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Everything is created from the inside, but you need to hustle to get it out of you. That is what Spiritual Hustlers is all about. Join today!

Spiritual connection + action = SUCCESS 


Do you want to be part of the Spiritual Hustlers who go all in with their action taking and build a successful business from the inside out? The truth is that you can make money and be spiritual. You can be successful and help people at the same time.

I have created this membership program to kick your ass into action so you can step into that powerful spiritual woman you know deep down you are.  You have to learn how to unlock your true message, stay in your power and speak the truth when no one else can.


Join now and get access to over $10.000 worth of coaching, a network of other spiritual hustlers just like you, a closed FREE Facebook group, trainings, get to ask me questions and monthly trainings from other successful experts. 

This is what you will learn:

  • Find your true message
  • How to make selling easy
  • Learn how to connect with your soul and your intuition
  • How to crush it on social media
  • How to actually make money in your business
  • How to launch fast
  • How you can run your own successful VIP days, events and workshops
  • PR/media
  • Other kick-ass trainings

You will love to be part of this kick-ass group where you will get support from other spiritual women who’s on the same path as you. Success is right around the corner and it is built from the inside and out. Are you in?

This is what you will get when you join:

  • Weekly trainings to get you to the next level
  • Monthly trainings from successful spiritual experts
  • FREE  support group on Facebook
  • Support from me in the Facebook group and get to have your question answered anytime you need my help
  • My personal success tools I use on a everyday basis

++++ Bonuses shhh. Can’t tell yet.

Yes, Camilla I want to have access now and take me and my business to the next level.

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Jolene Trister

Jolene is an International Intuitive, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Author of her book, ‘A Reminder’ published by Balboa-Press, in April 2012. Jolene is a Columnist and blogger for the UK’s popular Soul & Spirit Magazine and she is also now a regular blogger for the world’s leading Huffington Post. Jolene was a regular featured psychic, on the popular Psychic Today, TV Team, UK Sky TV Channel 886 throughout 2011, 2012 and 2013.



Lily Lucia

Lily is the Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Goddess THE EMPOWERMENT + SEXUALITY COMPANY. Unstoppable Goddess Co will guide you to unleash your limitless unstoppable capacity as you become divinely empowered and Sacredly Sexy AF. We’re all about mentoring women to rise as you release trauma to reclaim the unstoppable goddess you’ve been born to be. The method is a process of rebirth and awakening. Lily herself is a tantra practitioner, dancer of ballroom and ballet and a Yoga instructor as well as her role in Unstoppable Goddess. She is dedicated to the feminine rising both in owning their divine power to create whatever they desire as well as live the most luscious sensual life soul to surface. Lily will teach you how to get the Hollywood shine into your life and your business.

Karen Strunks

From a member of the rat race to breaking FREE to follow my dreams and now I’m a business and life coach leading non-conformists and rebels and helping them stick two fingers up at the rules to create their businesses and lives their way.

I got out of the 9-5. It destroyed my soul and made me depressed. REALLY depressed. I knew there HAD TO BE ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE MY LIFE.

I made my escape from the rat race and I refuse to march to the tune of someone else’s drum ever again. I’ve got 10 years experience in running my own businesses, and I’ve helped 1000’s of people with their business and life success.

I am pretty no-nonsense and get straight to the point, but I do so with energy and humour. We haven’t got time to waste, right?!

Rosemary Nonny Knight

I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive. Finally, I stepped up after hitting rock bottom (Bankruptcy and depression) and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past.
It worked! and still works – I completely quit pharmacy a few years ago.

And then I started to work with men and women from all over the world ( I have over 80.000 followers on Facebook) enabling them to create life & business the way they want it. Clients make even more money, have better relationships, find fulfilment, happiness, contentment and continue on to live a life that makes them feel incredibly free & alive.

Working with me means you get the benefit of my experiences of living in both Africa and the UK, of dragging myself up from the depths of debt & bankruptcy into running successful business & living a fulfilled life, of facing physical and emotional abuse – This enables me to speak with insight into your situation and shake you up ready to take on any challenges in your world and WIN!

I pull no punches, I will give you the facts and your life will change as a result. There is no holding back, I do whatever I need to do to bring transformation to your life. I have been happily married for 15 years to the person she refers to as ‘the love of my Life’ (Tloml)- Simon Knight and I am mother to 3 young girls that I home-educate. I love my work and I am pretty amazing at it.

Sazzu Hope

Sazzu Hope is a Speaker and Success Coach to Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who struggle achieve success while doing things their own way.
Women committed to their success building their business to +$20K Months learn the countless ways that LEAPING and purpose work together at the same time, the single most effective way to create a great consistent income without having to work hard all the time.
Working with Sazzu, clients immediately see all the ways that their lives can be simplified and set up to achieve so much more. They confidently show up and quickly grow their businesses while loving every minute of it.

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