Yes, you feel it deep in your heart. You have a book inside of you but you can’t seem to get it out into the open. You can see that there are so many authors out there and you think that they need to have some kind of special receipt to become and author. They don’t.

I have always felt it in me. That I was born to write. I have always had that book inside of me, but when I started to write I could see that the more I write the more books I needed to get into the open. I love to write.

If you have that calling, that feeling that you want to make an impact in this world with your book then now is the time.

Stop procrastination over doing it all by yourself.

Stop pretending that you will do it when you have no clue what it takes to really write, publish and market your book.

Stop saying you will do it tomorrow. It will never happen tomorrow.

If you want to become an author you too then this online course is for you. “Write your first book” is my first online video course where I will tell you my secrets to what it takes to write, publish, market and make money from your books.


You could be an author next week or month. It’s all up to you. In this 10 days online video course you will learn:

  • How you start to write on your first book
  • How you can come up with a topic
  • The outlines and how you can build up your chapters
  • Where to publish your book
  • How to make money from your books
  • Promotions
  • Why a book is the best thing you can have in your business
  • How to beat procrastination
  • How to be motivated and keep writing
  • Get your first book finished fast


You know that you are ready to write your first bok. You want it s bad and you can feel it and see it right in front of you now. Your first book!

The best feeling in the world is when your book is ready and you have accomplished what you have been dreaming about for years. Finally you will get that book out into the world and they will buy it.

I have written 30 books and can honestly tell you that I did procrastinate for years before I got my shit together and just did it. Just started to write.

I have made this online course for you that want to write your first book and have it publish by your own. You can make money on your writing, but first you have to start. Right?

Many women think that they will write a book when they are ready, when they kids have grown up and when everything in their life is perfect. Then time will come and they will make it happen. Let me tell you that most women take action and invest in themselves and get help. Then they will have that book published on Amazon, then they will make money and then they can call themselves an published author.

How much longer are you going to tell yourself that you will do it? Write that book. You know you need help. Right?

In this 10 days online video course you could start straight away and learn all my secrets to how I write so many books, launch them, make money and just get my books done fast. This could be you!

My secret sauce to my books success will be revealed in this online course.

Are you ready for your first book?

No problem if you only need to learn things first and then apply it. You will have access to this online course FOREVER. So there are nothing to think about. People that think about it never get it done. Are you one of those? No. You want success and then you act fast.


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