This is something we need to address in the entrepreneur world for women. We give away our knowledge for free all the fucking time. What knowledge you ask? Well, free online course, free opt in, free speaking gigs, free kick your brain time, free discovery calls and the list goes on. Will a man do this? Hell no. Learn from men and other powerful women.

It’s time for you to arm yourself up, take that glass in your hand and raise not only your glass but also your self-worth.

Can’t you see when you all giving all your services away then what else will there ever be to buy from you then? They get used to the free stuff. It’s not how really super successful people run their business.

So in my business I did shit for free all the time. That’s how I know. I was told to do this or that. I thought that this was the only way. It’s not. This was only telling me that I was not worth of money. I was supposed to do thing for free all the time.

Shit I have done for free:

  • Speaking at events
  • Speaking at a Womans Dinner
  • Free opt in all the time
  • Given away FREE kick-ass workshop with knowledge that I have paid for
  • Done free discovery calls
  • Free pick your brain calls

And the list goes on. Let us not forget that in the online world we think we need to do this as part of success. That is absolute bullshit. I know people that make shit tones of money that charge for it all.

I don’t have a big list like many other successful online entrepreneurs do. I focus on where I love being seen. Like Instagram with almost 10.000 follower, Facebook with over 4000 followers. Twitter, Linkedin etc.

It’s up to you to see your own value. If you don’t see it then it will always be reflected back on how other people see you.

Have a free gift you give away once in a while, but if you really want to go big and shine bright then start to charge for your work. Like Cara Alwill Leyba said in her podcast, when she was pitched about getting free sneakers when she was asked to be an influencer for a big sneakers company. “Free sneakers don’t pay the rent.” Right?!


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