I have been visible online now for over 10 years. First I started out with a fashionblog where I showed off my outfits, gave fashion advice and then I built it into a business. My first ever paid thing online was to write for my local newspaper. Then people found me via Yellow pages as the only stylist in town. I have done tons of makeover days, personal shopping and live events.

My first blog I deleted. The next one I deleted to until I made it into a business and filed for an organization number. That was back in 2010. One year I had to take a hole year off, and another year I was sick almost the whole year so I could not work that much. This was also when I had a full-time job working in a corporate office.

It was not until 2015 I started full-timein my business and took my biz international. Now I have almost 10.000 followers on Instagram, 4000 people like my Facebook page and over 3000 are following me on Twitter. The most interaction I get on Instagram or Facebook is actually this…

I post a selfie.

Then I get tons of likes and comments. It surprises me to see that people like to see real raw photos taken by myself rather than from an actual photographer.

Most people click “like” on selfies!

Why is that so? I guess it’s because they see you, they can honor you and they like the person behind the brand.

When you do actually branding and put yourself outer, then remember that it doesn’t have to be hard. One selfie can bring you money in the bank. One selfie can make you new connections. One selfie is enough.

So how often are you holding back because you don’t feel pretty enough, too old, your hair in not as it supposed to be etc?

Remember that people buy from people. When you are your brand you can show up being YOU. Be authentic and speak from your soul and heart.

There is not blueprint to success. The only thing you need to do is to be YOU. More of YOU. Not the polished version, but the one that people can trust.

Show your pretty face online today. They want to see you!


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