10 ways to become a BADA$$ in your biz!

Ok let’s just jumps straight into this one. Time has come for you to play BIG and BOLD and go all in with your dreams in your biz. Want to make money? Want to have an impact? Feel a calling to speak the truth? Then you are ready to become a BADA$$.

  1. First you got to know your vision. Where are you heading in your biz? How much money do you want to make? Why? Why is it important for you? Write it down in your journal. Coach yourself into success.
  2. Face it. Why has it NOT been working for you up until now? Have you done the work? Are you actually selling something? Have you been pitching yourself to enough people, clients? Write done anything that you can think of that don’t work in your biz right now.
  3. Drop it like it’s hot. Those thing on your list you don’t want do to. Drop it. NOW. Your soul wants to expand the best way it can, not been hold back by some silly rules on the internet. Meditate for 5-10 minutes and go inside and ask for guidance. What is it that I really really want to do. Then you drop anything else and go out and create stuff that light you up.
  4. Show the fuck up. Meaning, show up in your biz. Do the work. Play big. Bold. Be seen. Post as much you want to on Facebook. Get rid of people that think you post too much. Do live streams, Instagram, Snapchat. Why are you not SHOWING up for yourself? This is for you, you life, your biz. Time to do the work honey.
  5. Ask for the sale. Are you actually asking for the sale? Or are you even selling something at all? Time to ask for the sale DAILY and create stuff from your heart and soul. Don’t bother to think about if they will buy it. They will buy it if you are bought on it yourself. Get it?
  6. Decide that it’s done! Have you decided on your big goals? That you will make 10K a month or beyond? If not then why do you think that you don’t make any progress? Lock it it now and forever until it happen. your work now is to act from that place NOW that you are already that woman who makes 10K month. then you go and do the job. Don’t ask when it will come. Ask “what do I feel now when I’m making 10K months?”. It’s all about feelings.
  7. Feelings got nothing to do with it. There are times when I don’t want to do the work. When things feels slow in my biz and I just feel flat out tired. Then I go inside myself and ask “what do I want to feel right now?”. I CHOOSE to feel good and then start to do the work. I focus on my big vision, not the emotion I have then and there. Feeling is a choice. How do you want o feel? There you go! Feel it now. It’s that easy.
  8. Speak the truth and nothing but the truth. As a soul hearted woman you know that you need to speak the truth. Have you been doing that in your biz? Are you bold enough to stand for what you believe in? When you are holding back in your biz, then the right soul mate clients can’t find you. Those that will be attracted to you for the person you are. It’s not about what you sell, it’s about HOW you sell it. YOU must sell YOU first. They don’t give a shit about what you sell them as long as you give them a feeling that they matter.
  9. Take the stage. As a BADA$$ biz woman you must take the stage. How can people see you as an authority figure if you are not showing up as that? Pitch yourself in the media and get media attention. Speak on stage. Have your own live event. You can do that tin your own living room if you want to. Get attention because YOU matters.
  10. To believe in yourself is a choice. You don’t have to earn the right to be you. You can make as much money as you want to if you let yourself have it. To belive in yourself is a choice. It dosen’t matter if others don’t believe in you. You are the one that needs to set your GPS system to reach your vision. You have to focus on that final destination and don’t let anyone shake you up. Be unshakable and steady in your visions. This is your life. You have become a BADA$$ if you want to. NOW!


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