The first time you felt your soul was when you were born. You came into this world like an innocent child. You had hopes, dreams and knew that you were perfect. Along the way, to fit into the society, you lost it.

That connection to your soul, to your purpose here on earth. You had to fit in with all the others or else they would not love you, like you and you could not get approval from them.

So you had to do what they told you. Loose your soul. That what you felt deep inside was not true. That connect to the deepest truth on earth. You had dreams about yourself, all this things you wanted to do. Paint, dance, act, be up on stage, help others see the light too.

That little girl got shut off from her soul connection. You think you have lost all connection to who you are, but you are wrong.

Your soul is calling you all day long. You choose to not listen to it. Not that you can’t hear it. You know exactly what your next step it. You have always know it. You have that deep intuition that tells you what’s next for you.

The hard cold truth is that deep inside you are afraid to be left all alone. If you really went all in with your dreams what would that mean to you? It comes down to that you are afraid that you will be left to the wolves and no one will love you. How is it so?

Let me break it down to you:

If you really did what you wanted to do your mother, father, co-workers, friends etc would not like it. Why is that so bad?

Because then they will not understand you and you will feel like a fool. The only fool in town. right? Why is that so bad?

The only fool in town don’t have friends. He is a looser, no one wants to be around him. You will be left alone.

There you go.

Of course you could not go all in with your dreams if what you feel deep deep down on an emotional level is that you will be left alone, then of course you will do whatever it takes to sabotage for yourself.

No one is afraid of success and how powerful they are. It’s what success and power do to you, your beliefs around it that you need to address.

Your souls is calling you all day long. You can choose to listen or not.

All the online courses, self-help book and positive affirmations in the world can’t help you with that.

Deep inside you need to pick up that call and look the beast in the eye. Face your fears and then you can move on step closer to your big dream.


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