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The wall you see it made up by you!



The wall you have on front of you is there for a reason. You whole life you have been hiding behind it. It has been your safety net to be like the others. To stay in the safe lane, don’t make any scene, speak only when you are 100% sure that it’s clever enough. You have put up the wall to keep people out.

That wall is protection you from being hurt, form being laughed at and it’s there for a reason. You benefit from that wall.

The only thing is that YOU are the person that has put it up there.

Can you break it down? Do you dare?

What will happen if you open up and let people see you. I mean see you for who you really are? The good, the bad and the ugly?

And then you tell me that it’s impossible to break that wall down. That those people on the other side will not work with you, they will not buy from you and there’s no reason for you to be that vulnerable.

To give them the real raw you?

They will not like it. They will feel disgusted when they see who you really are. Ok? I get it.

Then why are you not raising over that wall? Lift your frequency and match to your higher self. Then you can meet other on the same pathway as you.

Those who are willing to go all in. Those who are ready to play big. Those who are called to change to world.

The others behind that wall will never rise. They have a wall themselves to break down.

That wall you see is made up by you.

Break it down or rise above it.

You are 100% in charge of your life. What you see in front of you now is made up by you. Wall or no wall. Your life. Your call.


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Step into your power!

I’m calling women who dream big to step into their power. 

Spiritual teachers
6 figure entrepreneurs

Ask yourself how can you dream bigger? How can you step into your power? How can you connect with your higher self and get guidiance on your next step?

I’m sick and tired of seeing women play small, hold back because they don’t know The how.

The how is not important!

What’s important is you tapping into your bigger vision and holding that vision. For yourself. For your clients.

You already know that you will never give up.
You already know that you are born to make a big impact on The world.

Time has come for you to be bold, brave, feel uncomfortable and step into The next version of you.

I’m doing it now. No more clients that are afraid to shine The light. I can hold The vision for them, guide them to where they want to go. I only work with successful women that want to play bigger.

I’m fucking powerful. So are you!

Dream bigger NOW!



How to manifest what you desire!



The manifesting game is a good one. You know that you create your own reality? You know that everything you see in your life is created by our? You know those things you have now you have chosen? Right?

Then why have you not manifestet that thing you really want to see happen in your life right now?



Book contract

A new partner


Well, it is because you have been focusing NOT having it. If you focus on NOT having it you will get MORE of NOT having it. Get it? I know it’s annoying as fuck, because I forget this myself. Me that great manifester forget this and get so hung up on what to do instead of focus on how to BE.

If you want to manifest a life beyond your wildest dream, you can. Then you need to be in that state now and then it will come.

More money? FEEL abundant now!

Want to be healthy? FEEL healthy now.

Want to quit your corporate job like I have done? FEEL like you are working for yourself now.

Manifesting is a game and the more you step into that FEELING of having your desire manifested, the faster it will come.

And don’t come and tell me that it doesn’t work. You make it work and you don’t go there and look for evidence.

I use manifesting to attract new clients, sell my VIP days, lose weight, attract magic in my life and much more.

Those thing you have right now in your life is manifested by you. If you want a different outcome, then you need to focus on WHAT you want instead of what you HAVE right now. This is actually easy and I know that you can have anything you want in your life as long as you belive it’s possible.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it. Right?

So have some fun and manifest something amazing today. All day. Everyday.

Get on with it now!


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How to Make Your Dream Come True Fast!

If you get this, you can have MASSIVE success FAST in your life and make your dream come true. Most of you will only read it and think that “ok nice little blog, but I don’t think it will work”. Ok, get back to work and keep staying where you are.

For those of you that feel you have a calling, want to make your dream come true and know that you are born for success, keep on reading.

Everything is created from the inside and out. The reality you see in front of your eyes right now is created by you. That means that you also have the power to change it for the better. If you don’t like what you see then focus on what you want to see happening in your life.

The way to have anything come true is this:

  1. See your big vision and know that is has already happened
  2. Go to sleep knowing that you have your dream NOW
  3. Let it go and fill your day with things that are meaningful for you

That’s it.

Can it be that easy? Yes, it is. But for most of you, it is not easy. You can’t take 5 minutes of your day and visualize what you want. You are so hung up on what you don’t want that you will create MORE of that. Get it?

If you tell me that you want to go to Paris I will tell you that you are already there. You are in Paris. And then you go home and go to sleep and lay in your bed acting like you sleep in Paris. This you will do until it works.

Don’t come and talk to me that you haven’t booked your ticket to Paris yet, or that you don’t have the money to go to Paris. I don’t care. You are in Paris now. I can’t talk to you about it if you already are in Paris.

Do you get this?

If you doubt yourself and your way to manifest after just 2-3 days, do you think that it will happen? You have to go to sleep every night thinking that you ARE in Paris.

If you grasp this then you can manifest anything you like in your life. Focus every single day on BEING in that state where you have your dream NOW. Don’t put it in the future, it is already here.

This is how you can make your dream come true FAST and have massive success in any area of your life. Take control now and get support from someone that believes in you.

Camilla xxx

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