I’m here to tell you that you need to unlock your inner greatness. You know that key to success that we all have inside of us. You have it too. You have been holding yourself back to long now and the time has come for you to step into the spotlight and just be seen, heard and take the stage.

You have so much power inside of yourself that you could open up your own power station if that was a dream for you.

All this time you have felt it. This big dream inside. You have been holding yourself back for too many years now and been looking at others how they have done it. How could they have so much success and not you?

Well, let me tell you what has been going on and let’s fix it once and for all.

You are scared of success!

You are scared because you know that you can have it. And you can have it FAST.

What will happen then? Your life will change. You will be seen, heard, people will listen to you, follow you and the magazines will write about you and how special YOU are.

Let’s face it. You are scared. You have known it all this time that you have GREATNESS in you.

Why have you been hiding it for so long?

You have been punishing yourself for too long now. You have been blaming everyone else. If it wasn’t for the government, my unsupportive friends, my family members, my cat, my kids, my fat body I could be out there and already been successful.

And then you blame it on Facebook, on everyone else that does the same you do. Some of them have the same message so why would anyone listen to you then?

It is everyone else fault, but yours. Right?

Greatness is in you. In me. In them. In everyone else. We all have it. We all can unlock it.

The only battle you ever have to fight is the one with yourself. That is why you see yourself alone on that mountaintop. You have to climb it alone. you have to look at the horizon alone.

This is your fight. No one else’s.

Tap into your greatness now. Don’t be afraid of it anymore.

Be seen, heard and listen to your own intuition to guide you on your right pathway.

Unlock your inner greatness now!

Camilla xxx

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