Something that is crucial when it comes to having your own business, is that you need to find your tribe. You can’t go on an be part of the same tribe you had when you were in a 9-5 job. This time you dream bigger, you do things your way and you want to surround yourself with people that are like-minded and know what it takes to create success from within.

This was something that I felt was missing in my early year in business. Then I actually started my own local entrepreneur group in my hometown. That group grew to over 200 in only a year. It is important to be around women that supports you, that want you to have success and want the best for you. That was not the case in my first group I created. Be very careful on who you let in and be crystal clear around the rules.

I think you should start your own local women’s group where you live. Remember that everything starts with 1 person wanting to join. Then the next one will come around and the next one. The most important thing is that you find your tribe and surround yourself with people that want the best for you.

Together we can stand stronger, taller and be bolder. Together we can make a movement. Together we can support each other to become the next level person we know deep inside we are born to be. That fake polite mask you put on in public is not you.

The real you want to be YOU 100%. No filter. No thinking if you can say that or be that. You can be yourself and create a wonderful business around who you are.

Find your tribe and get support. Never give up.

Yes, it will be hard.

Yes, you will doubt yourself.

Yes, you will want to quit, many times over and over.

Yes, you will think that no one supports you.

But then there will be YOU, proving your EGO wrong.

You will never give up, that is why you can’t fail.

You are not here to prove THEM wrong. You are here to prove to yourself that you can do it. Be powerful. Be brave.

You can do this and you don’t have to be alone.

Find your tribe.

Camilla xxx



Before you give up and say that it’s to difficult to reach your goals, then join this amazing tribe.

I know how hard it can be to stay on track with things when nothing is working. That is why I have created this Goddess Success Tribe so you can get your daily motivation and tak action DAILY and ask for help when you need it.

This is what you will get:

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– An accountability parter so you reach your goals faster
– Weekly goals setting session to find out where to take action
– Worksheet to be crystal clear about what you want and how you can make it happen
– DAILY video from me to kick you into action

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So excited to give you all of this for a small amount of money. This is how I can give back while I’m building my empire.

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