Please don’t dim your light.

That light shines very bright inside you. It’s in your soul. Your heart. You can feel it if you only take your time. You have it and you know that everyone else has it too.

The sad thing is that most people dim their light because they don’t want to be seen, heard and speak their truth if they feel others will not understand them.

That is what the light does. It is in everyone, but only a few know that they are called.

Called to lead.

Called to help others.

Called to shine light on the important topics.

If you only take some time and listen within, you will feel it, you will notice how bright you shine. Others can see it and they will be draw to you, but you hide it.

It’s best for you to not be seen, heard, to not make an impact.

It’s best that someone else can take that spotlight and bring peace into this world.

I can see you.

I see your soul.

I know how you feel.

It is scary. It will be uncomfortable to let it shine.

When are you going to see that there is no one else that will take the spotlight, take the stage in the way you will? They are waiting for you. You have the solution to their problems. You can help. Why are you still hiding? Why can’t you shine the light and be visible?

Please don’t dim your light when you are the 1% that feels it. Then it is your obligation to wake others up to their light too.

What it is that light I’m talking about? Let me tell you.

Put your hand on your heart, close your eyes, breathe in, think about a small little child that you know and love, then you will smile and feel that little child’s soul. That is the light.

Every little child out there is born with it. You too. So please don’t dim it for your kids or yourself anymore.

Be the light and shine bright. You are needed.

We need you.

Step into the spotlight and be that powerful leader that will change the world for the better.

You can do this! We will support you.

Camilla xxx

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