Welcome to an exclusive Virtual VIP Day with me. I have created this day for you who want to build your own successful business VIP style, travel the world and make money doing what you love. 


I run VIP days all over the world in nice cities like London, Paris, Milan, Oslo but for some of you right now, it feel better to stay at your comfortable home and have your VIP day right in front of your laptop.

This day I have made to give you an crystal clear action plan on how you too can build your successful business VIP style. When you have a clear plan on what you want, then it’s not possible to fail. Trust me.


In my business we have fun, we play, write straight from the heart, I use tons of time to connect with my intuition, soul and I like to create art from the heart. I will teach you how to be confident enough to go out there and follow your dreams, quit that 9-5 job and make money in your business. Also, as a stylist, I will guide you to step it up and become that powerful hot entrepreneur you are on the inside. I will give you my 10 minute glam plan to get you ready for photos, videos so you can be out there and attract the right clients for you. No need to hide out anymore.



This is what we will cover in your Virtual VIP Day Intensive:

  • First I will send you my welcome package to be crystal clear about what you want to accomplish
  • Then we will talk for 45 minute via Skype before our VIP day, so I can give you my very best to make you a foolproof success plan
  • Then pick a day (or half a day) to create your own action plan to build your own successful business VIP style
  • You will get crystal clear around what your message is, who you are here to serve, how you can package your services VIP style and make money in your business
  • My strategies on how to start to get clients, be visible and market my services
  • A Goddess style plan to get you hotter than fire so you can stand out in the marketplace and feel confident with yourself and your services
  • The mindset around making money, see yourself as already there and how to get what you want now



Sound like fun? If you are tired of not following your heart, sick of that boring job you have right now and want to escape and build your own business VIP style, then this day is for you. You have to step it up another notch and be that powerful woman we know you are deep down.


So grab a glass of Prosecco, wine, a cup of tea or coffee and let’s meet up to create your VIP escape plan. It will be fun, we will talk money, mindset, clients, fashion, style, spiritual stuff and I can even draw you a tarot card if you like!! (yes, I’m not that stuff).


I’m all in for having fun in my business, so if this resonate, then PM me to book your full day (5 hours) or half day (2,5 hours) or book a Discovery call to talk to me more about this Virtual VIP Day Intensive.

Can’t wait to meet you. If I can live my laptop life from all around the world, so can you. No need to travel to meet up. I’m here for you now, today.

Camilla xxx