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Abundance is inside you!




All you want is inside you right now. You are the only one that are blocking it to come your way.

First you got this see it then you believe it. Right? It feels like you are playing the devils advocate, but this is the real truth. The poor gets poorer and the rich get richer because the state they are in attract what they have. You can’t become rich if you feel poor and you can’t become poor if you feel rich.

You create your own reality right now in this moment by thinking they way you do, feeling the way you do and most of all the way you act around money. It’ on you!

Abundance is inside you!

Can you really believe this? I know it is hard if you have been trying to attract money into your life and see no evidence. But that is a trick too. To look for it, to ask “when is it coming”. If you could just align to what you want and understand that it will come when you see it in your mind, then everything would be perfect.

You deserve abundance just because you breath. Can you believe that? Can you believe that you are worthy of money and success just because you are a human being? You are.

Abundance is inside you and there are steps to unlock it, to have success and have wonderful soul mate clients come your way.

Trust that you are on your way and walk like you are already that woman you see yourself as in your mind.


PS. Soul Star Sestras Mastermind is back! Whoho. Are you ready to step into total abundance and unleash your gifts to the world? Then you need to be part of this group. You will learn what to do to tap into your true calling and double your success in all areas of your life. Read more here. 


Are you one of us?



Soul Star Sestras Mastermind

Soul = Success comes from this place

Star= You are a star

Sestras= Sisters that stick together get stronger

Mastermind= If you are the cleverest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room


This is my brand new Mastermind for women that are ready to unleash their divine wisdom and step into total abundance.


I’m sick and tired of seeing women hold their message back!

I’m sick and tired over seeing women not charging what they are worth!

You know that you create your own reality som then why are you still playing small?

This Soul Star Sestras Mastermind is for you so you can double your monthly income, stand stronger in your message and get support from me and other sisters that are on the same path.

This Mastermind is to get you crystal clear on your message, what you need to sell, who you are selling it to, how you can make money and what you need to do to step into your powerful higher self once and for all.

I don’t have any fear anymore on what my message is. I stand strong in my power and I launch when I want to. The rules is made up by me. This is my game and I play it the way I want to. If you are ready to play it your way, make money doing what you love and get support on your way, then you need to be in this Soul Star Sestras Mastermind.




This mastermind goes over 6 months and there are payment plan available so you can pay each mont. We will meet up in person in Bodø, Norway and Oslo, Norway and the two full on workshops is included when you sign up (travel expenses and hotel not included).

This is what you will get when you join this Soul Star Sestras Mastermind.


  • Learn how to double your income
  • Stand stronger in your message
  • Soul sister support
  • Monthly trainings on how to find your message, sell your services, find clients, launch fast, crush it on social media and make money. Also Q&A time
  • One 45 min call with me each month to help you move forward
  • Access to me 24/7 via PM on Facebook or WhatsApp, email
  • Facebook group support with the other women
  • Access to my membership programs Spiritual Hustlers & Goddess Success Tribe
  • FREE access to workshop meeting live in Bodø, Norway: full on pamper day included SPA, lunch, walk out in nature, soul session, success plan
  • FREE access to workshop in Oslo, Norway: get your business strategy plan, walk to the Opera House, prosecco at a 5 star hotel in Oslo.

If this calls to your soul then message me now. I only have 5 places and you need to apply to be in this Mastermind. PM me now. 



Fuck The How!


You are asking all the time when, what, how? Don’t you think that it is impossible to get anything done when you are looking to the right and left and see what everyone else is doing? And you feel a need to do this and that and ask them how they do it.

You follow some gurus online and think that he or she is so much better than you. Then you feel bad that you can’t do the same.

You want to be like Oprah or Tony Robbins and you try to figure out how.

Fuck the how!

It is never about how you do things, it is always about why.

Why do you want to have a business?

Why do you crave freedom?

Why do you have a calling to make money doing what you love?

