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Holiday Bundle




Santa is coming early this year. I’m super excited to give this Holiday Bundle to you now so you can start and plan for a NEW YOU in 2018.


A year where you can Eliminate fear, uncover your bullshit that are holding you back, unleash your crazy artist, become a Goddess with Success Routines so you can just keep selling and make money online and travel around the world or make money while you sleep. Sound good?

Ready to make your big dream come true?

Get your Holiday Bundle now and start to plan your NEW YOU in 2018.


In this Holiday Bundle you will get access to 5 of my best selling online courses:

  • Eliminate Fear ($99). Get in the spotlight where you belong. Get over your fear that is holding you back. Learn how I did it and how you too can become a online star.
  • Uncover your bullshit ($497). Get rid of those excuses that are holding you back and get motivated to follow your dreams. In this online course you will learn how to act and take action even if you don’t feel like it and get your message out there daily in an easy and authentic way.
  • Unleash your crazy bitch ($497). You know deep inside that you have gold in you. In this online course you will get over those fears that hold you true art back. You will learn how to be 100% you and make money from your art.
  • Goddess Success Routines ($497). In this online course you will learn how I get so much done in a day. Get all my routines on how I show up as a Goddess in my life and my business. Join me you too.
  • Just keep selling ($497). This is the course for you that wants to make selling easy. If you have a hard time to come up with sales activities and how to sell to people, you need this course. It’s fun, easy and you will see results straight away, as long as you do the job. You gonna love this.

Total value for these 5 courses is $2087 but you only pay $287.

Get it now before it’s gone.

No refund.



How to start your biz on the side of your corporate job?

How to start your biz on the side of your corporate job?

Good question. Right? Everyone wants to know the how. Well, the how is not that important. What’s important is that you WANT to. That you have a dream inside yourself that you want to follow. If you are not committed you will never make it. You could quit your jb today. You know that? If you burn all the bridges and go all in I know you will make it.

That fear you have inside yourself will never go away. You need to deal with it and then just jump into the cold water.

Because it will be cold. You need to love the pain. The pain will never go away.

If you want my practical advice then this is it.

  1. Decide that you want to start a biz
  2. Set aside time to build your biz
  3. Plan for when you will leave your corporate job


It’s so super easy, still people need to know the how and feel safe and feel that they are loved blah blah.

Ask yourself if you need to be safe or if you need to follow your dreams? There’s no half way into it. Either you are all in or you are all out. Either you are pregnant or you are not. Get it?

So if you follow my 3 steps to freedom then you will start a biz on the side of your corporate job. Then you will make it, have freedom and follow your passion inside you.

People are too afraid to live. Life is not supposed to be lived in a box. I don’t call the rat race a life. It’s a race. A race to have most money, be liked by everyone, buy nice things to fill a hole in your soul.

Don’t you want to express yourself?

Don’t you want to feel that you can be creative?

Don’t you want to feel freedom?

It’s up to you to decide that you will have it. Your call, and it’s super easy when you go all in.

Most people want to feel safe, cuddle up in the sofa and watch other people lives. If you are that type then I suggest you keep hiding.

Be friends with the hustle, the pain. You need to want FREEDOM more than you want to feel SAFE.

Another last thing I need to tell you is that you don’t give up until you arrive there. On the other side.

Failure is never an option until you quit. So are you a quitter or are you a winner?


PS. Are you ready to follow your dreams and start your biz on the side of your corporate job? I only work with women that know that they are ready. Sign up for a FREE 30 minutes Strategy Session with me here if this is you. 




BOO! I’ve got something for you!

BOO! I’ve got something for you!

Get 2 of my best selling programs for 80% off normal price. Offer ends 31 October.

If you are longing to escape your boring 9-5 job then you need my “From corporate to freedom” online course. Get it here.

Or if you are not making enough mono in your biz then I highly recommend my “Just keep Selling!” online course. Get it here.

I’m her to take you from A to B, but you need to do the work. There’s  only two reasons you will not grab this offer.

  1. You can’t afford it.
  2. You will not use it.


I can’t help you with number 2, but number 1 I’ve got you covered. Only $97 for these online course that will change you life, if you will implement and use them. Normal price $497.

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How to make selling easy!



Selling can be easy. You know and I know that we sell all day long. If you are working right now in a corporate 9-5 job – you sell.

If you have your own business and have clients and products – you sell.

Even when you try to get your kids on board to do things they way you want to – you sell.

So how to make selling easy? Ho to get what you want?

First you need to understand that rule number one is to DECIDE that you are good at selling.

Then you need to understand that selling is a numbers game. It is about how many people you get in front of, if the right people are seeing you and then it’s about how you bring it to the table.

Be so sold on your own services that you could buy them yourself. Think about one thing that you love to recommend to other people. They buy it? Right? Because you are sold on it.

Same goes with your service. Why are you not proud of how you can help? Why are you not in front of more people to show them what you got?

I guess you are afraid. And we all have that fear.

The best way to beat that fear is to do it anyway. Just go for it. The more you try, test, fail the more you will learn.

And if you did not get that sale today, then ask yourself “what did go wrong, how can I be better the next time?”.

Then you adjust and keep going. One foot in front of the other towards your goal.

Trust that you have something amazing to sell, then the others will see that.

Selling is about energy, what you bring to the table, solving others problem, give them results.

It’s not sleazy at all.

Go out there today and sell with your heart, soul and be proud of yourself.


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Are you one of us?



Soul Star Sestras Mastermind

Soul = Success comes from this place

Star= You are a star

Sestras= Sisters that stick together get stronger

Mastermind= If you are the cleverest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room


This is my brand new Mastermind for women that are ready to unleash their divine wisdom and step into total abundance.


I’m sick and tired of seeing women hold their message back!

I’m sick and tired over seeing women not charging what they are worth!

You know that you create your own reality som then why are you still playing small?

This Soul Star Sestras Mastermind is for you so you can double your monthly income, stand stronger in your message and get support from me and other sisters that are on the same path.

This Mastermind is to get you crystal clear on your message, what you need to sell, who you are selling it to, how you can make money and what you need to do to step into your powerful higher self once and for all.

I don’t have any fear anymore on what my message is. I stand strong in my power and I launch when I want to. The rules is made up by me. This is my game and I play it the way I want to. If you are ready to play it your way, make money doing what you love and get support on your way, then you need to be in this Soul Star Sestras Mastermind.




This mastermind goes over 6 months and there are payment plan available so you can pay each mont. We will meet up in person in Bodø, Norway and Oslo, Norway and the two full on workshops is included when you sign up (travel expenses and hotel not included).

This is what you will get when you join this Soul Star Sestras Mastermind.


  • Learn how to double your income
  • Stand stronger in your message
  • Soul sister support
  • Monthly trainings on how to find your message, sell your services, find clients, launch fast, crush it on social media and make money. Also Q&A time
  • One 45 min call with me each month to help you move forward
  • Access to me 24/7 via PM on Facebook or WhatsApp, email
  • Facebook group support with the other women
  • Access to my membership programs Spiritual Hustlers & Goddess Success Tribe
  • FREE access to workshop meeting live in Bodø, Norway: full on pamper day included SPA, lunch, walk out in nature, soul session, success plan
  • FREE access to workshop in Oslo, Norway: get your business strategy plan, walk to the Opera House, prosecco at a 5 star hotel in Oslo.

If this calls to your soul then message me now. I only have 5 places and you need to apply to be in this Mastermind. PM me now.