Kick-ass motivation to FINALLY get your ass into action. 

I’m tired of your bullshit excuses. That you can’t do it. That you don’t know how to, that you don’t feel like it or that you have to wait until you have the money, are thin enough and everything else you tell yourself. It’s bullshit!

Let me be the one that finally can call you upon it. You only got one life. Live it!

Want to be a leader?

Want to make money?

Want to work from your souls purpose?



Then you better UNCOVER YOUR BULLSHIT and do what it takes.

4 weeks to kick your bullshit excuses off the cliff. 

This is not for “wannapreneurs” who don’t dare to take action. This is for BIG leaders that know they are born to make an impact and ca$$h flow!!!

I will call you on your bullshit. I have been there myself. Before everything had to be perfect. I had to ask anyone else if it was good enough and I did not trust in myself that I could be POWERFUL. I’m a fucking powerful woman and I have it all inside of me. So do you.

You are just like me. You want to finally have success. Make money. Be seen. Heard. Make an impact. You can have it!

First, let me help you uncover your bullshit that is the only thing that is holding you back from success, money, becoming a bestselling author, make your first 5K or 10K month. Do you want it?



This is what we will cover in this 4 week audio course: 


Week 1: Dig deep! What is holding you back? You will find out what has been stopping you. I will give you an powerful exercise on how you finally can leap from $0 months – $5K or $10K months.

Week 2: Learn how to create abundance from within! Powerful exercise that will change your life forever.

Week 3: Fuck action! Yes, shocking I guess, but actually this is how you can DECIDE on making selling easy

Week 4: Unleash the new you! Maybe you have not gotten the results you need. Then this is the time to really dig even deeper. We will cover even more bullshit excuses and let your POWERFUL SOUL take over.


This is an intense program. I highly suggest that you buy this only if you want to DIG DEEP and have someone to talk to when you feel the change. I know how hard it is when things finally seem to go your way. You want to give up and you feel that this is only a fluke. It’s not. This program is made to get you results like: your first clients, leap to a steady monthly income and dare to be SUPERPOWERFUL in your life and in your business.


(Please note that MVA must be added for clients in Norway. PM to get your invoice if you live in Norway.)

No refund.