You are so lost and disconnected with your soul that you can’t see what is going on in your life and in your business.

You want it all and try to figure out how.

The how is not important at all.

YOU are important. Your soul.

You need to dig deeper and really connect with your “why” before you ask “how”.

You can reach your goal in life, you are almost there. Think about how much easier everything will be if you just let it go.

Be like a bird and just fly.

We got it all wrong when it comes to building an online business. We think that we need to first look at what people want to buy, and then figure out the how. But the thing is that first you need to ask yourself “what am I so good at, what is my purest and deepest thing I want to give into this world?”. Then you must ask yourself why. Why is it important for you?

Then you have a vision.

Then you have a strong mindset.

Then you can start to see how you can help people with your services.

When you are strong in your mindset about what you want, why you want it, the how is not that important. It will happen, I promise you.

Fuck the how and start to ask why.

How can you help? What do people need from you? Why is it important for you to have your business?

Then you go out and make money. Big money.

Step into that person you see yourself as TODAY. How would she act, speak, think, talk, walk, dress, sleep, eat. Be her now with small action steps.

You can have a breakthrough today if you want to. Do you really want it?


PS. I am building a strong Mastermind group for a small group of ladies that want to really connect with there soul and sell their services the easy way. Are you ready for a breakthrough in your business? Do you want to get support by other lovely ladies that have the same mission as you have? Last call now to join this 6 weeks Mastermind group. Sign up here. 



6 Weeks Mastermind – Connect With Your Soul!


I have created something very special for you. This is my first Mastermind I ever do and it is because I feel called to. I need to share this with a small group of lovely ladies that also feel a need to get their true, purest soul work out into the online market place.

We all have it. A gift we need to share. The thing that are the most purest, real and raw thing inside of us is not always so easy to share into the world and make money from.

In this Mastermind you will get support from me and other lovely ladies where we will guide each other on the right path and have a breakthrough and finally bring our gifts to the table.

No one can really stop you. Only you. That is why we will work on our inner stuff, blocks, find out what is really stopping us and then we will take inspired action by listen to our own intuition and trust within.

I feel this is important to share and this is what really changed my business to be more of me and attract the right clients to work with.

So can you.

And yes we will bring new offerings to the world in this 6 weeks we work together and we will make money, for sure.

I’m all about taking action, but the right action must come within.

We all have truly great gift that needs to be shared with our audience that we know we can support and help.

If you feel called to join us in this 6 weeks Mastermind I would love to have you onboard. 2 places are already gone and I honestly don’t know how many I will take on board. When I feel the number is right I will close it down.


Sign up-2


The really cool thing is that if you work from your soul and bring your true self into the market place, no one can ever compete with that. Get it? And it is so much more fun and easy to do, rather than work from a “what can I get” mentality. This is “how can I give”.

I want to make this as affordable as I can since this is the first time I do this. So the investment for 6 weeks is only $197. 


This is what you can expect in my 6 weeks mastermind:

  • Really connect with your soul and do the work you feel called to and bring it into the market place
  • 20 minutes private kick off Skype session with me so we can get clear on what you want to accomplish in 6 weeks
  • 1 new video, audio each week from me as your mentor on how you can move forward in your business
  • Weekly Q&A where you can get all your questions answered
  • Access to a FREE closed Facebook group were you can and will connect with all the other lovely ladies. Here you will get support from me and all the other nice women
  • Have a breakthrough and finally know what you are called to do
  • Make new offerings and make money in your business

+++ lot’s of bonuses and my best advice on how I run my business on a everyday basis. The main thing I feel is that you will get support and be part of a group were you can both get help and give support to others. I feel this is the best way I can help you to get over your fears and just do it. When you see all the other ladies do the work, you will want to do it yourself.

If you want in then secure your place now. 2 places are already gone.

Can’t wait to kick this off.

Investment: $197

Sign up-2


We start the 24th October.