2183985_2563373_1457437614I would really recommend Camilla as a mentor and coach from the deepest of my heart. She has a gift to give me fuel to keep going on my work. She is very talented, warm and friendly and very creative and always comes up with new ways to take my stuff to another level. She takes good care of me and supports me when I need it. She also pushes me to keep going. She is doing an amazing job and also send me messages on the weekends to let me know about new ideas she has come up with. I am so happy that I have Camilla as my coach and mentor and I will keep on working with her. She has really got me to blossom and I know for sure she will do the same for you and your business.

Heidi Marja Norman

Author, coach, healer and MediYoga instructor


983860_874608439268425_7546640365712898503_nI`m so glad I choose Camilla as my mentor/coach. With her understanding how to help me and guide me through this rocky road to get «out there», she has helped me not to be afraid to bee seen anymore and reach for the stars. Camilla undrestands me and the way I work, and she gently pushes me out of my comfort zone. The mentor packet has change the way I see my self, and that I deserve to be sucsessful. I higly recommend Camilla as a mentor and coach for every one who wants to live a worklife in freedom and spirituallity.

Thank you Camilla <3

Eva Hansen
Enhetsterapeut and owner of Evas terapirom

2015-02-12-10.15.33“Camilla helped me get massively unstuck. I was floundering, passionless, bored and unclear on what the fuck I was even doing. I love her no-nonsense approach. She is always there to both kick my ass into gear and encourage me sweetly when I need it. I’ve been given ingenious business ideas that blow me away every time we meet. There’s a thousand business coaches out there, but I know I made the right choice to work with her. She has helped expedite my business by months and possibly years.”

Julia Emerald, Empowerment Sexuality coach,  http://juliaemerald.com




I had a fantastic VIP Day with Camilla in Oslo where I got her help as a business coach and motivator. Camilla gave me many advice on how I can have success fast in my business and get my services out there into the market place immediately. Everything of course from my heart.

We also had a exclusive champagne lunch together, I did get a mini makeover and Camilla also help me with with my style and which colors I should wear. I walked out of that day with an Action plan and my head and heart filled with exciting ideas on how I can start build up my business straight away. I got many ideas on how I can kickstart my new future – both for my outer and inner self.

Camilla is a quality business coach, goal oriented, she’s an open and a very friendly mentor. She shares so much of herself and she is very pleasant to work with. I’m so grateful that I did this VIP day and invested in myself! This has been gold for my business.

If you also need a kickstart in your business, more motivation or change your course in your business or life to go after your dreams, then Camilla Kristiansen is the right business coach for you. She creates wonders!!!

My best recommendation from Tone Brøyn Wilhelmsen, Norway, skaprom.no


Camilla is a great person who really care about your dreams and your success. She has a lot of tricks up here sleeve to get your business going, and even better… she pushes you to go follow your dreams and your intuition. What do you want to do? Sky is the limit. She knows it – and she will help you understand it too. Thank you Camilla for all your support and for backing me up. You’ve helped me to go outside my comfort zone and reach for the stars. Looking forward to continue our connection.

Marthe Lundgaard, Norway
Hypnotherapist and Regression therapist, http://www.miwaterapi.no






unnamedI had a Skype session with Camilla because I wanted to get clearer on how I could start my own online business. Camilla took all my big dreams seriously and encouraged me to go after them beyond my own understanding. She generously shared with me the information, the tools and knowledge she has. Camilla is a great gift to every woman who searches a greater meaning in this life and wants to earn a living by following her passion. She has a gift to encourage in a powerful way. I was deeply touched by her desire to help me. She was very passionate when she worked with me. She sincerely wanted me to succeed. I just felt so encouraged, upplifted and got stronger faith that my BIG DREAMS can actually be realized. Camilla has a warm and open personality. She understands that every person is unique and has a personal approach to her clients.
Olga, Sweden

lisaI had a coaching call with Camilla. So sweet and right on. She helped me see how important my mindset and video is to the success of my business. Look forward to continuing our connection. Thank you again for taking the time to spend with me. Sincerely Elisa Hendricks.

Lisa Hendricks, Njwrapresults.com and innsocialmarketing.com.




11987153_10153661959238945_4529957539516721840_nCamilla is an amazing coach and mentor, with such a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience!!
She is so authentic, genuine and you really feel that she truly cares and wants you to succeed! She has helped me dig deep and see my true potential and has given me a belief in myself that I didn’t have before. My future is now so compelling with my new updated mindset. Camilla is such a lady through and through and can help you with every aspect of finding your inner and outer beauty or any element of business – investing time being coached by Camilla is the best decision I have made in a long time, I really can’t recommend her highly enough.


Gillian Cargo, Big dream/Big Vision coach, N.Ireland


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ9AAAAJDhiZDc0OTc2LWU3ZDAtNGQ4My1iN2FkLTMzODg5MzE4ODIyMAIt’s been a pleasure to work with Camilla, she is a kind and inspiring lady and gave me very much needed support so important when you ditch your 9-5 job and start working on your own. She helped me to believe in myself more and my abilities to make a difference with what I have to offer. I think everyone should have a coach who helps you feel safe and trust your instincts and believe that you are doing well. Thanks you so much for all your support!

Gosia Scarrott, Image Consultant, Bristol




«Camilla, you are amazing as a mentor and as the person you are. I admire you a lot for all the work you have done to follow your dreams. I was scared to death to be visible in social media before I started to work with you, and that was a big issue for me when I wanted to attract more women that I could help in my business as a mentor and a coach.
You gave me confidence to see that my services deserve a place in the marketplace. With your skills and your lovely personality you have helped me to really see my potential and give myself permission to market myself and my services on social media. You always have lots of ideas and give me a kick in the butt when I need it.Every business women and men need a professional mentor like you♥

I am forever grateful for all your help. Warm hug from Lill-Harriet».
Lill-Harriet Trondsen, Norway, mentor & coach, http://lill-harriettrondsen.no

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