Do you remember that TV-series Twin Peaks? And that ugly guy called Bob that was actually Laura Palmers Father? Well, I see that it is soon back on again and then it came to me this line “fire walk with me”.

This path I’m on is often like walking with fire. Living on the edge and not living like the normal people.

I can’t believe that some of them think that having my own business and working from home (or wherever I want to) is boring.

I see them going to a 9-5 job boring. Doing the same thing over and over. Sitting in the traffic or on the tube and waiting to get out to then be like a mouse in a trap waiting to get out. OMG. That is boring.

I rather walk with fire.

I rather live a life where I trust in myself than giving my power away to a company that could go bankrupt whenever then next crack might come around.

You can’t say that your 9-5 job is your security. That is bullshit.

The only person you can actually trust in is yourself.

I can come up with new ideas in an hour and sell it, without even have created it.

I walk with fire. A fire in my ass that is warm, pushed me on the edge, that forces me to do more, be more and trust in myself that I have the power.

I can be scared, feel anxiety and not know what my next step is, but the fire will always be inside me.

That fire must be kept alive and never burn out. That is what fuels your soul, your power inside and that fire will give you extra strengths to keep going.

Fuck normal.

Fuck being like everyone else.

No one is actually normal, or everyone is normal.

It’s all relative.

Warm or cold.

Dark or light.

Nice or naughty.

Fire or water.

It doesn’t matter, because we all have it in us.

You choose your own pathway. Either you walk on the dark side or you walk into the light with me.

Fire walk with me. Give me strength to give it my all. All day. Everyday. Burn until I’m gone.

Camilla xxx

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