Something that has crossed my mind lately is that so few entrepreneurs are willing to the work. Meaning, show the fuck up, create content, sell their stuff, hustle and get their message out there. I love how Gary Vee talks about that you got to eat shit for a living. The not so glam side about being an entrepreneur is that there are more days with hustling, feeling that nothing is working and wondering when your next money will come from, than drinking wine and feeling on top of the world.

You got to be in this for the long haul if you really want to become an entrepreneur.

The fewest will actually make it.

1% maybe.

So are you one of them? Will you eat shit for a living? Do the work that goes with working for yourself?

You need to be bold. You need to be strong. You need to overlook all those obstacles that will come along.

It can be a nice life to be your own boss. Yes, you are the one that calls the shot. You are the one that create stuff you love. But you’re also the one that needs to do the work. Especially if you have a calling, a message, a brand.

Someone told me lately that it’s all a scam that coaching stuff, mentoring people into success. I guess they believe that, and they should be in a job working for the man.  Selling their soul for money.

I don’t care about the money, fame, success. It’s about what I bring to the table with my work.

It’s about changing peoples lives. Not about Prosecco (all though I love a glass or two).

It’s not about those designer bags. (I do love my Gucci bag and my YSL Kate Moss bag).

It’s not about becoming famous for being me. It’s about how I can help. How I can leave a legacy behind me when I’m gone.

The thing is that you can always go back to doing what you are good at and making money just for the sake of it.

But the saddest thing is that if you don’t start to follow your dreams now, it won’t happen.

You only go this one life and it’s passing by day by day. 

Glam life or not. Either you will do the work or you will not.

It’s that easy.


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