want to be successful in life and in business, nurturing your MINDSET is an absolutely essential part of the equation!

In fact, I’ve found that without a strong mindset, you will never fully overcome self-sabotage, feeling unworthy, nagging guilt or low confidence.

Being stuck in that place is emotionally draining, and let’s be honest, it’s not good for your bank account either!

If you are ready to remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having an exceptional life and business, then be sure to sign up for this free resource right away.

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Do you consistently make yourself wrong, and worry about what others think of you? Is this stopping you from creating the life and business you really desire?

How many opportunities have you missed because of your lack of confidence?

NOW is the time to take your confidence to the next level, and this summit will give you exact strategies to step into your power and gain unbreakable confidence.

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What I like about this summit is that you will gain leading edge strategies to build your confidence so you can authentically share your gifts with the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get past those pesky limiting beliefs that have stopped you from creating your life and business in a way that really works for YOU?

My new friend Ashley Stamatinos is offering something really incredible, and I’d love to invite you to join me within The Rewire Summit.

You’ll gain full access to my in-depth video interview along with 11 other entrepreneurs who are considered thought leaders. I share some deep insights within the interview and I know you’ll enjoy hearing some of my best pieces of advices on growing your confidence and creating an exceptional life and business.

The 3-day virtual training will take place from August 25-27, and it’s ALL about rewiring your mindset to remove limiting beliefs and live an exceptional life.

Wondering if this event is for you? Let me ask you these questions…

Would you like to experience deep lasting confidence?
Would you like to step beyond self-sabotage and procrastination?
Would you like to learn how to feel worthy of receiving abundance?
Would you like to bypass stress with grace?
Would you like to experience steady momentum and no longer get “stuck”?
Would you like to live an exceptional life AND have financial freedom?

If you said “yes” to any of those questions, then be sure to check this out! You’re going to feel like the content was made for you.

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P.S. Do you have friends who would benefit from this free resource? You can invite them to join you by sharing this email or sending them to this URL. 


Step up your game and play BIG!

I did an interview with the lovely Genevieve Muwana on her brand new interview series on how you must  STOP PLAYING SMALL. I met lovely Genevieve in London in March and she is an incredible brand stylist and also a mother of 3 young boys. Listen in on how we talk about building a business, being a mother and when to go really big in your business.


Camilla xxx

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How to become a stylist!

Back in April last year I did an interview with Steffi Black in the Youtube show Life and Career Corner. In this interview I talk about how I started out as a stylist, why I think we all should go cruelty free and much more nuggets on how I run my business. If you want to start out as a stylist you can do that no matter where you live in the world. Grab my book here. 


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I wish I had this when…



When I was early on in my business, there were times that felt like a struggle.
I remember when ​I was first starting out at did not know my message, how to keep moving forward and I did not know how to start to be a person that could take action. I wanted it to be perfect instead of being ME.

That’s why I was thrilled when my friend Hollie Tkac told me she was hosting an interview series all around this topic,born out of her own research project to learn HOW female entrepreneurs can take action to create the businesses of their dreams.

It’s called the GO FOR IT Summit: Unleash Your Message so you Can Get Paid Doing What you Love

Snag your spot to watch this FREE interview series >> ​Get access here. 

This summit is for you if you want to start a business, or already have one, but you feel unclear about how to move forward to actually get paid doing work you love.

During this summit, 21 awesome female entrepreneurs (including me!) have joined forces to share their stories of how unleashing their inner messages through taking action allowed them to get paid doing what they love.

Together, we want to support you in feeling empowered and inspired to GO FOR IT so you can have the business (and life!) of your wildest dreams.

I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend this summit. You can register using this link. 

This is a great opportunity for anyone in my community who wants to start a business or has started a business but hasn’t grown it to the level she desires. This is something I wish I had when I was first starting out, but also at times when I doubted myself that I could actually GO FOR IT.​, which is why I’m so happy Hollie is hosting this summit and that I get to share it with you.

You can register for the GO FOR IT Summit here. 

Camilla xxx

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