Just keep selling!

How to come up with new offerings weekly, sell easily, make money and help your clients get massiv results!!



I have no clue how many online courses and info products I have actually made since I started online in 2009. I am a creative person and I need to get my message out of me DAILY. I sell daily because I launch fast, create fast and have no time to make it perfect before I make my offerings. No need to wait to make money in your business, when you can actually do it TODAY if you wanted to.

I have created this 30 days kick-ass plan to keep you on track to reach your income goal easy, fast and without feeling overwhelmed. 

This is my blueprint on how I can create fast, launch fast and also make money fast if I want to. You can learn to do the same with this 30 dys kick-ass plan to success in your business.

  • No more waiting around
  • No more hard selling
  • No more mrs nice lady I will wait until I have it all figured out


If you want to have success, build your laptop business and make money, then you need to actually show up and have the right mindset around your business. You will learn everything I have done to take my styling business to become a successful local business running events, workshops and now how I have taken my international business 100% online and having VIP days all around the world, travel and have fun while doing it.

Of course you have to make money in your business, or else is just a hobby.

Are you ready to finally say YES to just keep selling? To finally make your first dollars, euros or Norwegian kroner in the coming 30 days? Or are you ready to take a leap to sell FAST, easy and from a place of total alignment?

Then you should be in here.



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This is what we will cover:

  • You will get DAILY email from me with action to take to just keep selling, create and make money in your business
  • Learn my secret to how I come up with 10 new ideas every singel day
  • How to launch fast
  • How to have a kick-ass plan that will make you reach your money goal
  • My tools to blast through any block that are holding you back
  • My system to get shit done DAILY, meaning how I focus to make money and serve my clients the best way I can
  • How I manifest FAST to sell my VIP days and high end offerings when I want to


Are you in?

No more kidding yourself. If you could do it all alone you would have done it by now. Right?

Get on board TODAY and get full access to all the trainings.