When they try to tear you apart, force you to shut off your magazine, try to bring you down and even kill your vibe, then they can go and fuck themselves.

I take no bullshit and neither should you. 

You know who I’m talking about. Jealous bitches.

Those bitches need to calm the fuck down and focus on themselves for once in a lifetime.

You know them so well.

Women that are jealous of your success.

Women that talk behind your back.

Women that can’t stand that you are posting so much on Facebook and have a need to tell it to you.

Women that think they know the answers to it all.

Women that can’t take it that you are beautiful, slim and successful.

Women that needs to just point out that your spelling is not right, you should not use pink links and you should not swear in your copy.

I’m so tired of it. I see it all the time and I even have one bitch that won’t let me be me. Fuck off.

Why are women so evil and jealous? Is there not enough success for everyone?

Even mentors that act like angels turn out to be evil dark force people.

You know what?! I had it. I’m over it. The truth is this. Whatever shit you throw at me I can take it, handle it, get past it and I eat shit for dinner. Give me more if you like. I would rather eat shit and be me than be a bitch like you.

This is for all those women that hold themselves back, down, feel insecure, not ready: go for it! Give those bitches something to talk about. Fuel their fire. Because the real thing that is going on is that their life is shit, the are unhappy and they throw it at you.

So instead of throwing it back. Stay calm, be you and just don’t give a shit about those losers that try to bring you down.

I take no bullshit and neither should you!


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