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I am invited to be a speaker on an online interview series and I am excited to be part of this high value and life-changing event.

There will be over 20 international and leading experts participating in the online show:

Your Best Life Starts Now! How to Awaken Your Souls Wisdom, Unleash Your True Potential and Achieve Your Dreams.

Get ready to watch these high impact video interviews of just 20 minutes from your own home or office at a time convenient to you.

This is for you if you are ready for change, ready to end struggling and ready to start living a life you feel completely excited about.

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You will receive tons of possibilities on how to alter current life challenges. Get all the practical tools you need to change what is holding you back.

My friend, Sigrid van Heerwaarden, has decided to create this online event because she believes you deserve a fulfilling life you feel passionate about.

Sigrid and I both had our own struggles so we know what it is like to be stuck, overwhelmed or facing a life event.

Sigrid was struggling and overwhelmed for years and stepped out of a relationship and a toxic life. She became the CEO of an international coaching business where she helps heart centred women to get out of their own way and into the life they truly desire. Sigrid started traveling the world, spending more quality time with her children and ended up living in her dream home with her soul mate.

In the interview I will be sharing my personal story and strategies for you to ignite the life you desire.

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I have said YES to be part of this event because I know this can change your life.

A sneak peek on what you can expect:

– How to change your mind-set to change your life.
– How tap into your own wisdom in a variety of ways in order to create a massive shift in your life.
– Discover what is blocking you and discover how to unleash your true potential.
– How to stop a life of overwhelm, struggle and stress and experience daily fulfillment and joy.
– Tuning into what you really want in life, both personal and professional, and how to start living it versus dreaming about it.
– Various methods to start releasing emotions, past experiences, limiting believes that no longer serve you so you can step into the life you desire.

This and much more!

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What most people click “like” on!


I have been visible online now for over 10 years. First I started out with a fashionblog where I showed off my outfits, gave fashion advice and then I built it into a business. My first ever paid thing online was to write for my local newspaper. Then people found me via Yellow pages as the only stylist in town. I have done tons of makeover days, personal shopping and live events.

My first blog I deleted. The next one I deleted to until I made it into a business and filed for an organization number. That was back in 2010. One year I had to take a hole year off, and another year I was sick almost the whole year so I could not work that much. This was also when I had a full-time job working in a corporate office.

It was not until 2015 I started full-timein my business and took my biz international. Now I have almost 10.000 followers on Instagram, 4000 people like my Facebook page and over 3000 are following me on Twitter. The most interaction I get on Instagram or Facebook is actually this…

I post a selfie.

Then I get tons of likes and comments. It surprises me to see that people like to see real raw photos taken by myself rather than from an actual photographer.

Most people click “like” on selfies!

Why is that so? I guess it’s because they see you, they can honor you and they like the person behind the brand.

When you do actually branding and put yourself outer, then remember that it doesn’t have to be hard. One selfie can bring you money in the bank. One selfie can make you new connections. One selfie is enough.

So how often are you holding back because you don’t feel pretty enough, too old, your hair in not as it supposed to be etc?

Remember that people buy from people. When you are your brand you can show up being YOU. Be authentic and speak from your soul and heart.

There is not blueprint to success. The only thing you need to do is to be YOU. More of YOU. Not the polished version, but the one that people can trust.

Show your pretty face online today. They want to see you!


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Stop doing shit for free!



This is something we need to address in the entrepreneur world for women. We give away our knowledge for free all the fucking time. What knowledge you ask? Well, free online course, free opt in, free speaking gigs, free kick your brain time, free discovery calls and the list goes on. Will a man do this? Hell no. Learn from men and other powerful women.

It’s time for you to arm yourself up, take that glass in your hand and raise not only your glass but also your self-worth.

Can’t you see when you all giving all your services away then what else will there ever be to buy from you then? They get used to the free stuff. It’s not how really super successful people run their business.

So in my business I did shit for free all the time. That’s how I know. I was told to do this or that. I thought that this was the only way. It’s not. This was only telling me that I was not worth of money. I was supposed to do thing for free all the time.

Shit I have done for free:

  • Speaking at events
  • Speaking at a Womans Dinner
  • Free opt in all the time
  • Given away FREE kick-ass workshop with knowledge that I have paid for
  • Done free discovery calls
  • Free pick your brain calls

And the list goes on. Let us not forget that in the online world we think we need to do this as part of success. That is absolute bullshit. I know people that make shit tones of money that charge for it all.

I don’t have a big list like many other successful online entrepreneurs do. I focus on where I love being seen. Like Instagram with almost 10.000 follower, Facebook with over 4000 followers. Twitter, Linkedin etc.

It’s up to you to see your own value. If you don’t see it then it will always be reflected back on how other people see you.

Have a free gift you give away once in a while, but if you really want to go big and shine bright then start to charge for your work. Like Cara Alwill Leyba said in her podcast, when she was pitched about getting free sneakers when she was asked to be an influencer for a big sneakers company. “Free sneakers don’t pay the rent.” Right?!


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Liar, Liar, Liar



I can’t hold it back anymore. The online space is filled with liars. Liar, liar, liar. Maybe you are one of them? Me, no I’m perfect. Right? haha think again.

We all lie to try to be better than everyone else. “She is this or that”. “If only they could act that way”.

The online space is filled up with liars. From lying to how much the really weight, how perfect their life is to how much money they make in their not so successful biz.

You know this don’t you? Why are you still trying to follow a blueprint that does not work? Can’t you feel the lie coming through? You know that her life is not that perfect? How about yourself? Why do you need to show up looking like that with your perfect hair and makeup on?

We are all just a bunch of liars.

The real honest truth is this:

No one has perfect lives.

No one has perfect business.

We all feel like crap once in a while.

We all want to look like we have all our ducks in a row.

We would rather die than failing in business.

That’s why so few of you are willing to give it a go. Willing to follow your dreams because you think that they have it all figured out. That money will flow your way when you are looking perfect. To fail is so much worse than to just do it for the sake of it.

Liar, Liar, liar.

Can you be really honest to yourself for once in your life and ask “where in my life am I lying to myself?”. “What is so wrong with me that I can’t just go for my big dreams?”.

You don’t need to convince me. I can see it when you are playing a role or not. I can see when you are hiding, I can feel it when you are being YOU.

Stop lying to the internet, to yourself and start being WHO you are on the inside. No one told you it was going to be easy. I’m telling you that you can do it.

Be honest about who you are. Go all in and don’t look back. You will never fail unless you never try.

I’m here for you. Just fucking go for it NOW!


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Holiday Bundle




Santa is coming early this year. I’m super excited to give this Holiday Bundle to you now so you can start and plan for a NEW YOU in 2018.


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In this Holiday Bundle you will get access to 5 of my best selling online courses:

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