If you have been trying to build a business around your message, your services and being authentic, then let me ask you how real have you really been? Haven’t you not been followed everyone else online, trying to buy into all the cool online courses and think that is the answer to your problem? Right?

You have been watching all the cool kids Facebook livestream and have not been actually trying it yourself, or you have been trying to do it just like them.

Using all the filters. Check.

Telling others how to be yourself. Check.

Telling them that is the blueprint. Check.

Asking for the sale at the end. Check.

How fucking boring are you!!!! Right?

Are you really stepping into your true power, your message and telling it like it really is?

I don’t think so.

Let me tell you a secret.

You don’t need to have a list to sell your shit.

You don’t need to build a funnel to be successful.

You don’t need to brand yourself.

You don’t need to sell in the end of your livestreams.

You don’t need anymore blueprint online courses to get to 6 figures.

Let me tell you what you need. If you want to hear it or just go back to be like all the rest of then online entrepreneur, Boring as fuck. Just like being back in the schoolyard again.

“Like me page” “Follow me on Insta” “How many do you have on your list, maybe I can interview you then and you can join my summit”.

It’s boring as fuck. I want to puke at myself too. I have to tell it like it is now. The online community is fucking boring. Don’t ever never in your lifetime think that you need to be like them.

Polished. Pretty website. Pictures from Paris. Opt in with a 3 part video series and whatever boring stuff that they show you. Including me. I have been telling you “how to”.

If you want to build a business around your message, your true calling and what you are born to do, then this is the only way to have success.


My clients don’t give a fuck about what I do. I tell them what to do based on WHO they are, WHAT they feel called to do and we always tap into our INTUITION when we work toward our big goals.

Fuck the blueprint. There is no secret pathway to success. If you only open up and listen to what you feel inside, what you know is the right way for you, then you don’t need all those other boring stuff.

If you really want to find your true calling, you need to listen to what’s inside YOU.

You have GOLD inside yourself. Unleash that and start to do business the way you feel called to.

You can do what the fuck you want to.

Be you. 100% and stop following online gurus.

You have all the power you need inside, just open up and ask for guidance.

You got this!

Camilla xxx

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