from corporate to freedom

Do you want to escape your 9-5 job and have freedom to do those thing you really love?

You can! If I can do it, so can you.

A year ago I quit my nice 9-5 job to go after my dreams as a stylist, coach and author. Today I’m my own boss, make how much money I want and everything is all up to me and my success.

The thing is that you can also do this. Go after your dreams like I have done. My big dreams about traveling to Paris, Milan, London and run my own VIP days with clients has all come true. And I have written over 31 books and published on Amazon. I create new stuff in my business all the time because I love it.


Me with a VIP client in Oslo

I love my life now and I have freedom. Freedom to travel the world. Freedom to be my own boss. Freedom to make my own money. Freedom to have more time with my family.

Are you sick and tired of living life in a box? Are you ready to quit that 9-5 job finally? Do you crave freedom and success on your own terms and not nodding your head to something that are not aligned with your purpose in life?

Then this 4 week online course is for you.

You will get my blueprint on how I finally took the leap and built my business up from the ground.


Me in London after speaking on the Inspired stage


You will learn:

♥ How I made a plan for my escape

♥ How you can start on the side and quit when you’re ready

♥ How I got my first clients and made my first month my best

♥ How to stay on track when everything feels like quicksand

And much more nuggets from my first year in business. Of course there will also be bonuses. 

Are you ready to take the leap and plan for your escape? I have done it. I’m living it. Take it from someone that knows what she’s talking about. there are many coaches out there that are only doing their business on the side. Not me. I’m all in and my success will grow every month because I know how to go after what I want. So can you.

Some women think that they can do it on their own, but smart women like you and me we invest and learn to get fast results.

Investment: $497    

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You will get access to everything straight away.

No refund.