The wall you have on front of you is there for a reason. You whole life you have been hiding behind it. It has been your safety net to be like the others. To stay in the safe lane, don’t make any scene, speak only when you are 100% sure that it’s clever enough. You have put up the wall to keep people out.

That wall is protection you from being hurt, form being laughed at and it’s there for a reason. You benefit from that wall.

The only thing is that YOU are the person that has put it up there.

Can you break it down? Do you dare?

What will happen if you open up and let people see you. I mean see you for who you really are? The good, the bad and the ugly?

And then you tell me that it’s impossible to break that wall down. That those people on the other side will not work with you, they will not buy from you and there’s no reason for you to be that vulnerable.

To give them the real raw you?

They will not like it. They will feel disgusted when they see who you really are. Ok? I get it.

Then why are you not raising over that wall? Lift your frequency and match to your higher self. Then you can meet other on the same pathway as you.

Those who are willing to go all in. Those who are ready to play big. Those who are called to change to world.

The others behind that wall will never rise. They have a wall themselves to break down.

That wall you see is made up by you.

Break it down or rise above it.

You are 100% in charge of your life. What you see in front of you now is made up by you. Wall or no wall. Your life. Your call.


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