Soulful Mentoring

Nothing gives me more pleasure than working with spiritual, soulful women that have a gift inside they want to share into the world and help them unleash who they truly are. The world is full of copycats, people that try to tell you how to live the right way and coaches that give you a blueprint so you can be like them.

There is no blueprint to success. The strategy is you.

That is the only thing that really matters.

If you want to build a successful soulful business, then you have to create it from within.

You are your brand. You are unique, we all are.

You have that special gift someone would love to hear from you. You are your business.

It is time for you to unleash what you really feel inside, speak the truth and stand up for what your soul wants you to do.

Most of the other coaches out there give you a strategy, a blueprint to how they did it. I can’t give you that. That would be cruel. You are unique and the only way I can help you as a mentor is to unlock who you are on the inside and help you build a business around your dreams, your passion and let YOU be YOU.

I will not tell you how to be, act, speak. I will teach you how you can connect with who you are, how you can find your special gift and unleash it into this world and build a successful business around what you feel called to do.

Maybe you don’t know your message.

Maybe you have a business, but you feel stuck.

Maybe you have a calling to jump in and just start.

It doesn’t matter what your message is, what matters is YOU. I can help you build a business the easy way, but you have to actually do the job. I only work with women who are committed to really go all in and make shit happen. Yes, I will kick your ass into action, but only because I know you are capable to make your dreams happen FAST.

I am spiritual and I will help you with all my knowledge and tools that has taken my business from a local business to an international business in no time. So can you.

I’m a stylist, author, speaker, entrepreneur, kick-ass coach, mentor, mother, spiritual hustler, Prosecco lover, northern light gal, shopaholic. I’m me and that is my brand.

Who are you?

You can bring all your gifts into the table and build a business around YOU.

Working with me, you will get my full attention, all my tools to keep your energy high, guidance, support, kick-ass action plan and help to build a successful soulful business around YOU.

If you are being 100% YOU, then no one can compete with that. Get it?

I will give you what I missed when I was first starting out. A mentor that could see me, my soul and help me to understand that I could build a business around who I am on the inside. Instead, I took online course after online course and lost who I was. My calling.

The way you will learn to create offering will be so easy. It all starts from within, then you share your message, connect with the right tribe and then money will flow your way.

I only have one options for you now if you want to have me as your mentor. I highly suggest my 3 month package because I know that if you want to grow your message and business fast you need more support on an ongoing basis.

PM me now if this is for you. 

I believe that you can have it all. I believe that you create your own future. I know that you can make anything happen as long as you connect from within and follow your intuition.

If you are ready for success and live a life beyond your wildest dreams then I’m here for you.

3 Month Mentoring VIP Package

This is what you will get:

  • Weekly calls on Skype for 3 months ( 45 min each week and another call if needed)
  • All my tools to connect you with your message and build a successful business from the inside out
  • Unlimited email access and Facebook access. I will respond ASAP
  • Access to all my online courses (valued over $2000)
  • FREE VIP day with me in Norway (value $2500)