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First you got to see it in your mind, then it will happen. I know! You want proof first.

Proof that you do the right thing.

Proof that you will make it.

Let me ask you, this dream you have are you in it for the long haul or just to make money fast? Or is it to just get out of that soul sucking job you hate so much?

You got to have patience and believe that you can have what you say you want. But do you really want it that bad?

If so would you not have gotten it by now then?

What are you doing wrong?

Let me tell you what is going on…

You are not actually listening to what your soul wants you to do. You are not following your passion.

If you do it because you “can not” do it then you are on the right track. If you get up in the morning and love what you do then you will never work a day in your life.

So then you ask me when it will happen.

It will happen when you believe it. When you see it in your mind. Day in and day out. Right before you want to give up then it will happen.

And you will never give up. Right? You can’t!

You are a born artist. This is your art. You have a mission and you know that what you have to say is important. So what is holding you back then?

You must believe in yourself. When everyone else has left the building, when no one else can see that you will make it, then you must still hold the vision. You must trust that it will happen and then it will.

See it in your mind and believe it, then it will happen.

Manifestation is happening every second. Why not let it happen NOW?

You got this!


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