Play along with me for a moment. There you are in front of the mirror. You can see yourself, you look at you face, body and wonder why you re not where you want to be. In the mirror you can see a bed behind you. On the bed is a key. That key opens the door to success. All you ever wanted can be on the other side of that door.

The mirror you are looking into is on a closet. The closet is closed and you know now how to open it. With the key right in front of you. What’s on the other side you ask? You already know what you want, but you feel scared to open that door.

What will it mean for you if you open that Pandoras box? Success, fame, people will look at you, you will feel scared, will you be alone, will there be people that dosen’t want you to have success?

You look it the mirror and see yourself. Can you dare to open that door? Can you step into the unknown? Are you ready?

You are safe where you are today with that door closed. With the key laying on that bed. It’s safer to stay where you are. Right?


You pick up that key, you open the door. You see a magical new world where you can manifest anything. Where people are like you, they have big dreams, they can make anything happen for them in an instant. There is a Lion there and she walks you to your castle. You walk up the stairs and you enter into a big room.

There are people there that has been waiting for you to go out on that balcony and talk to the masses. You do that now.

When you look out into the crown you see that there are not that many out there. You wonder why and ask someone behind you. Then it hit you. The other ones are still behind that closet, still looking into the mirror and questioning if they dare to open the door, dare to pick up that key.

You know that you have to be the frist one that does this, the others will follow when they are ready.

You message to the crowd is this:

“We have been slaves to the people, we have been taught all our lives how to be, think, act. Now we are finally free. Free to think what we want, free to manifest what we need and free to make a world worth living in. You are here for a reason. Time to play by your own rules”.

You wonder why you were so scared to look into that mirror, take that key and just open up for success. It was worth it. It was not that hard. It was all you needed to do to get to freedom. To unleash yourself.

You smile and you are happy. Finally you are happy and free to be you. To be who you were born to be. Who you always we’re supposed to be.

You. Only you. And that is enough. Period.


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