As you may know by now I live the laptop lifestyle. I work from home, when I want to and I take my business with me everywhere. As long as there is a good wifi connection I can work from everywhere. That is why I wanted to go into business by myself. If you want to learn more about me and how I make shit happen, then you can read an interview of me that the fantastic Agnes Bogardi did. She is a kick-ass woman with her own magazine, has her own online business and can help people build their digital lifestyle. Read the interview here and sign up for Agnes’ newsletters.


P.S. My brand new membership program is here. Hustle With Style is for your that want to follow your big dream and want my help to take daily action towards it. You will also get all off my stylish online programs. Now only for $29 the first month, then $49 each month after. You can cancel  anytime. Get it here. 

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