This program came to me when I was looking through Facebook and my feed. It hit me that so many women and men think that there is a formula for success, to make money and live a life in freedom.

There is no formula.

There is no blueprint.

When you are trying to follow other people steps you are already way behind. You can’t create success for the wrong place.

All you need to do is shine!

Seems simple, right?

It’s not.

It’s much easier to buy into other people steps, blueprint, try to be like THEM and LESS like YOU.

You think that they have to say is so so much more important and that they have their shit together. They don’t.


I want you to me MORE of YOU and LESS like THEM.


You have gold inside yourself, so why do you need to work so hard to be like THEM when all you need is inside yourself?

I have created this 15 days online course because I’m sick and tired to see so many women try to be like everyone else. It’s not needed. What’s needed is you creating from your heart, soul and let your art out.

This is the only way you will ever make money from your gift and be happy. Sure you can push and try to be successful, and you might get there, but then what?

Isn’t it better to do this the right way? From your heart yours soul and just make it easy?

This is what you will learn in my 15 days Shine online program:

Believe in yourself 100% and create from your heart

Trust that you have what it takes

How to let money flow easily into your biz

How to connect with your deepest passion and gifts

Manifesting tools to attract what you really really want

How to use affirmation to call in what you desire

Learn to trust your inner voice

How to shine online

Eliminate fear on being seen

What to do when you want to give up

How to be a Goddess and step into your power

Learn how to never be jealous again and eliminate all competition

Step into the spotlight and be seen

Set intentions and trust that it’s on it’s way to you

Powerful workshop to trust whats inside and always get the right answer you need


Don’t you want to let it be easy to make money from your gifts? I know I do. I don’t follow the steps anymore and boy it’s so much easier when I trust that what I have inside is enough. Don’t you want the same? Then get on board now. You get lifetime access. 




(Or pay 2 payments or 3 payments)


No refund.