When shitty things happen in your life, your first reaction is to make it go away. Yes, hard to actually get it to go away. Very often it is what it is. You need to move on.

Shit happens for a reason!

What lesson is it that you need to learn today? What can you do to see this as a positive thing? The faster you can turn any situation around and just be friends why it, the easier it will be. Fighting will never make it go away. It is what it is. Now move on.

Let’s say you want to make 10K months and feel that it’s impossible. Well, the right answers it that it’s not impossible because others are doing it. But why is it so impossible for you then?

You are not leaning into those emotions that comes with earning 10K months. Ask yourself “If you did earn 10K months what feelings would you have then?”.

Maybe you would feel happy, grateful, proud and safe. Those are emotions you can feel right now in this moment.

What do you feel happy about right now?

What do you feel grateful about right now?

What do you feel proud about right now?

What makes you feel safe right now?

There you go! You can CHOOSE those feelings right now in this moment, and the more you feel into it, the faster it will actually come into your life.

Shit happens for a reason. You need to learn something, you need to grow stronger, you need those lessons.

Just get used to life and those shitty moments. You can always look at those in a way that it doesn’t matter in the long haul. All you actually need right now is to feel FREE. You want freedom more than anything, and you can create that in an instant, with your emotions. You CHOOSE your emotions.

Everything in life is a choice.

Shit happens. Now move on!


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